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Escalating Norwegian participation in FP7

More than 900 projects in the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) now have Norwegian partners. Norway’s participation in European research cooperation is growing ever stronger.

The EU’s own statistics from July 2011 show that Norwegian researchers are taking part in 904 projects, which is almost seven per cent of all the projects funded under the framework programme. EU funding to Norwegian participants in approved projects so far is estimated to be slightly under NOK 3.3 billion.
The Norwegian success rate is 23.5 per cent, well above the average for all the countries participating in the framework programme. The success rate expresses the percentage of applications that have been approved for funding, and therefore serves as a measure of the quality of the project proposals.

Focus on the environment
Norway is best represented in the Environment research programme, where one-fourth to one-third of the approved projects have Norwegian partners.
Here the success rate is 27 per cent, 10 percentage points over the average of all the countries participating in the Environment programme.
Strong energy results
Norway also shows excellent results in the Energy research programme, where the success rate lies 12 percentage points above the average of all the participating countries.

This means that Norway has the second highest success rate in the Energy research programme, surpassed only by Estonia.