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Norway To Provide Solar Energy For South Africa

The Norwegian firm SolEnergy part of the Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) is to supply South Africans with electrical power produced by Solar Energy, according to the Norway Post. The company has started a solar cell manufacturing plant in Namibia and within 5 years SolEnergy will install 50,000 solar panel systems in South Africa. The project will cost approximately NOK 300 million. The demand is so great that SolEnergy plans to install 15,000-20,000 systems, providing a million residents of South Africa with solar energy within a few years. Nearly two billion people lack access to electrical power and huge investments will be required for the development of conventional power stations and electrical lines. Consumers will only need a few kilowatts for their radios and a few light bulbs. The solar power system which SolEnergy will install have the capability to power 4 fluorescent bulbs, a radio and a black and white television. The solar panel will produce 3 times as much energy in South Africa as in Norway as the sun is more kind in South Africa. The panel will use two years to produce an amount of energy it took to produce it and it will have an estimated lifetime of 20 years. If the project is victorious, SolEnergy will protract into other countries in Africa, Asia and Central America.