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Nortrade newsletter October 2008


Renewable Energy & Environmental Technology
Download or read the new Norway Exports edition ”Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology”. The edition addresses some of the most important challenges of our time. How can the world find ways to satisfy an ever increasing need for energy and at the same time do so in a way that takes into account the fragile balance of our global environment?
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Business Region Bergen
The Bergen region features a wide variety of industries and business areas. For those looking to increase business, career or investment opportunities, the Bergen region, with its geographical location, growing economy, high quality education, research institutions and solid infrastructure is a wise choice
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Process, Manufacturing and Subcontracting industries
Norway’s goal is to play an important part of making business and industry sustainable on a global scale. This is especially true for the country’s processing and manufacturing industries. Download the Norway Exports edition “Process, Manufacturing and Subcontracting industries” to learn more about the Norwegian automotive industry, processing industry, manufacturing industry and engineering.
Working together – defence & Norwegian societal security
In Norway, societal security is defined as safeguarding the population and key societal functions and infrastructure against attack or damage where the existence of the country is not threatened. The basic concept is using all available national resources and capabilities – civilian as well as military.