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Kim Dae-Jung accepts Nobel Peace Prize

A thousand people assembled at Oslo City Hall on Sunday to witness South Korean President Kim Dae-jung receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Kim spoke of terrifying moments of persecution during a lifelong campaign for human rights. Kim's supporters call him "Asia's Mandela" after the former South African president. "Five times I faced near death at the hands of dictators, six years I spent in prison, and 40 years I spent under house arrest or in exile and under constant surveillance," Mr. Kim, 75, said. He also said: "I humbly pledge before you that . . . I shall give the rest of my life to human rights and peace in my country and in the world, and to the reconciliation and cooperation of my people." He said he was accepting the prize on behalf of his people, and added that he would prefer to have shared it with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il.