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Aqua Nor- Best Aquaculture Trade Fair Of So Far

The way to create such a success is to make the different milieus in the aquaculture industry visible, including everything within technology, biology, finance and national and international research communities.


The world’s largest aquaculture trade fair has had its best attendance ever. “The fair is a great meeting place, and all of the exhibitors and visitors that are here made it what it was” says Liv Holmefjord, chairwoman of the board at Nor-Fishing. The fair had visitors from ¼ of the countries in the world during the course of its four days.

In addition, many of the international delegations left their mark on the fair. “In total, there have been visitors from 61 countries at the fair and Oman’s delegation has already said they are going to come here again next year,” says Ola Eriksen who is the manager of the event.


Five ministers
Aqua Nor drew many international delegations to Trondheim. In total, five foreign ministers visited the trade fair and took part in everything it involved. “That is very nice, but also demanding. And when people say they will come again, then we feel like we have succeeded,” says Eriksen.

A number of aquaculture companies have brought many of their employees along with them. They have included people that work with nets, specialists and managers. Common comments from the exhibitors are that it is pleasant talking to people, discussing our profession, and also simply just meeting.


Met the inhabitants of the city
New this year was that the inhabitants of Trondheim met the aquaculture industry through eating seafood, children’s activities and culture in Ravnkloa.

“In spite of the weather, things have gone well, especially the children’s activities. The concerts have also been popular. It seems as though we have been successful. We are going to build further on these experiences,” says Eriksen. The initiatives were put in motion together with the Trondheim Chamber of Commerce, Sparebank 1 SMN, Trøndersk Næringsliv, Trondheim Spektrum and VisitTrondheim.



New technology
For the first time, large TV screens were placed in all of the halls in order to make it easier to provide information for the activities. In addition, a simple cell phone application was made that which included the program and a map.

“It is not so easy to orientate oneself with all that is going on. Visitors can get a better overview with information that is accessible through their cell phones. This is going to be developed even further for the next fair, with good maps in order for people to get to where they need to go efficiently.”

Hard numbers
More than 17,500 visitors came to this year’s Aqua Nor trade fair. This is an increase of 25% compared to last year’s event. The fair took up 18,000 square meters, an increase of 2,000 from 2009. There were 460 exhibitors and participants from 61 different countries.

“We are satisfied with the fair. The Trondheim Chamber of Commerce has also done well. Right now we are looking ahead to next year’s fair. We are going to make the most out of our experience and improve even further on what we have done. It is always a challenge to be able to deal with so many people all at once. There have been some long queues and some minor technical problems during the fair, but nothing so too difficult that we couldn’t for us to handle it. We promise to do all what we can so that the in order for our participants will to be just as satisfied when Nor-Fishing gets underway 14-17 August 14-17 of next year,” says Liv Holmefjord.