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Birdstep Technology Joins Symbian Platinum Program

Birdstep Technology announced today that it has joined the Symbian Platinum Program to support the growing market for smartphones based on Symbian OS(TM).

Birdstep Technology announced today that it has joined the Symbian Platinum Program to support the growing market for smartphones based on Symbian OS(TM). As a Platinum Partner, Birdstep Technology is extending the patented seamless mobility solutions based on Birdstep Intelligent Mobile IP client technology to the Symbian OS ecosystem. Symbian develops and licenses Symbian OS, the global industry standard operating system for smartphones, to the world's leading handset manufacturers.

"This partnership reflects our commitment to the operator market that has an increased focus on the enterprise and our intent to build upon our mobile strategy," said Walter Hühn, Birdstep's VP and Global Director of Mobile IP. "By becoming a Symbian Platinum Partner, we can further expand our seamless and secure mobility solution and strengthen our relationships with infrastructure vendors, application developers, smartphone manufacturers and network operators. Mobile IP is already part of the CDMA 2000 standard and our solution brings such support to the Symbian OS platform"
 "The smartphone business is a rapidly growing area where Symbian is a major player.  Symbian's policy of openness underpins industry models that create significant value and Birdstep Technology is delighted to be part of the Symbian OS ecosystem." said Stefano Holguin, Birdstep's VP Marketing. "Smartphones with multi-radio capabilities including WLAN, as announced by the major phone manufacturers, bring added value to enterprises and consumers interested in combining data and telephony capabilities."
"By the end of this year there will be around 1.5 billion cellular subscribers. From this base, IDC[1] expects a worldwide mobile phone shipment for 2004 to surpass 595 million units. Smartphones with multi-network support will account for a significant amount of this shipment next year. According to IDC the market will continue to expand until it reaches nearly an all-replacement sales scenario towards the end of the decade with over 800 million mobile phones shipping annually. This is a rapidly growing market which we want to serve with our solution."

[1] Source IDC's Worldwide Mobile Phone 2004-2008 Forecast and Analysis (IDC #31080, April 2004)
Birdstep Technology offers a solution to permit continuous secure access to critical enterprise applications as users move from one network to the next. With this solution, mobile network operators, and managed service providers, who are interested in offering mobile content management services to enterprises can provide a complete offering that works across all available networks.  By becoming a Symbian Platinum Partner, the Birdstep Mobile IP client can provide seamless mobility on smartphones based on Symbian OS. Symbian-based smartphones can then provide simple and powerful seamless roaming capabilities for enterprises looking to allow access to enterprise mission critical applications by their mobile employees.

"Seamless handover across different networks that offer true mobility based on the Mobile IP standard is becoming increasingly important for users of today's smartphones," said Ian Weston, VP Partner Support, Symbian.  "We are pleased to welcome Birdstep Technology to the Symbian Platinum Partner Program, bringing their Mobile IP technology to the Symbian ecosystem."

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