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Process, Manufacturing & Subcontracting Industries - now available for download

Download or read  the new Norway Exports edition "Process. manufacturing & Subcontracting Industries".

Download or read  the new Norway Exports edition "Process. manufacturing & Subcontracting Industries" 2008/2009.

The edition consists of several in-depth articles and presents 23 different companies, and is now available for download in PDF format. 

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Manufacturing in Norway: Alive and Well
Published 2008-08-21
Manufacturing is alive and well in Norway, with a variety of companies drawing on the country’s abundant natural resources to shape products for today’s market from traditional materials like aluminium, wood, and metals.
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Norway's processing industries: Transforming the world
Published 2008-08-15
Oil and gas, fish and wood products – Norway’s exports span the range of all the natural resources the country has to offer. Extracting, processing and transporting this wealth of raw and other materials has led to a growing market for Norway’s processing industry.

In the drivers seat - Norwegian automotive companies in the fast lane.
Next time you see an automobile on the highway, there is a good chance that one or more parts of that vehicle have been manufactured in Norway. The level of technology and quality in the country within the automotive industry is excellent, and is a fast growing business sector here.
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Aker Solutions ASA
Enfo Broadcast AS
HAS Group

HMR Group AS
Norsk Teknisk Porselen AS
Yara International
Dresser-Rand AS
H-Profil AS
Lundhs AS
Malm Orstad AS

NCE Raufoss
Norautron AS
Pipelife Norge AS
Powertrain Europe AS
Tellefsdal AS

TKS Mekaniske AS
Tordivel AS
Aarbakke AS
NorECs Norwegian Electro Ceramics AS
Norsk Metallretur AS