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Norwegian-Romanian research cooperation set to double

The fresh funding for bilateral research cooperation nearly doubles the roughly EUR 21 million currently allocated to the programme, which finances joint Norwegian-Romanian research projects.

Business, research and energy cooperation high on the agenda

Under the agreement, Norway will set aside some EUR 500 million for a number of collaborative programmes with Romania in the years ahead.

State Secretary Elsbeth Tronstad signed the agreement on behalf of Norway and Minister of European Funds Cristian Ghinea signed on behalf of Romania. (Photo: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

“It’s important for the Government that the EEA and Norway Grants are used to strengthen efforts and cooperation with a view to promoting economic development and progress in Europe. This agreement will provide a framework for this work,” says Minister of EEA and EU Affairs Elisabeth Vik Aspaker.

There are high hopes that the programmes will help to create future-oriented jobs. All together, roughly EUR 160 million has been earmarked for business, research and energy cooperation.

Government press release on the new cooperation agreement with Romania under the EEA and Norway Grants scheme

Fact sheet on Norwegian-Romanian cooperation

Widespread interest in the research cooperation programme

An impressive 414 grant applications were submitted to the EEA and Norway Grants-funded research cooperation programme with Romania in 2014, but there was only funding available to support 23 projects. There are high hopes for the expanded programme.

“We are very pleased that allocations under the EEA and Norway Grants scheme to research cooperation with Romania are being doubled. It is very clear that the potential for Norwegian-Romanian collaboration is great. We also hope that the funding will make it easier to build contacts and networks that will ultimately lead to greater success under Horizon 2020 and other cooperative efforts within the European Research Area (ERA),” says Director General of the Research Council of Norway Arvid Hallén.

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