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Entering trade leads or requests on Nortrade

The trade lead section of Nortrade is the most important marketplace area for Norwegian exporters.

The trade lead section of Nortrade is the most important marketplace area for Norwegian exporters. Here, visitors can search for products or services from Norwegian companies and post requests which, when approved, are automatically sent via e-mail to these companies. The requests are also placed on our Trade Board as interesting business opportunities for Norwegian companies who may not subscribe to our services

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A new change to Nortrade is the service to foreign exporters who wish to sell their products or services to Norwegian investors. This is a service where exporters can submit offers of goods and services to Norwegian companies. The information submitted will be placed on a board but will not be distributed directly to companies in our system.

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How to enter a trade lead to enquire about Norwegian products or services

You can enter a trade lead in several ways:

1. From the export directory after selecting your company/products
2. From any industry portal after selecting your company/products
3. From the selected company
4. Entering  the “Trade lead” choice in the blue navigation column (left bar)

Entering the trade lead gives you the possibility to send a request or to read archived requests.

Step by step description for sending trade request:


Select Trade Lead category "Export from Norway" to send direct requests to Norwegian suppliers.

Enter industry codes to match with companies

Enter selected industry sector, product category and product (Nortrade industry codes are always based on these three levels).
Nortrade will select the companies relevant for your selected codes.
If you don’t want to be too specific, you can skip product level.

Example: A new conference hall for over 3000 people is planned in London. This could be of interest to furniture manufactures, producers of acoustic technology etc.

Enter description of your request

• Enter category (trade, tender, information etc)

• Provide heading to briefly describe your request. This will be shown on the listing.

• Give a detailed description of your request or trade lead. You can provide links to other webpages or e-mail adresses to another person/company

• If possible estimate the value of the request

• Enter an expiration date for your trade lead.

• The prefixed contact info for your office can be over written. You decide who shall be contacted by receiver.

Read and confirm your request

You can open the selected companies and remove them from your list of receivers.
Only members of Nortrade with available e-mail addresses receive trade leads/requests.
You can go back and change or cancel the request at any step.
When the request is sent you get a confirmation (by mail or print).
The request is sent to the Webmaster for approval before it is automatically passed on to relevant receivers. (If your request is not approved you get a message back).
Your trade lead will also be listed on the trade board readable to everyone, but relevant contact info will only be displayed for members of Nortrade.