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Norway's Telenor launches location-based mobile service

Telenor Mobil said it has launched the first location-based mobile service LBS in Norway, available though the portal Hyor.no and accessed through the mobile operators portal Djuice.no. The Norwegian content provider PocketIT is creating offerings under a service called 'Info Here&Now.' The service will utilise the mobile network to identify the location of a particular handset, covering a radius of about 150-500 metres in urban areas. Based on Ericsson's platform, it will be both a WAP and SMS service and available to run on both GPRS and 3G networks. A spokesperson for Telenor Mobil said the service is in its test phase and said the agreement was not a significant investment on Telenor Mobil's part. Lars Christian Luel, director of Telenor Mobil, said about the service: "You can, for example, search for the nearest chemist, supermarket or restaurant, and if you're on the look out for a new washing machine, you can search for the cheapest one in the vicinity. It may also be possible to track down stolen cars and boats. A whole new array of games and entertainment services can be made available."