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Final crude shipment leaves Norway's Yme field

The storage vessel Navion Saga has left Statoil's Yme field in the North Sea with its final cargo. The vessel has stored oil on the field since production commenced in February 1996. Yme ceased production on April 15. Plugging of wells and cleaning pipelines between the Maersk Giant production jackup and the subsea facilities has now been completed. The vessel Normand Mjolne, which has ROVs on board, disconnected pipelines and risers while Maersk Contractor is making preparations for the production rig to leave the field in mid-May. The intervention vessel Viking Poseidon arrived at the field May 2 to prepare for plugging and removal work on the seabed. This work will be done by the Maersk Jutlander, which is expected to be in place in mid-May.