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Visit from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries From left: Stefan Øijordsbakken (CEO Sohome), Guri Mæle Breigutu, Kjersti Wøneberg and Dag Erling Stai

Visit from the Ministry of Trade Industry and Fisheries

The Ministry visited in order to learn more about the industry. 

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries announced in January that they would visit companies working in the seafood, maritime, oil and gas and aquaculture sectors to learn more about the industry. Sohome applied for this and got positive feedback from the Ministry.

Sohome had the pleasure to receive three representatives from the Ministry:

  • Kjersti Wølneberg, Senior adviser to the fishery- and aquaculture department
  • Dag Erling Stai, Director to the trade policy department
  • Guri Mæle Breigutu, Senior adviser to the industri policy department


They learned about how Sohome has become a leader in the maritime IT infrastructure sector with their knowledge and skills and a good customer base. They listened to the challenges Sohome had to overcome as the oil price fell and the market for supply vessels halted. Now the future looks brighter with upcoming projects in the offshore and maritime sector.


Sohome appreciates the government's effort to learn more about the different companies involved in the various sectors of the marine industry.

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Visit from the Ministry of Trade Industry and Fisheries

The Ministry visited in order to learn more about the industry. 

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