Low Carbon Shipping &
The Big Data Revolution
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The Maritime Industry
In this issue, you will find a foreword from the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Monika Mæland, a brief overview of the most important Norwegian maritime organisations, as well as a series of articles that give you a more in-depth understanding of Norway’s present focus and activities within the maritime sector.

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A green strategy for a blue industry

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy’s main responsibility is to achieve a coordinated and integrated energy policy.

Norway’s maritime industry is an important driving force in the Norwegian economy and contributes to employment, value creation, and generates spillover to other industries. It has a strong international presence, with world class businesses in shipping, shipbuilding, maritime equipment and other maritime services such as classification, finance, insurance, maritime law and brokerage.

The Norwegian Government considers the maritime industry to be a priority industry. Despite this, the number of vessels in the Norwegian International Ship Registry has dropped considerably. A dwindling portion of cargo that travels along the coast is transported by Norwegian registered vessels. And the drop in oil prices is challenging the offshore fleet. Furthermore, we have an untapped potential in greener shipping and new technology development across ocean based industries.

The Norwegian Government presented a new maritime strategy in May 2015. The strategy aims to establish a stable and forward-looking regulatory framework. This will form the basis for future growth and value creation for the maritime industry in Norway.

The main priorities of the Government’s commitment to the maritime industry are: trade areas, environment, maritime administration, competence and education, research, development and innovation, international regulatory frameworks, blue growth in all ocean based industries, and sustainable growth and activity in the High North.

Shipping has been subject to stricter international regulations lately, limiting emissions to air and water. Requirements for emissions, together with the industry’s desire to reduce costs associated with fuel consumption, causes shipping to seek ways to increase energy efficiency.

Environmentally friendly shipping is a priority of the Norwegian government’s climate policy and as a result has ambitious environmental goals for the maritime industry.

Norway is leading in the development and use of gas-powered vessels and battery powered ferries. Using more environmentally friendly fuel and energy efficient vessels are key factors in reducing emissions from shipping. New technology and new solutions for operating vessels provide possibilities for emission reductions.

A green change in the Norwegian maritime industry will give it a competitive edge, and it is an important part of the Norwegian climate and environmental policy. The government will continue to further develop instruments supporting research and development for a greener industry. We will also work with piloting and commercialization of solutions for a more environmentally friendly shipping industry.

The opportunities that lie within the maritime industry will not be realized by themselves. Only through cooperation and interaction between government, researchers, commercial and industrial actors can we seize the opportunities ahead. Together we must welcome and encourage innovation.

Monica Mæland

The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry
Photo: Hans Jørgen Brun

the ministry of trade, industry & fisheries

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries is responsible for designating industrial and seafood policy with an eye to the future.

Main Areas

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries is responsible for policy in the following areas:

  • Competition policy
  • Seafood policy
  • European Economic Area and the internal market
  • Norway`s free trade agreements
  • Innovation policy
  • Safe and healthy seafood
  • Simplification for business
  • Space related activities
  • State ownership
  • The maritime industry
  • The Norwegian quota system
  • Travel industry
Value Creation

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries is responsible for designating industrial and seafood policy with an eye to the future. This includes involvement in any policy area that affects value creation.

The collective value creation nationwide is what determines prosperity and wellbeing in Norway. The objective of the Government’s industrial and seafood policy, therefore, is to maximize value creation in the Norwegian economy.

Promotes Trade, Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Ministry designates and creates a framework for and administers policy regarding Norwegian business activities – as well as other industrial and seafood policy instruments and policy for the shipping industry. The Ministry promotes trade, research, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries aids in coordinating the efforts of the various ministries in order to ensure a sound, unified, future-oriented industrial and seafood policy.

