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Chemical Products

The first large-scale hydropower complex in Norway was constructed by Norsk Hydro for  the production of agricultural fertilizers. The company is now Europe's leading supplier of nitrate and complex fertilizers as well as urea and ammonia. Production exeeds ten million tonnes annually for customers world wide.

As Europe's most important oil and gas nation, Norway is a major source of the raw materials that domestic petrochemical companies convert into plastic compounds such as vinyl chloride monomer and poly vinyl chloride (PVC). Finished plastic products and components have diverse applications, from automotive parts to packaging and building materials.


Norway also manufactures chemicotechnical products, including paint and varnish, adhesives, detergents and more specialized products such as alinates derived from seaweed. Norwegian companies produce chemical raw materials and intermediate products, such as industrial gases and pigments oilfield chamicals, explosives, sulphuric acid, carbides, and fine chemicals for use in the manufacture of other finishes products.

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