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Investing in Croatian sea farming

Sea farmers from Western Norway are investing heavily in the earlier Yugoslavian Republic. The investment company Balcan Invest is about to launch a share issue worth NOK seven million. Balcan Invest consists of sea farmers and investors from Western Norway. A year and half ago, the Balcan Invest bought into the company Norfish Blagaj, which produces fresh water trout in Bosnia. Balcan Invest owns 39.3 percent of the shares of Norfish Blagaj. Together with Norfund, a Norwegian state owned investment company, the company has invested NOK 18 millions in Bosnia. Norfund has 30.7 percent of the shares in Norfish Blagaj, while the State of Bosnia owns the remainder of the shares. When the state owned shares are sold, they will either go to local participants or investors from other countries, among these Norway.