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GKN Aerospace expertise across MRO for aero-engine and airframe structures and transparencies features at MRO Europe, 2013

Examples of GKN Aerospace transparencies, aero-engine and aerostructures aftermarket expertise will be on display on stand 1124 at MRO Europe, London, September 25th and 26th, 2013. Exhibits will focus on the company’s global engine fan blade repair service and aero engine support facilities alongside its market-leading transparencies operation and aerostructures repair expertise - including recent composite repair developments and ice protection capabilities.

The company’s global engine fan blade repair service supports over 280 customers worldwide including OEM’s such as CFMI, GE, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce, airlines and overhaul shops and repairs more than 67,000 parts annually. With 30 years fully approved as a repair source for GE fan blades, the operation has recently extended its GE production approvals with approval to overhaul and repair GE CF6-80E fan blades.

Alongside, this, the company’s recently formed engine systems business - which is among the leading three aero engine component suppliers globally - includes an established OEM authorised facility that services some 200 engines each year. The facility has a team of skilled service personnel who undertake all levels of engine maintenance up to and including full overhaul and test of commercial and military aero engines.

The transparencies exhibit will feature the front windscreen for the B777, the windscreen and passenger cabin window for the A320 and windows for the B787 and B737. The company supplies transparencies to aircraft in all market segments - from supersonic military applications such as the F-35 Lightning II (JSF) canopy to the large-size, state-of-the-art passenger aircraft. The company’s cockpit windows, passenger cabin windows and wingtip lenses are the reliable, low-risk products of choice for OEM’s and airlines around the world with CrystalVue II™ coated passenger cabin windows standard fit on all Boeing commercial aircraft and many of the Airbus fleet.

In a related use of coatings expertise, GKN Aerospace’s electro thermal de-icing technology will be represented with a display of the Boeing 787 wing de-icing slat structure. These slats are produced by applying a unique Spraymat™ coating to the composite component creating a lightweight, rugged “smart structure” which, when linked to an electronic control system, provides highly effective, controllable and direct-able ice protection.

A further application of the company’s advanced coatings technologies is evident in the recent work to develop an intelligent coating that will indicate in the ultra-violet visual spectrum when a composite structure has been impacted, showing the extent of any damage. In order to ensure effective repair of the detected damage the company is now bringing to market a laser-based process which is able swiftly and precisely to remove damaged composite fibre without impacting upon the integrity of the remaining composite structure.

Charles Paterson, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, GKN Aerospace comments: “We are active on a variety of fronts in the aftermarket sector with many well established and respected operations experiencing continued growth whilst a number of promising developments are coming to market aimed at lowering maintenance commitments and minimising aircraft time on the ground in the future.”


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