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BI Norwegian School of Management

The history of BI Norwegian School of Management tells something about the character of the school. BI was founded in 1943 as a consultancy that offered evening classes in accounting. Since then the business school has grown into a fully-fledged, internationally recognised academic institution in the area of Business and Management. In size, BI has become one of the largest business school in Europe and the second largest academic institution in Norway. This is an amazing achievement for a private institution charging tuition fees in an egalitarian country like Norway where higher education is provided for by public universities. An achievement that could only be accomplished through constant innovation and maintaining uncompromising high standards in research and teaching.
BI is a strong player on the international arena: through its operations in China, Lithuania and Australia, its exchange agreement with more than 140 universities all over the world, and its international programmes taught entirely in English in Norway.
BI is inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of management: Scandinavian is perhaps the closest you can come to a post-industrial knowledge economy. Scandinavian companies are also the innovators of participatory management techniques and network forms of organisation. BI adds its focus on ethics and corporate social responsibility to these qualities.
BI has now taken the next step in its development: The school has moved to a brand new campus in Oslo. This campus is centrally located in an emerging and pulsating business area in Oslo. All the school's international programmes are taught here.
In short, BI Norwegian School of Management is innovative and maintains high standards in research and teaching. It is international, rooted in the Scandinavian tradition of management, and it is future-oriented.
BI Norwegian School of Management offers the following international programmes:
Full-time MBA
The full-time MBA is a one-year intensive MBA Programme with a strong emphasis on Strategic Leadership and Emerging Economies (China). It offers a cross-cultural setting where you will work in teams analysing real business issues. Become part of an MBA Programme that meets the international competence standards of the future! http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____61938.aspx  

Executive MBA
Welcome to the European Executive Master of Business Administration Program (EMBA) at BI Norwegian School of Management. The EMBA is organised in cooperation with the well recognised business school ESCP-EAP, which has five European campuses; Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin and Torino. http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____61939.aspx  
Executive Master in Energy Management
The Executive Master in Energy Management is established in cooperation between BI Norwegian School of Management and well-known business schools ESCP-EAP and IFP School in Paris, France. IFP School is the school of the French Petroleum Institute and one of the world's leading institutions in petroleum education. http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____61941.aspx
MSc in Business and Economics
The MSc in Business and Economics is the last two years of an integrated 5- year programme in Business and Economics. The bachelor phase, the first three years of the program, is taught in Norwegian. The master phase, the last two years of the program, is taught in English. BI hosts both Norway and Europe's largest and most productive academic environments in the area of business economics and administration, marketing and management. http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____56446.aspx  
MSc in Financial Economics
BI's Financial Economics department is internationally recognised as one of the leading within its field. This excellent research quality is reflected in the MSc in Financial Economics. The MSc in Financial Economics gives you a thorough understanding of the latest financial theories, financial decision criteria and risk management and will give you the tools needed to analyse complex financial and administrative problems. http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____56463.aspx  
MSc in Political Economy
The programme in Political Economy offers bolder challenges than mainstream business economics and better career opportunities than a traditional social science education. The purpose of the programme is to offer students a thorough understanding of the interaction between the market economy and political systems and the local, national and supra-national level. http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____56447.aspx  
MSc in Marketing
The MSc in Marketing is the last two years of an integrated 5-year programme in Marketing and Management. The bachelor phase, the first three years of the programme, is taught in Norwegian. The master phase, the last two years, is taught in English. The MSc in Marketing provides a rigorous academic programme aimed at providing students with important marketing skills in influencing the level, timing, and composition of demand for a product, service, organisation, place, person, idea or some form of information. http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____56449.aspx  
MSc in International Marketing and Management
The MSc in International Marketing and Management is BI Norwegian School of Management's answer to the challenges of international business life. The programme focuses on international strategy and management, cross-cultural management and international marketing. http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____56453.aspx  
MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology
Organisational Psychology provides knowledge and expertise in the ways individual, group and organisational factors influence organisational performance, problem solving and decision-making. This MSc programme is highly relevant to managers, researchers and consultants, who are working to help organisations to develop, manage change and stay innovative. http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____56451.aspx
Master in innovation and entrepreneurship
The latest master programme to be offered by BI is the Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Students will gain insight into development, project management within enterprises and entrepreneurial activities and thus skills that are in high demand. http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____56448.aspx  
Bachelor of Business Administration
The world of education is becoming increasingly global and the Bachelor of Business Administration at BI Norwegian School of Management has been developed to reflect this. The three-year, full-time programme is taught entirely in English and has an international focus and student body. http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____56434.aspx

Part-time MBA in China
BI Norwegian School of Managment's part-time MBA in China is a unique programme in cooperation with Fudan University in Shanghai - one of the leading universities in China. The programme is taught in English at the excellent facilities of Fudan School of Management. http://www.bi.no/Content/Study____62778.aspx