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Gold strike in Kvaenangen

Metal detecting turned out to be a lucrative hobby for Sigbjoern Johnsen. A ramble in the mountains of Kvaenangen revealed a vein of gold that might turn out to be the largest in North Norway. Per Bøe, a geologist at Tromsoe Museum called the find unique, sensational and extremely interesting. "This is an exceptionally fine sample containing between 40 and 50 grains of gold. The grains are small but visible. It is sensational to be able to find this on a hike - gold is not usually so visible," Bøe told the newspaper Nordlys. Bøe believes the vein will turn out to be viable. Johnsen found the vein two years ago but kept his discovery secret until now, and he is still not disclosing the location. Despite his secrecy and the enthusiastic reactions from experts, Johnsen doesn't expect riches. "No, I don't know about that yet. I'm pretty relaxed about the whole thing," Johnsen said.