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Nortrade with a new and improved tool for finding Norwegian exporters

The search tool  for norwayexports.no, the Norwegian Export Directory, has now been equipped with many new and advanced functions.

The search tool  for norwayexports.no, the Norwegian Export Directory, has now been equipped with many new and advanced functions. Important changes have already been made to Nortrade's front page where one can search for products and services from Norwegian exporters.

By clicking on one of the other tabs within this search tool it is also possible to search for:

• Companies
• Persons
• News and articles
• Trade leads

Advanced search

Our advanced search function makes it possible for a user to carry out more specific searches within the norwayexports.no database. Here, one can, for instance, find different companies within an industry or individual Norwegian county. Using scroll-down menus, all the companies situated in the county of Hordaland within the Ship’s Gear industry with more that 1 billion Norwegian Krone in turnover can be shown on a detailed list.

How to search for products or services (in the Export Directory):

The easiest way to search for products is to enter the product you wish to find at the front page of Nortrade as shown below. You can also while browsing the rest of the site, use blue column on the left-hand side of the page. This column is a cinstant element of the Website and will lead you to the Export Directory.

Step by step description

STEP ONE – Finding a product
Say you are looking for a Norwegian manufacturer of “pumps,” which is a general product description which can be found within many industry sectors. Simply fill in the product name then click Search or press Enter on your keyboard.

STEP TWO – Narrowing down your search
When searching for a product as broad as “pumps” the result shows that this particular product can be found within the following industry sectors:
• Agriculture & Forestry
• Aquaculture, Technology & Services
• Fishing Gear, Yards & Services
• Oil & Gas
• Ship's Gear, Yards & Services
To find a specific product, for example Cargo pumps, do as follows:

A.  Click on the button labelled "Clear All"
B. Check the box next to the product labelled Cargo pumps
C. To list the companies for Cargo Pumps click the button labelled List Selected


STEP THREE – Detailed list of companies

To find a more detailed list of the companies you’ve Searched for, simply click "Detailed List "to get information about each individual company such as address, zip code, city, phone and e-mail.

STEP FOUR– Options for detailed list
• Click on the button labelled Request to send a trade lead to the listed companies.
• Click on the button labelled Print to print the detailed list.
• Click on one of the company names to see their profile page (Only interactive members have detailed profile information)