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Norwegian Foreign Embassies & Consulates

Norway Exports' editions are distributed to relevant embassies and Innovation Norway's branch offices around the world. This distribution channel is and has been unique to Norway Expors since 1957.

Companies & Cooperative Partners

Norway Exports, through its network of contact, reaches people in postitions of power in International companies. Each edition is distributed further directly to companies within each seactor.

Trade fairs & Events

Norway Exports' editions are distributed to relevante international trade fairs through partners and through Norway Exports' own distribution channels.

Norway Exports is distributed free of charge to events and partners all around the world. Bellow you will find an overview of where you can pick up your copy of Norway Exports. If you would like to order publications free of charge to other events, please click here

Norwegian Embassies & Consulates
Since 1957 you have found Norway Exports’ editions at Norwegian embassies and Innovation Norway’s branch offices. Contact your local office to get a copy or order at www.norwayexports.no.
Companies & Cooperative Partners
Norway Exports, is an important tool for international purchasers. Each edition is also distributed directly to international companies within each sector, click here to let us know if you want to be on our distribution list.

Trade Fairs & Events 
Norway Exports' editions are distributed to relevant international trade fairs through partners and through Norway Exports' own distribution channels. 

Date 2011 Name Location NE Publications
1-3 June OGA 2011 Kua la Lumpur. Malaysia Oil & Gas, Maritime, R&D, Investing
1. June Indian Trade Delegation Oslo, Norway Business travel, ICT, Investing, Renewable Energy,
24-27 May Nor Shipping Lillestrøm, Norway Maritime: English, Russian, Chinese & Portuguese, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, R&D, Investing, Tromsø Region
9-13 May Delegation to Slovenia & Croatia May 2011 Slovenia/Croatia Renewable Energy
18-19 May All Energy Aberdeen, Scotland Renewable energy, R&D 
6 May Solenergidagen Oslo, Norway Renewable Energy
2-5 May OTC Houston, USA Oil & Gas, Maritime, R&D
2-5 May CWW 2011 Trondheim, Norway Renewable Energy
2-5 May The European Seafood exposition Brussels, Belgium Seafood, Tromsø
26-29 April Seoul Food og hotel Seoul, Corea Seafood
13 April INTPOW Hydropower Conference - Early Warning Lysaker, Norway Renewable Energy
6-7 April Generalforsamling til FHL Bergen, Norway Seafood
4-7 April German Norwegian Energy Forum 2011 Germany Renewable Energy
28 - 2 April Business Delegation to Ethiopia 2011 Ethiopia Renewable Energy
March/April Norwegian Seafood Seminar Slovenia Seafood
March/April Permanent Mission of Norway in Geneva Sveits Seafood
30 March Norwea årskonferanse Oslo, Norway Renewable Energy
20-22 March Boston Seafood Show Boston, USA Seafood
22 March 2nd Offshore Wind Supply Chain Conference Oslo, Norway Renewable Energy
11-13 March Fiskerimesse Murmansk, Russia Seafood + Seafood Russian
1-3 March
North Atlantic Seafood Conference Oslo, Norway Seafood
Feb/March Workshops, Conference Belgrade, Serbia Renewable Energy
16-19 Feb Næringslivsdelegasjon til Brasil Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Oil & Gas, Oil & Gas portuguese, R&D
16 Feb INTPOW Solar Day 2011 Oslo, Norway Renewable Energy
 10 Feb  Håp i Havet Tromsø, Norway Seafood
8-10 Feb E-World Energy and Water Exhibition Hambur, Germany Renewable Energy
 Feb Scandinavian Exposure Perth, Australia Design
21-24 Feb Nigeria Oil and Gas 2011 Abuja, Nigera Oil & Gas
 20 Jan
Aqua Conference
Stord, Norway Seafood
23-28 Jan Arctic Frontiers Tromsø Tromsø Region
17-21 Jan World Future Energy Summit (WFES), Abu Dhabi, Dubai Renewable Energy
12-14 Jan ERFA Konferansen, NME Oslo- DFDS Maritime
Date 2010 Name Location NE Publications
8-10 Dec INMEX China China Maritime
Dec EBTM Barcelona, Spain Business Travel
2-4 Dec Nordic Business Alliance/Scandinavian days 2010 Belgrade, Serbia Design, Investing, R&D, Business Travel, ICT 
2-4 Nov China Fisheries & seafood China Seafood, Tromsø Region
Nov-Dec OSEA 2010 Singapore R&D, Oil & Gas
23-26 Nov Poleko Polen Renewable Energy
12 Nov Maritime Seminar om Brasil Ålesund, Norway Maritime, Maritime Portuguese
8 Nov Global maritime knowledge Hub Ålesund, Norway Maritime
1-4 Nov ADIPEC Abu Dhabi, Dubai Investing, R&D, Oil & Gas
27-29 Oct DIREC India Renewable Energy
Oct Aqua Sur Chile Seafood
25 - 29 Cct Euronaval Paris, France Investing, R&D, Maritime, Defence
21 Oct Kavliutdelingen Washington, USA R&D
19-20 Oct Science Week Washington, USA R&D
8 Oct Norsk næringsliv i Russland, NHO Oslo, Norway Investing, Renewable Energy, Maritime,Business Travel, ICT, Tromsø region, Seafood, Maritime, Design 
30-2 Oct Sev tek Murmansk, Russia Tromsø Region
Sept-Oct Frampå 2010 Kristiansand, Norway R&D
Oct Seminar: olje-fisk-miljø Luanda, Angola Oil & Gas, Oil & Gas portuguese
27-30 Sept Nerec 2010 Lillestrøm, Norway Renewable Energy
30 Sept Bergen Shipping conference Bergen, norway Maritime
27-29 Sept Hydro 2010 Lisboa, Portugal Renewable Energy
23-26 Sept 100% Norway London, UK Design
14-17 Sept Worldfood Moscow, Russia Seafood, Seafood Russian
13-16 Sept Rio Oil & Gas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil R&D, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Maritime,
14- 19 Sept British Science festival Birmingham, UK R&D
6-10 Sept The 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conf Valencia, Spain Renewable Energy
30-31 Aug Småtinget, NHO Alta, Norway Renewable energy
24-27 Aug ONS  Stavanger, Norway Design, R&D, Renewable Energy, Maritime, Oil & Gas 
16-20 Aug Nor - Fishing Trondheim, Norway Seafood, Seafood Russian, R&D
 Aug ICT messe Brazil  ICT