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Jilted Telenor partner looks to Denmark

Sweden's minister of industry, Björn Rosengren, is still dreaming of a pan-Nordic telecommunications giant more than a year after the proposed merger between Norway's Telenor and Sweden's Telia went up in smoke amid quarrels over which country would lead the concern. According to Aftenposten, industry sources now say that Telia, 70 percent of which is owned by the Swedish state, may buy all or part of TeleDanmark. Satellite launch rescheduled The satellite launch that was aborted earlier this week aboard the Sea Launch platform, which is partly owned by Norway's Kværner Group, has been rescheduled for Feb. 28. The launch was called off seconds before lift-off when the owners of the satellite detected a possible technical fault in the satellite itself. Kværner owns 20 percent of the shares in Sea Launch, while the American aerospace firm Boeing owns 45 percent.