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Ormen Lange and consideration of possible landfalls.

On behalf of the partners in the Ormen Lange gas field, Norsk Hydro is considering possible landfall alternatives along the Møre coastline of northwest Norway. Seven different landfall sites are under consideration in five municipalities from Aure in the north to Haram in the south. The goal is to reduce the total of potential landfalls to a maximum of three or four by the end of June. In respect to the plans, an archeological study will be conducted in the latter part of April. This is deemed a necessary part of the ongoing planning process to clear areas for possible gas treatment in Møre. The archeological undertakings are time-intensive and it is necessary to distribute the tasks over the entire season accessible for performing such work. It has been decided to start the work at the Nyhamn/Gossen landfall option in Aukra municipality. At Gossen, it has been considered that the pipelines come ashore west of the island through a long tunnel and then across land to a gas treatment facility. Both the pipeline route and large land area suggested for use by the municipality require thorough evaluation. The archeological work on Gossen will therefore be substantial. Archeological field studies are carried out with careful probing by spades. Earth excavation machines can be used in certain individual areas - especially cultivated areas and boggy zones. The County Archeology Department in Møre og Romsdal will be responsible for the work. After the studies are carried out, the areas will be returned to their previous state. The studies and reparation works will not of course cost anything to effected landowners, The reparation work will be done in full cooperation with landowners, as well as local land-use authorities. Necessary archeological studies must be carried out on all possible landfall sites during the 2001 season so that later additional work can proceed in a timely manner. The final short list of possible sites will be made known in June. As part of the ongoing evaluation, aerial photography of the sites will be performed to supplement existing map data.