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EDB 4tel expected to confirm deal today

Norweigan telecoms company EDB 4tel is expected to today confirm that it now can include the world's largest telecom operator among its growing customer base. Through its fully owned company Telesciences Inc, the telecom software vendor has signed its first initial mediation order with the world's largest fixed line telecom operator. EDB 4tel will deliver its Sterling Mediation solution to provide the operator with a leading-edge mediation solution that will ensure reliable and stable collection and processing of its usage data in the networks. This data often referred to as Call Detail Records (CDRs) and IP Detail Records (IPDRs), form the basis for billing and is also used in systems for fraud management, marketing and planning. The more reliable information an operator can acquire from using data collected from switches and network elements, the better it can utilize this knowledge to boost its competitiveness and revenue insurance. "This first order is to be seen as a test order for our products, and if our installation is successful, we believe there is a good long-term perspective in this client" stated Asbjørn Eide, President of EDB 4tel. Nicholas Mead