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The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry Sylvia Brustad today opened the information service www.bedriftshjelp.no, an overview of the official support resources available for business and industry here in Norway.

Companies in all business sectors, phases of development, and size will now be able to orientate themselves more easily in the multitude of official offers available to those working in trade. Whether companies need subsidies, consultancy services or economic guarantees, they can find all they need on one website.
“I am very engaged in simplifying the everyday for Norwegian companies. This service makes it possible for Norwegian companies to find their way in an easy and straightforward manner,” explained Minister Brustad as the site was officially opened.
Bedriftshjelp.no is an extension of the portal collaboration between Innovation Norway, SIVA and The Research Council of Norway. The official corporate national register center at Brønnøysund is responsible for the website, where around 20 public providers now present their services.
The current version of bedriftshjelp.no will be operative in a test phase until January 2009. During this period it will be possible for users and service providers to offer feedback about the service.
The Brønnøysund Register Centre will ensure that all suggestions from users and service providers will be heard and seriously considered. Elements and functions in the solution can be changed, removed and added so that the service is optimised before it is included within Altinn.
Minister Brustad explained further, “Central to the new action plan ‘Time for Creativity and Production’ is the gathering together all the dialogue between the public and trading sectors in Altinn, a common internet portal for public reporting, presented in August. The involvement of users at an early stage is another initiative which is raised in the action plan. Offering www.bedriftshjelp.no as a personal, flexible web solution before including it in the larger Altinn system makes it possible to fulfill demands in a good and cost-effective way,”



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