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Changing the face of marine displays at SMM 2006

Jakob Hatteland Display unveiled the stunning Series 2 widescreen display at SMM 2006.

HatWSp200x165.jpg (10844 bytes)Jakob Hatteland Display unveiled the stunning Series 2 widescreen display at SMM 2006. Launched in May 2006, the Series 2 range is fast becoming an industry standard and the introduction of the sophisticated 32” widescreen version at SMM is proof positive that Hatteland is leading the way in next generation display technology for the marine industry. The display was on the Radio Holland Group and Transas stands.

Following the unique Maritime Multi Computer (MMC) and Maritime Multi Display (MMD) functionality of the Series 2 range, Series 2 widescreen can be delivered as a monitor only or a monitor combined with a marine computer. The Series 2 backpack is specified as either a standard input unit or a marine computer and docked directly into the back of the monitor, providing benefits at the vessel design and construction phase.
Once in operation, this unique system ensures a simple upgrade path and trouble-free, cost effective maintenance.

The screen itself utilises the same Optical Technology as that which ensures the perfect clarity of the standard aspect ratio Series 2 monitors. A 0-100% dimmable backlight works to ensure excellent sun and night viewing and the simple 3 button interface with tactile navigator makes operation easy.

Though Hatteland is confident that the flexibility, high reliability and simple operation of the Series 2 widescreen will see it adopted by system integrators and superyacht builders, the company is also keen to stress that the system is as much about form as it is function. Reflecting the slim, sleek lines of standard Series 2 monitors, the full glass front looks as elegant on the bridge forming the hub of an IBS as it does on the wall of the saloon, showing the latest Hollywood blockbuster in pristine, high definition widescreen.

“Series 2 widescreen is a direct response to yacht designers and systems integrators who have seen the benefits that widescreen can bring to both vessel navigation and operation, and entertainment and style at sea,”
comments Mr. Frode Grindheim, Technical Director, Jakob Hatteland Display.
“The Series 2 has really struck a chord with our customers because of its flexibility, making it easy to integrate but also because of its great looks. The widescreen version of Series 2 takes this even further, providing another high-design option for use on both commercial vessels and luxury vessels.”

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