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CO2 May Be Kept In The Ocean

Researchers in Norway have proposed a large-scale demonstration project, in which carbon dioxide would be pumped directly from offshore oil and gas fields into the Norwegian Sea. Computer modeling has shown that the Norwegian Sea would provide for the safe, long-term storage of carbon dioxide (CO2). "The advantage with the Norwegian Sea is that one doesn't need to go too deep with the release point to ensure long-term sequestration of the gas", explained Helge Drange, one of the researchers. "The main reason for this is the dense water that is present in the Nordic Seas". Once the CO2 is dissolved into the seawater, it will sink lower and eventually be transported to the Atlantic Ocean via underwater currents. But while Drange and her co-workers say the idea works fine in theory, a large test is needed to answer questions such as the effect on sea life. Dissolved carbon dioxide could slightly increase the acidity of the water, they found, and an experiment would show whether that injured fish and other life forms.