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3000 Broadband-Access Distributed To Scandinavian Market

As stated by Business Wire, Mariner Networks, a subordinate of Odetics, together with Norways Coltux have signed an agreement to administer the Dexter 3000 family of high-performance broadband-access devices and Rate Format Converters. Mariner Networks is an innovative developer and supplier of broadband-access concentrators for Wide Area Networking Communities internationally. Coltux is an importer and distributor of network and communication equipment such as fibre optical and IR transmission equipment, modems, converters and general data network equipment. This contract will allow Coltux to assign Mariner Networks' Dexter Family of products to the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. With Dexter, network operators are able to integrate currently seperate networks for voice, data and video transmission on a single, high-performance, WAN backbone. Ian Betteridge, sales and marketing director for Mariner Networks Europe said, "The countries in which Coltux operates have a great tradition of communication innovation. There is tremendous potential for our Dexter product in this market and the new partnership with Coltux will ensure we have good representation in the region."