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Norway Exports - Research & Development available for download

Download the new Norway Exports edition “Research & Development – From ideas to action” In this magazine you will find examples on how Norway work to within several of the most important research areas in Norway.

Research & Development - From Ideas to Action

Download or read the new Norway Exports edition Research & Development 2008/2009.
Comprised of several in-depth articles and a presentation of 90 different companies, this edition is now also available for download in PDF format.
(To download right-click the publication frontpage on your mouse, then click Save-Target-As to save the document to your computer. Document file size is 17 mb)


Power generation - Norway’s renewable energy future
by Nancy Bazilchuk
As one of world’s largest exporters of oil and gas, Norway has long held itself responsible for tackling problems caused by climate change.
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Strength with vision
by David John Smith
It is the broad Norwegian goal to become carbon-neutral by 2030, an important success criteria driving many of the R&D activities here in this country, including the oil and gas industry.
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From ideas to action – Oslo Innovation Centre
by David John Smith
A recent survey shows many employees working with companies at the Centre are from outside of Norway, creating an environment truly mirroring sectors of the international research world. In fact, foreign companies frequently approach the Centre to gain a better understanding of developments, and often lease office space to work more closely with the innovative activities here.
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