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Norway Exports edition for the Information & Communications Technology available for download

Download or read the Norway Exports edition for the Norwegian Information & Communications Technology.

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(To download right-click the PDF image on your mouse, then click Save-Target-As to save the document to your computer. Document file size is 3 mb)
Download or read the Norway Exports edition for the Norwegian Information & Communications Technology.

Comprised of several in-depth articles and  a presentation of 42 different companies, this edition is now also available for download in PDF format.












The articles appearing in the printed edition can also be read here on www.norwayexports.no. The following articles are included in the 2006 edition of Norway Exports - Information & Communications Technology:

Norwegian Information & Communications Technology articles

The Silicon Valley of the North

By Nancy Bazilchuk
Google, the world’s most popular search engine, owes its success to its ability to always deliver exactly the information its customers want to find.
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e-Norway 2009: diminishing the need for paperwork…
By Kristian Kahrs
Imagine a virtual eGovernment in which the citizens no longer have to visit bureaucrats in their offices. Imagine a future in which citizens have all available information about their pensions, student loans, medical history, taxes and children’s schools accessible from their own living rooms.
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Inspired by Necessity: Nature-based technology
By Dean Clark
For centuries, Norway’s isolation and exposure to powerful, often brutal forces of nature shaped the lives of its people.
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Pioneering ICT integration in education
By Kristian Kahrs
 While there are steadily new finds on the Norwegian continental shelf, the country’s oil and gas production will not last eternally.
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Rising Technology Stars
By William Stoichevski
Yahoo and Google set up research centres here. Microsoft is talking to local, open-source browser success story Opera.
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