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May be you have seen it?

Boen AS

Outside Larvik lies Europe’s finest “Plus House”, with its architecture, building technology solutions, and materials that attract international attention. The floors are from BOEN, and the home is known not only for its exterior, but also its environmental focus.


Maybe you have seen it? This Multi-Comfort House is sensational in its architecture and breathtaking in its building technology solutions. And for these reasons, the Plus House has been featured on television and in design magazines. This house combines future housing standards with modern solutions. This means everything when the result is supposed to be a remarkable comfort living, combined with a CO2 balance that is as low as possible. That’s why it’s not a coincidence that BOEN-parquet is the selected wood flooring for all the rooms, except the bathroom, in the Multi-Comfort House. 

Beautiful strip-pattern parquet

The BOEN flooring that was chosen, is there for a reason; BOEN Prestige 10 mm is a traditional strip parquet, a beautiful contrast to the modern architecture and the rough use of materials like glass and bricks, defines this house. 

The Multi-Comfort House is designed by the Norwegian architect firm Snøhetta, and in September it won the International Prestige Award WAN Sustainable Buildings 2015. Behind the project is Brødrene Dahl and Optimera, who wanted to demonstrate that you can enjoy a high standard of living while sustaining a low energy balance.  

Sustainable floors 

All the materials in the house have been analyzed to confirm that environmental standards are met for the products’ lifetime. It is important that the floor is as environment-friendly as possible, and at the same time has a good quality for use and fits the interior. 
The “Plus House” is as good as it gets, with exiting material (how about a swimming pool made from an old shipping container) and installations that create a surplus of energy. Living comfortably in the future will be strongly focused on the environment: BOEN-parquet is both comfortable and sustainable.


   Boen AS


Isn’t this cool? A reused shipping container as a swimming pool. Creative solutions give optimum sunlight conditions, and with background heating and reused wastewater, this house is energy self-efficient; even the electric car operates with self-generated power.


Boen AS


Cozy warmth! Look at the incredible natural reflections of BOEN Prestige in a quiet early evening hour? The patio lies protected by the living room and the kitchen, with access from both rooms.


Boen AS


Careful attention was given to lighting, and it is considered an important factor for optimum comfort living. Colours and reflections in the parquet look alive, and change with the hours of the day and the seasons.


Boen AS


All the materials in this house have been selected with the purpose of minimizing as many environmental footprints as possible. The classic oak lacquered wood floor laid-in pattern creates a nice contrast to the reused bricks on the walls. Laying pattern wood floors is requires a specialist, so be careful if you are thinking about installing this type of floor on your own.


Boen AS


The rooms are open, airy, and nice to live in. Notice the ceiling panels: they provide an optimum distribution of sound. This is quite important if you want to have good acoustics while conversing in the kitchen. 


Boen AS

Good air in the bedroom is important at night, when you recharge your batteries. Natural materials breathe with us. Notice the wall to the right, is designed in tiles of aspen, which captures the humidity at night and lets it out again during the day, when you are not in the room.

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