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DNV GL to offer water management certification globally

The accreditation enables DNV GL to certify companies globally.

Dnv Gl AS

DNV GL has been accredited by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) to issue certificates proving compliance with the AWS international standard for water management.

The accreditation enables DNV GL to certify companies globally. Antonio Astone, Global Service Manager for Assurance and Supply Chain in DNV GL – Business Assurance, comments: “We are pleased to be able to help companies to better manage their use of freshwater. Water is becoming a scarce resource in many areas of the world and companies are increasingly being scrutinized for their water management. Hence, the accreditation to the AWS Standard is a great opportunity to help these organizations understand, assess and prove their efforts.”

The AWS is a global partnership dedicated to promoting the responsible use of freshwater. Certification to The International Water Stewardship Standard is a mark of having met the global benchmark for responsible water management. The standard provides a globally applicable framework for major water consumers to understand their water use and impacts and to work collaboratively and transparently to achieve sustainable water management within a catchment context.

"We now have over 50 sites registered for certification, 21 certifications realized and a host of companies and organizations globally committed to following the AWS Standard. Working with respected and credible global certification bodies such as DNV GL is vital to support our rapidly escalating growth and the interest in the AWS Standard system," says Mona Karraoui, AWS Accreditation and Training Manager.

 Ingunn Midttun Godal, Director of Business Development in DNV GL – Business Assurance, comments:

“Being accredited by the AWS is important to our work of supporting companies in achieving sustainable business performance in all areas of their operations and value chains. Internationally acknowledged standards that set a benchmark and enable organizations to continually improve their efforts related to responsible water usage are needed. As one of the world’s leading certification bodies, we look forward to helping companies to put this topic on the agenda and drive change through certification, contributing positively to responsible freshwater usage around the world.”


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