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Kongsberg Maritime Class 3 DP system installed on Scarabeo 5 DP passed its Customer Acceptance Test

The Kongsberg Maritime Class 3 DP system installed on the Saipem owned Scarabeo 5 passed its Customer Acceptance Test (CAT) on 23rd December 2005.

The Kongsberg Maritime Class 3 DP system installed on the Saipem owned Scarabeo 5 passed its Customer Acceptance Test (CAT) on 23rd December 2005. Scarabeo 5 is a Semi-Submersible built by Fincantierri shipyards and delivered in 1990. The 'Hot Upgrade', carried out whilst Scarabeo 5 was still in operation (drilling and completing) consisted of a triple redundant Dynamic Positioning System and Position Mooring System (SDPM-31) with a fire backup (Class 3).

Kongsberg Maritime carried out the initial site survey on Scarabeo 5 in November 2004 and the contract was awarded at the end of December 2004. Following the FAT in May 2005 commissioning commenced with the cable pulling, contracted to Servie AS from Porsgrunn in Norway.

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The upgrade needed close co-operation between Statoil, Saipem and Kongsberg. The removal of the old system components and the introduction of the new were carefully planned and phased so that the rig at no time lost essential station keeping performance, nor compromised the safety of the operations,” commented Arthur Abell, Project Manager for Saipem Drilling. “That the upgrade has been completed without a single hour of operational downtime is a tribute to the professionalism and teamwork of the many people from all three companies who played their part so well.”

The SDPM-31 is a combined DP and position mooring system based on a modular architecture of common 'building blocks' for flexibility in upgrading. It fulfils requirements equivalent to DNV PosMoor TA and LRS PM (T3), and the addition of an SDPM-Simulator (as included on Scarabeo 5) makes the system compliant with DNV PosMoor ATA.

The system onboard Scarabeo 5 consists of a triple redundant controller unit (DPMC-31) and three operator stations. The controller unit contains three powerful control computers and I/O units to provide interface to winches, reference systems, sensors and thrusters.

Hi-resolution colour flat-screens, approved for maritime operations provide the main graphical display for data presentation. In addition Kongsberg Maritime has installed a cJoy Remote Joystick Terminal and a reference system console for the existing Kongsberg Maritime HPR/HIPAP equipment.

“There was some on and off moments during the commissioning process,” says Erik Gravningsbråten, Project Manager for Kongsberg Maritime on the Scarabeo 5 commission. “This was mainly due to lack of space onboard and critical operations on the rig, which is of course expected for any hot upgrade. However, Saipem's and the Scarabeo 5 crew's flexibility, co-operation and knowledge of the system resulted in an upgrade with absolutely no downtime.”

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