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New Concept for Offshore Heavy Lift

The Norwegian company SeaMetric International AS has developed a new concept for heavy lifts to be used offshore for the installation and removal of oil and gas installations. The Stavanger based company claim they can save considerably on expenditure compared to traditional heavy lift practices. The new concept is called Twin Marine Lifter (TML). The concept is based on simple principles and proven technologies, according to Marketing Director Rolf Olavesen. But it is combined in a uniquely new arrangement. The operation will be considerably more cost effective than traditional heavy lifts, and much more robust towards harsh weather conditions. Safety and low energy consumption have been given priority in the design. For further information, contact; Rolf Olavesen Tel: +44 51 87 49 18 E-mail: rolf.olavesen@seametric.com Web: http://www.seametric.com