The Ministry serves as secretariat for the Minister of Trade and Industry and the Minister of Fisheries, a task which involves providing expert advice to the cabinet minister and Government in the sphere of industrial and seafood policy, as well as aiding in the drawing up of documents to the Storting.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

PO Box 8090 Dep
NO-0032 Oslo, Norway
E-mail: Website:


The Ocean Industry
Forum of Norway

Since the beginning of this year, Maritimt Forum Oslofjorden (MFO) and Oslofjorden Offshore Forum (OOF) have worked as one organisation named Ocean Industry Forum for Oslofjord (OIFO).

In total, MFO and OOF have around 100 members. With all members united in one entity and a strengthened staff, the new forum (OIFO) will represent the members in an improved manner, giving members an extended offer of places to connect. Simultaneously, OIFO will strengthen and highlight the region’s position as the innovative and competent centre for maritime and offshore services.

The aim is to combine the best of OOF and MFO, developing new appealing offers to all our members. OIFO will continue to organize various conferences focusing on innovation and building competence, and facilitate meetings with Norwegian politicians.

OIFO will actively engage in the work to build Maritime industry’s future base of competence by organising Ocean Talent Camps, developing a Global Maritime Knowledge Hub, and the establishment of a regional Ocean Industry Centre for competence by HBV and RS Sjøredningsskolen in Horten.

OIFO wishes to establish an Arena Project (Arenaprosjekt) to develop and strengthen its position within maritime and offshore services.

The organization’s main goal is to enhance the network’s strength as a cluster and work to support growth in the creation of value among its members. The business itself will be the owner and the developer of the Arena Project (Arenaprosjekt). A board consisting of six leading regional contributors to business will be behind the application process, and OIFO has received support from Innovation Norway in preparing the application that according to plan will be delivered in April 2016. OIFO will continue to represent the Oslofjord region in the Maritime Forum network.

The synergy in being a part of the Maritimt Forum Family, and thereby representing the businesses both on a local and a national level is important both in terms of being promoted and influencing the authorities.

Ocean Industry Forum Oslofjord (OIFO)

Rådhusgaten 25, 0158 Oslo


norwegian maritime
exporters (nme)

Since 1995, the Association of Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME) has served as a dynamic bond between Norwegian maritime equipment manufacturers both at home and abroad as well as between its markets and customers. Operating in an industry characterized by fierce competition, customers that operate on a global level make the members of the Norwegian Maritime Exporters busier than ever.

Representative at Local & International Levels

NME represents many of Norway’s most ambitious and innovative companies, ranging from multinational companies to small dedicated niche players, serving a wide diversity in different markets.

To increase its competitiveness, NME focuses on presenting companies within the Norwegian shipping cluster with organized activities in both national and international markets.

Complete Cluster of Maritime Services

With a population of around five million, Norway is a small nation. But despite the size of the country, Norway is a big player within the maritime industry. The long tradition of the maritime services has put Norway at the forefront of innovation and development. As the Norwegian ocean industry is diverse and spread across various industry sectors, cross-cluster work is essential in order to secure continued innovation and growth. The Norwegian maritime equipment industry, supported by NME, is a signifi cant participant in this work.

NME will continue its focus on market conditions and market access in order to assist and encourage in the industry throughout challenging times.

Link between International Markets & Domestic Maritime Equipment Industry

One of NME’s roles is to become a vital link between international markets and the domestic maritime equipment industry. To do so NME organizes promotional tours to important markets, builds strong relationships with international exhibition providers and secures favorable exhibition spaces for Norwegian companies.

NME works diligently with all parties within the Norwegian maritime clusters in order to ensure that Norwegian Maritime Exporters can retain its advantages in a challenging local and international market.

NME works closely with similar organizations worldwide in a pursuit to strengthen its members’ bonds to the maritime elements within the offshore industry.

To retain the advantages and superiority of the Norwegian maritime equipment industry one must look ahead. The future success hinges on the capability to change within the trends of the market and, as of today, with green and sustainable shipping and off-shore related equipment.

Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME)

PO Box 1927 Vika
NO-0125 Oslo, Norway


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Oslo Chamber
of Commerce

Oslo Chamber of Commerce provides a variety of trade facilitation services to foreign companies. They are a part of the world’s largest business network with 12,000 chambers in more than 140 countries. Collaborating with 15 Norwegian chambers of commerce and more than 20 bilateral chambers, they can help you succeed in the Norwegian market.

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Oslo Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 2874
NO-0230 Oslo, Norway
Tel: + 47 22 12 94 00


NHO - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise

The NHO - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise - is the main business and employers organization in Norway with a current membership of 20,000 companies ranging from small family-owned businesses to multinational enterprises. A half million people work in those companies.

In addition to the central organization in Oslo, which has cross sectoral responsibility for members’ interests, members also belong to one of 20 nationwide sectoral federations and one of 15 regional associations. The sectoral federations represent branch-related interests while the regional associations offer a local point of contact between companies and authorities.

NHO policies and priorities are decided by an executive council made up of 46 elected representatives from member companies. A ten member NHO Board chaired by the President makes decisions on policy issues with delegated authority from the executive council. A Director General is responsible for day-to-day operations in the administration.

NHO’s Mission

NHO´s mission is to work in the best interests of our member companies in a way that also benefits society. Profitable companies create jobs and economic growth and contribute to the financing of the public sector and the welfare.

Norway is heavily dependent on open trade and an open investment climate. Foreign direct investments play an important role in maintaining Norway’s competitive edge and create the needed dynamism in the private sector.

    NHO´s main tasks are:
  • Pursuing business friendly policies and framework conditions that promotes sustainable growth and the development of a competitive business sector.
  • Collective bargaining with the trade unions.
  • Providing services and advising member companies on a wide range of issues.
NHO – Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise

PO Box 5250 Majorstuen
Middelthunsgate 27
NO-0303 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 23 08 80 00
Fax: +47 23 08 80 01


The Federation of
Norwegian Industries
Maritime Department

The Maritime Department of the Federation of Norwegian Industries represents Norwegian shipyards, equipment manufacturers and ship-design companies. The Department ensures political power and credibility for the strategic maritime industry both domestic and abroad.

The Maritime Department of the Federation of Norwegian Industries interacts with the authorities, financial institutions, other maritime associations, schools and universities, research and development institutions at home and abroad.

Through SEA Europe, the common European lobby-organization in Brussels, the Department cooperates with other European organizations and associations in matters of interest for its companies.

The members are also engaged in the supply of equipment for the aquaculture industry, a major industry in Norway. The Department strives to produce high-quality equipment to ensure value creation and the reduced escape of fish.

Fostered a Large Maritime Industry

Norway has a vast coastline and a major merchant fleet. Norwegians have always had to relate to the oceans and it is maybe not surprising that the nation has fostered a large maritime industry, developing, constructing and manufacturing vessels and equipment for all kinds of sea transport, including the fishing industry, offshore exploration, harbour equipment and management, surveillance, navigation and control, search and rescue and education, just to mention a few examples.

Innovative & Technology-driven

Norway’s history of innovative ship design is coupled with a demand for high quality, and a constant need for efficiency to remain competitive. Innovation, research and other creative activities are strongly supported in the member companies.

The Maritime Department of the Federation of Norwegian Industries technology-driven maritime industry is highly exposed internationally, with 90% of the products made for export. It is also widely differentiated, ranging from the production of engines, propellers and thrusters to sophisticated navigation systems, dynamic position systems and coastal surveillance.

Products from Norwegian equipment manufacturers are often described as being made for extreme conditions, whether that is the weather in the Arctic or ruggedly made to withstand the challenges of deep-sea subsea work.

Core Values & Areas

Core values are functionality, reliability, and a high level of customer service.

Norwegian shipyards and ship designers are strong within several sectors for specialized vessels, i.e. offshore vessels, support vessels for wind-farms, specialized smaller vessels, coastal liners, ferries and fi shing vessels. Moreover, repair, maintenance and rebuilding play an important role, with numerous smaller yards spread all along the coast.

