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Norwegians are doing comfortably well in Chile

Norwegian ambassador Martin Tore BjØrndal believes that Chile is one of Norway’s best choices for doing business

Norwegian ambassador Martin Tore BjØrndal believes that Chile is one of Norway’s best choices for doing business, stating, “Norwegians feel much more secure here than in many other countries. There are more resources and the political scenario promotes foreign investment, which is a great help.”

Norwegian ambassador Martin Tore BjØrndal has assumed his post in Chile little over two months, but it is not his first glimpse of the country. BjØrndal served as ambassador here also during 1996 thru 2000. In an interview with Aqua.cl he speaks about the changes he has witnessed and his view of Chile’s potential. “In these past eight years both the economic and political relations between Norway and Chile have advanced greatly. Recent visits from dignitaries such as the Crown Prince Haakon Magnus, the Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and the Minister of Higher Education and Research Tora Aasland all indicate the positive relationship shared with Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet. There are now more than 70 Norwegian professionals distributed throughout 50 Norwegian companies here, which is a big increase from when I left Chile in 2000,” states the ambassador.

Aquaculture continues to be the primary attraction for Norwegian venture capital, but industries such as mining, energy and banking are also benefiting from Chile’s resources. “The fact that the Norwegian bank DnB NOR has arrived to Chile is the clearest symbol of the evolution between both nations. When financial institutions open offices in other countries it is because there is a sufficient amount of business to achieve good development.” Following Brazil, Chile is the second Latin American country with the most Norwegian companies in operation and development. BjØrndal states, “I think Norwegians in general are doing well here. No one has told me that they don’t like Chile. As for myself I am very comfortable here.”