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Anyone for a second-hand anchor chain?

During the past ten years, Statoil's 'garage' sales have generated roughly 500million Norwegian crowns from the sale of second-hand production equipment from all fields. The service, run by five employees, can now be bought on the Internet at an e-auction site.

Most of the equipment Statoil has left over from field operations is resold to the highest bidder or rented out.

Service and Supplies Division leader, Aase-Brit Borsheim informs that the department has an annual takeover of 50-80 million NOK dependent on the various projects undertaken that year. She thinks that it is commonsense that recycling should be a part of environmental politics.

Production costs can be reduced and this is often a decisive element for many small projects.

Statoil's second-hand division also takes care of used office furniture, computers and other requisita. Last year, Statoil updated 14,000 computers. The Services and Supplies Division made certain that the computers were sent to a company which prepared them for re-use in schools.

Other industrial giants have also woken to reason, Hydro is a valued customer.