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Norwegian Environmental Technology company wins Stockholm Industry Water Award

Kaldnes Miljøteknologi's globally applied technology increases flexibility and cost-effectiveness of biological wastewater treatment (STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN) Kaldnes Miljøteknologi AS, an environmental technology company that has developed an innovative, compact and flexible biological water treatment process is the 2002 recipient of the prestigious Stockholm Industry Water Award. The Kaldnes Miljøteknologi Moving BedTMProcess has benefited a diverse array of industries, enabled a worldwide business and knowledge network, and highlighted the unique collaborative opportunities between science and industry. Thanks to the technology, treatment facilities in the pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, dairy, chemical and food industries, as well as municipalities, are smaller, more efficient at cleaning water, easier to build or upgrade, and more flexible. The award is given by the Stockholm Water Foundation, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and recognizes the company's unique suspended carrier biofilm technology, which beneficially combines the advantages of activated sludge and traditional biofilm processes. Varieties of this patented Moving BedTM Process are today applied in over 20 countries of both the developed and the developing world. “We especially appreciate the close cooperation between the company and sound university research”, said Mr. Björn Rosén, Chairman of the nominating committee. "Kaldnes is an encouraging example of how an idea born in a university research group leads to an encompassing and important international business. And it is the result of some 10 years’ dedication to process development that has achieved operational effectiveness and proven results in several hundred plants.” The unique biofilm carrier The core of the process is the biofilm carrier made from polyethylene with a density slightly below that of water. The carrier serves as a “home” for bacterial cultures, a catalyst for biological processes and can be applied in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, and makes the technology feasible for all types of biological water and wastewater. The worldwide business structure Today, Kaldnes licensees operate in over 20 countries, among those Brazil, China, India, Korea, Japan, Australia and several countries in Europe. Kaldnes is operating through its own subsidiary, Kaldnes North America located in Providence, Rhode Island, in the North American market. An important part of the Kaldnes business strategy is the transfer of knowledge, experience and ideas among all the licensees and through that creating an effective network of exchange which is driving the solution development process. Kaldnes, which is located in Tönsberg, Norway, is part of the Anglian Water Group, whose head office is in Huntington, England. The process has been an important contributor to achieve the required 50% increase in reduction of nutrients into the North Sea that was agreed upon in the North Sea Treaty, signed in 1987. The award, to be presented on August 14 during the annual World Water Week in Stockholm, recognizes corporate development of water and wastewater process technologies and contributions to environmental improvement through improved performance in production processes. The Stockholm Industry Water Award was established in 2000 by the Stockholm Water Foundation in cooperation with the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. They are represented on the international nominating committee together with experts from the Norwegian Technical University, Severn Trent Plc. and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. For more information about the Stockholm Industry Water Award, please contact Mr. Björn Rosén, phone: +46-480-42 12 50, E-mail: bjorn.rosen@scanvironment.se. See also www.siwi.org. For further technical details about the Kaldnes Moving BedTM Process, contact Mr. Terje Andersen, Managing Director Kaldnes Miljøteknologi AS, phone: +47 901 87 203, e-mail: tea@kmt.no, www.kmt.no. The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), a scientific, technical and awareness-building organization, contributes to international efforts to combat the escalating global water crisis by facilitating research, raising understanding and stimulating action on world water issues. SIWI administers the Stockholm Water Prize, Stockholm Junior Water Prize, Stockholm Water Symposium, Stockholm Water Initiative, Stockholm Industry Water Award and Swedish Baltic Sea Water Award. ####