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Salmon exports rose in May

It's high season for salmon again, and exports of the Norwegian variety were valued at NOK 985 million in May, up NOK 46 million from the same month last year. Export tonnage rose as well. Some of the boost in value can be explained by the strong Norwegian currency, but the quantity of salmon and trout exports was also up. Some 140,000 tons of the fish has been exported so far this year, up 5,000 tons from the same period last year. May showed the first monthly increase in export value. The total year-to-date value of exports is down from last year, to NOK 11.8 billion from NOK 13.1 billion. Officials attribute the decline to lower salmon prices in international markets. The vast majority of salmon and trout exported from Norway is raised in so-called "fish farms" that dot the coastline. The wild salmon season has just begun, however, and Norwegians are paying premium prices for the delicacy from local rivers.