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Norway Exports edition - Energy & Environmental Technology available for download

Download or read the Norway Exports edition for the Norwegian Energy & Environmental Technology.

(To download right-click the PDF image on your mouse, then click Save-Target-As to save the document to your computer. Document file size is 6 mb)
Download or read the Norway Exports edition for the Norwegian Energy & Environmental Technology.

Comprised of several in-depth articles and  a presentation of 45 different companies, this edition is now also available for download in PDF format.














Norwegian Energy & Environmental Technology articles

A View to Clean Energy Leadership
By Dean Clark & Jonathan Tisdall
International environmental pacts such as the Kyoto Protocol, combined with new market realities, are driving Norwegian research and development in the energy sector towards breakthroughs in clean, green energy production.
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EEA Funding: A Green Opportunity
By Dean Clark
Environmental issues are taking centre stage in a major funding initiative being launched by the European Economic Area (EEA). A series of financial mechanisms have been set up to help integrate the new European Union member states and Norway, the group’s leading donor, is providing F1.13 billion for the effort through 2009.
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Preparing for the Future
By Jonathan Tisdall
Norwegians like to call the rags-to-riches tale of winning petroleum wealth from the terrifyingly hostile northern seas their “oil fairy tale”. In keeping with the mood this evokes, there is an underlying discomfort that the story may not end happily ever after.
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Norway & China: Connecting to Manage Growth
By Dean Clark
China’s tremendous rate of economic growth has fostered a huge increase in industrial activity, energy use and consumer demand in the world’s most populous nation.
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A Window on a Changing Environment
By Nancy Bazilchuk
The breathtaking white expanses of the Scandinavian Arctic, far from cities, industry and pollution, give visitors the impression of being one of the purest places in the world.
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