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Privatisation sale of the Oslo Stock Exchange to proceed after Easter

The Ministry of Finance approved the new Stock Exchange Regulations required to allow the new Stock Exchange Act to come into force and permit the Oslo Stock Exchange to proceed with its privatisation project. The sales process will start immediately after Easter. Now that the new Stock Exchange Regulations are in place, Oslo Exchanges can initiate the process leading to the Share Offer. Pre-marketing will start on 17 April for completion by 2 May. During this period Oslo Exchanges will meet both domestic and international investors to present Oslo Exchanges and form a view of the level of interest in the shares to be sold. The response to pre-marketing is important not least as a basis to determine the final share price, which will also be arrived at with the help of a book-building process. The offer period will be from 8 May to 21 May, with allotment of shares on 22 May. At a press lunch in the Stock Exchange building Friday, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Oslo Exchanges, Sven Arild Andersen, commented "We want to create a broadly based ownership with a good variety of types of shareholder. This will ensure a high degree of independence, and will avoid Oslo Exchanges being influenced by any one group of owners".