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Introduction to norwayexports.no – the official Norwegian export directory

norwayexports.no is the official Norwegian export directory with updated information about more than 3400 companies.

norwayexports.no is the official Norwegian export directory with updated information about more than 3400 companies.
This database is also aggregated into 32 separate industry portals providing information about each industry sector (such as related companies, products, news, industry organizations etc).

Nortrade is also Norway's official Internet-based business environment for Norwegian export industry. 
Established in cooperation with :
• Norwegian Trade Council,
• Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund (SND)
• Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry (TBL)
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Minstry of Trade and Industry
• Oslo Chamber of Commerce,
• National industrial associations
• Various county administrations

Important to know about norwayexports.no:
• All Norwegian exporters can be represented in Nortrade with general information for free. 3400 companies are represented as today
• Export companies can become online members (mail and link to homepage) by paying an annual fee. There are approximately 400 members as of October 2003
• norwayexports.no is free of charge for all users
• Nortrade has approximately 25.000 visitors and over 900.000 hits per month as of October 2003, and the figures are on the rise

Important to know about Nortrade's Industry portals:

There are more than 32 industry portals in Nortrade.
Each individual portal has an own id and can be entered as a starting point from another site. (for instance from an industry organization directly to the seafood portal)

From the industry portal you can:

• Read sector news/articles
• List all companies in sector (you can also list them according to turnover, see tools)
• Search for products and producers
• Enter company information
• Print company information
• Send trade request (leads)
• Find relevant industry organizations

The industry codes in Nortrade are unique.  You will find different product groups (example “software applications”) and associated products (accounting, banking, etc.).

To open a product group click on the "+" sign. To close a group click the  " -" sign, as in Windows navigation. If you are searching for producers, simply click on the product group or product.
You can open any company by clicking on "Company name."

You can also send trade leads or information to the selected companies directly by e-mail.

Company information:

All 3400 companies are listed with general information (for free).

Members paying an annual fee get to display additional information and links on their page, such as:

• Mail (interactive)
• Homepage (interactive)
• Profile
• Industry code
• Products and brands
• Representation (international offices)
• Related news