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Nera's biggest investment ever

Nera is launching the wireless communication platform of the future, with its newly-developed Evolution Series.

Nera is launching the wireless communication platform of the future, with its newly-developed Evolution Series. Nera's goal for Evolution is to set a new standard for transmission and handling of services such as IP-TV and IP telephony and mobile broadband, in addition to traditional transmission of data and speech.

"Nera has completed its biggest research and development project so far, in a period that has been demanding for the entire industry. Evolution will once again give the company a position as a leading player in radio-based communications," says Bjørn Olafsson, Nera's CEO. He further states; "For more than 50 years Nera has been renown for reliable and technologically sophisticated solutions. Evolution will definitely help us to build on this reputation, through among other aspects increased flexibility and reduced costs both for our customers as well as for Nera Networks."
"Nera sees a major long-term potential for Evolution Series in light of the expected increase in the need for transmission capacity in the telecommunications and data network," says Olafsson.  "We are well-placed to exploit this potential through our global position with activities in more than 100 countries; this means that we will meet the future with a world-leading product portfolio enhancing the company's competitiveness.
A revolution in network technology

The motivation for developing the Evolution Series is to give Nera's customers - the operators of the telecommunications and data networks - better capabilities for handling growth and new service demands, while at the same time optimising network costs to revenues.
Much of today's network architecture is built on solutions that have a limited lifetime. The rapid development of services such as triple play and 3G, together with the escalating demand for bandwidth, has reinforced the need for scalable networks, that is, networks where the data capacity can be increased rapidly without unnecessarily large expenditures. The Evolution Series can be adapted and reconfigured by the customer himself, and is based on the principle "pay as you grow" through its software based radio solutions. This means that the network can grow in step with customer numbers and service spectrums in a costs-optimal manner.

"In many cases it is difficult for the individual operator to predict what capacity and applications are needed, even in the near future. With Evolution the operators' network capacity can for example grow from 20 to 622 Mbs or convert to IP without having to replace already installed Evolution equipment," says John Knudsen, Manager of business development. This, he claims, will provide significant financial benefits to the customers.
Patented solutions
3 new patents have been filed for Evolution. The flexibility and adaptability of the Evolution series is underpinned by technical innovation across a variety of disciplines. For example in order to achieve a cost effective platform a novel system architecture has been developed. This has been augmented by Nera's proven digital modem technology together with improvements in traditional microwave transmitter and receiver implementations. Reliability has also been a driving consideration in the development of Evolution series. To this end power consumption has been minimised through improvements in power amplifier efficiency.

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