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Norway Exports edition for Fishing Gear & Aquaculture available for download

A new  Norway Exports edition for the Norwegian Fishing Gear & Aquaculture industry has just been published.

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(To download right-click the PDF image on your mouse, then click Save-Target-As to save the document to your computer. Document file size is 6 mb)
A new Norway Exports edition for the Norwegian Fishing Gear & Aquaculture industry has just been published.

This edition is the first with the new and improved design created in cooperation with the Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs.  Norway Exports – Fishing Gear & Aquacuture consists of several in-depth articles and a presentation of 25 different companies, this edition is now also available for download in PDF format.









Norwegian Fishing Gear & Aquaculture articles

The articles appearing in the printed edition can also be read here on www.norwayexports.no. The following articles are included in the 2006 edition of Norway Exports - Fishing Gear & Aquaculture:

Foreword by the Norwegian Minister of Fishery and Coastal Affairs
By Helga Pedersen

A study from 2001 indicates that 77.4% of the Norwegian population lives in what we define as the coastal zone. The Norwegian poet Alexander Kielland has written of Norwegians that “they live their entire lives with their faces turned towards the sea”, and he refers to the sea as both friend and foe.
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Anticipating - and designing for - aquaculture's future
By Nancy Bazilchuk
The year is 2020, and Norway’s fish and aquaculture trade is so large that the Norwegian government has created a state company called Statfisk, modelled after the Norwegian oil company Statoil.
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A depth of experience
By Dean Clark
The dramatic and rough Norwegian coastline seems to go on forever. In fact, it’s one of the longest coastlines in the world, and local fishermen have been sailing from its shores to bring home the bounty of the sea for centuries.
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The Norwegian advantage – from South America to Southeast Asia
By William Stoichevski
There’s a “blue revolution” underway around the world, according to Akvaplan-niva consultant Tor-Jahn Herstad. North, south, east and west, resource developers are turning to Norwegian fishery and fish farming experts in a bid to support species and waterways set to sustain national and regional economies. ”.
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