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Introducing a new Norwegian DNV approved Maritime cabling solution named "Bergen Cabling" at SOhome's NOR-Shipping stand C01-33h

SOhome AS in Bergen has developed and introduces next generation cabling solution for ships and offshore at NOR-Shipping at the end of May 2011.

With support from Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway, SOhome has developed at new cabling concept called “Bergen Cabling” during the last two years. The main philosophy behind it all has been the development of an IT infrastructure that has a useful life of 40 years, which is equivalent to a vessel or an oil rig`s lifetime.

SOhome has used today’s leading technology 10 Gigabit Ethernet and formed a system which should be able to handle data rates 10 times better than what exists within structured cabling solutions.

In practice this means that the copper cable can be used for data rates up to 10 Gigabit, and an integrated fibre cable for data rates up to 100 Gigabit and more as network adapters increases their data rates. The concept is developed by SOhome AS in Bergen and is a Norwegian product range.

The challenge was to mix copper and fiber technology without reducing the quality of transmission of the copper cable, says SOhome’s manager Per Schulhus which is also responsible for product development.

The constant goal has been to use Norwegian suppliers and to coordinate the development with DNV (Det Norske Veritas) to have approval for maritime use.

The concept has been tested and approved by DNV, and Delta has done a 10 Gigabit Link test on the copper cable.

The Maritime LAN Hybrid cable (copper cable + fiber) has already passed the fire and smoke test by DNV.

All patch panels in Bergen Cabling are designed in stainless steel, and a 1 HU hybrid panel is made for both fiber and copper.

SOhome have decided to use maximum of Norwegian suppliers in the concept Bergen Cabling in order to prove we still can produce in Norway, even if the production cost are higher than abroad – the engineering and travelling cost are minimal according to Asia production tells Per.

The cooperation with DNV have been splendid, as well as the support from Innovation Norway.
Several Norwegian customers has already standardized on the concept Bergen Cabling in projects to come.

Even projects onshore can see the advantage of having a local producer/supplier.

Before launching this concept the order book is in perfect condition, and we plan to introduce the concept international together with potential partners during this and next year.

The interest from Asia is already there.

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