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New windpower plant opened by King Harald

One of Europe's largest wind driven power plants has been opened by King Harald at Smoela, a flat island on the northwest coast of Norway. The plant consists of altogether 20 wind-driven generators, but will be expanded to 55 mills by 2006. -We have not tamed the wind, only borrowed a breath as it passed by anyway," King Harald said. It is Statoil's first power plant driven by wind power. The plan, however, calls for an expansion, and altogether 18 square kilomteres of land is set aside for the windpower plant. The first 20 wind generators will produce 120 GWh anually, or the annual consumption for 6,000 homes. Fully developed, the plant will produce 450 gigawatthours, or enough electricity for 20.000 homes anually. (NRK/Moss Avis/Norway Post)