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Research co-operation Norway-Chile

In August Norway and Chile will most probably enter into a bilateral agreement on a research cooperation. This was announced by the Norwegian ambassador to Chile, Mona Elisabeth Brøther, at a press conference at Puerto Montt in Chile earlier this month. The two countries have already teamed up in several areas. Now they are concerned with systemising, exploring and extending existing arrangements, such for example in marine biology. It may concern exchange of research technicians on a so called postgraduate level. "In addition to public funding of such initiatives, there are companies in both countries that are financially very solid, for example in aquaculture, which have a responsibility here," the ambassador told IntraFish. The agreement could be signed when the Chilean Cabinet Secretary (who has the fisheries portfolio) Daniel Albarran visits the world's largest aquaculture exhibition, AquaNor, in Trondheim in August. He has been invited by the Norwegian fisheries minister Otto Gregussen. In the meantime, the agreement might also be signed at an ambassador level. Brøther stressed that the agreement will not only be aimed at fishing and aquaculture, but for example at environmental, Arctic and climate research.