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New 'cool' Norwegian establishment in Chile

Puerto Montt, Chile: The two Norwegian equipment suppliers Finsam and Aquaterm Opened a sales office in Chile's salmon capital Puerto Montt. The intention is to sell refrigeration plant to the aquaculture and fishing industry. The Chilean subsidiary has been given the title FrioNordica SA and will be the sales and marketing office for the entire South American continent. "The two Norwegian companies complement each other. Down here we have a joint profile as a refrigeration plant firm," said Kjell E.Jensen, who has moved to Puerto Montt in order to administrate the investment in the Southern Hemisphere. IntraFish had a chat with him a fortnight ago at the Fisal exhibition in Puerto Montt. He is accompanied by a secretary and will soon be employing a Chilean refrigeration engineer. In the long term the company would be managed by a Chilean, and Jensen will step down. Cool presence In an advertising brochure, FrioNordica promises a "cool" presence in South America. "In the next few years, this continent will represent 20-25 per cent of total turnover for the two Norwegian companies," said Jensen. In 2000 they had a turnover of 120-140 million kroner. FrioNordica has already started clocking up sales in its first month of business. "The customers understand that we mean business when they see that we have established an office here. The refrigeration equipment is also sensitive and needs service personnel to be readily available," said Jensen. FrioNordica sells equipment that is manufactured in Norway. In a few years' time the company will concentrate efforts on production occurring in South America. The market is initially the aquaculture and fishing industry in Chile. After this sights will be set on Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil and Cuba - and so on - and so on.