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Anti-globalists set to challenge WTO boss

Mike Moore of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is speaking in Oslo on Tuesday, and anti-globalization protesters are vowing a less-than-warm welcome. They claim the WTO is "undermining democracy" in the world.

Moore has been invited to Oslo by Norway's main employers' group, NHO. He'll be keynote speaker at NHO's annual conference at the SAS Hotel Scandinavia.

The conference's theme is "A world of possibilities," but the local chapter of the anti-globalization group ATTAC counters with the question: "Possibilities for whom?"

They contend global trade threatens to widen the gap between rich and poor, and benefits primarily the business community. WTO proponents argue just the opposite, contending that global trade enhances opportunities and evens out the marketplace by making products more widely available.

ATTAC adherents plan to gather outside the SAS Hotel from 8am Tuesday to mark their opposition to WTO policies.