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Norway Exports - Investing in Norway available for download

Download or read the new Norway Exports - edition Investing in Norway 2007/2008.

Download or read the Norway Exports edition - Investing in Norway 2007/2008.
Comprised of several in-depth articles and a presentation of 13 different companies, this edition is now also available for download in PDF format.
(To download right-click the publication frontpage on your mouse, then click Save-Target-As to save the document to your computer. Document file size is 3,6 mb)

Norwegian finance industry
by Dag Terje Andersen The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry
Norway is situated at the far end of the European continent, close to the North Pole. There are only 4.7 million Norwegians. Even so, Norway, together with the other Nordic countries, is very much a participant in the global economy. Norway has been named the best country in the world to live in for five years in a row, an obvious sign of success!

Investing in the future
by Nancy Bazilchuk
The riches of the sea have long shaped Norway as a nation of traders. Centuries before Norway’s first stock exchange, the ‘Christiania Exchange’, opened an office at Madam Jørgen Pløens Gaard in April 1819, Norwegians were plying Europe’s markets with dried cod produced by the millions from the Lofoten Islands – and making a profit.

Financing a maritime superpower
By Kristian Kahrs
The world’s markets for shipping, offshore, petroleum and fishing need reliable and secure funding, and Norwegian banks and financial institutions play a vital role in financing, insuring and advising on global shipping activities.
Oslo Børs – success on the international stage
By David John Smith
The Norwegian Stock Exchange, Oslo Børs, is working hard to promote its advantages to the rest of the world. Well positioned in a number of attractive market segments, Oslo Børs will continue to build on its strengths to turn the challenges of being a small exchange into successes on the international stage