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Press Release: 100-year storm experienced at Heidrun

November 10th and 11th 2001 saw the Haltenbanken area in mid-Norway raged by a storm with reported maximum wave heights of over 25m and significant wave heights of over 16m. The Heidrun field lacks an internal oil storage and production facility and is therefore dependant on a tanker moored to one of the two STL buoys. Both DET (Diesel Electric Tanker) Navion Norvegia and DET Navion Europa were, according to the reports undertaken in the math of the storm, connected to the two STL buoys and continued receiving oil throughout the storm. "I am astonished at how well we were tacking this horrendous storm" exclaimed Captain Mathias Svindland on DET Navion Norvegia after the storm. Captain Per Baardsen with his crew onboard the DET Navion Europa couldn't have agreed more. Per Terje Wold - Lead Engineer, Marine Systems in Statoil, is greatly satisfied with real life testing of the Heidrun STL systems. The STL systems have been employed in the industry since the first oil was exported in October 1995. As of November 2001, 546 loads, corresponding to 460 million barrels of oil, have been shuttled from the Heidrun field.