Environmental responsibility is given crucial priority in order to prevent pollution and to design equipment and vessels that are fuel-efficient.

The Federation of Norwegian Industries Maritime Department

PO Box 7072
Majorstuen NO-0306 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 23 08 88 00


norwegian shipowner’s

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association is the employers’ organization for Norwegian controlled shipping companies and offshore contractors. The NSA represents 150 members with more than 50,000 employees from around 50 different countries. The association is working to ensure competitive terms and conditions for its members, both nationally and internationally.

Norway is one of the world’s largest and most advanced maritime nations. Norwegian shipowners operate a fleet of nearly 1800 ships and rigs worldwide and the Norwegian-controlled offshore fleet is the world’s most advanced and the world’s second largest.

As a leading maritime nation, Norway is an advocate for high international standards in the global shipping industry. The Association works at all stages in the maritime value chain, from basic seamen’s training, through higher education, research and innovation – both on a national level and internationally – to ensure education, increased skills and recruitment to all maritime segments.

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association

PO Box 1452 Vika
NO-0116 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 22 40 15 00


Blue Growth for
a Green Future

The Norwegian government recently launched its new maritime strategy “Blue Growth for a Green Future” aimed at keeping the country’s second largest export industry competitive and sustainable.

The Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries unveiled its much-awaited new national strategy in the second year of the current government. After five thematic hearings across the country last autumn and in consultation with the Strategic Council for Maritime Development (MARUT), the ministry has produced a strategy document focusing on eight themes: trade areas, environment, maritime administration, research, development and innovation, international regulatory frameworks, blue growth, and the High North.

“The government has been working since day one on strengthening the competitiveness of the maritime industry,” said Siv Jensen, Norwegian Minister of Finance, who copresented the strategy with Monica Mæland, Minister of Trade and Industry, onboard the sailboat Christian Radich in Oslo last May. “Now we have come up with several measures that ensure that the maritime industry can assert itself among the world’s leading industries.”

Flagging Home

Among the key points of the government’s Blue Growth strategy are a strengthening of the net wage scheme, more funds for research and development, such as the MARKOM 2020 program, and an easing of trade area limitations for NIS (Norwegian International Ship) vessels. This will help counter the considerable drop in the NIS register to 528 and the dwindling portion of cargo being transported along the Norwegian coast by Norwegian registered vessels, as well as the challenges facing the offshore fleet in the wake of low oil prices. The current guidelines prohibit NIS vessels from carrying cargo or passengers between Norwegian ports or engaging in regular scheduled passenger transport between Norwegian and foreign ports. The new strategy relaxes cabotage (port-to-port transport along coastal routes) rules in NIS governing foreign short sea shipping, foreign-going ferries, and the Norwegian Continental Shelf. According to a survey conducted by the Norwegian Ship owners’ Association (NSA), eight ship owners plan to flag home 24 vessels from foreign ship registers as a result of the easing of the current guidelines.

“Relaxing cabotage rules will open the door to more ships sailing under the Norwegian flag,” said Sturla Henriksen, NSA chief executive officer. “This will contribute to strengthening Norway’s position and influence internationally.”

Proactive Strategy

The NSA has hailed the government’s overall maritime strategy, calling it “positive and proactive” with important measures to bolster the Norwegian flag registers and strengthen the competitive advantage of Norwegian seafarers and maritime companies operating in tough international competition. In addition, the new strategy contains a series of measures within education and competency, measures that would contribute to positive developments in green shipping, a more service-oriented maritime authority and to maintain Norway’s leading position in the development of the High North.

“The strategy takes a broad approach and forms a solid foundation which should allow Norway to maintain its leading position, even in challenging times,” said Henriksen. Norway is one of the world’s leading maritime nations with more than 110,000 employees.

Revenues in the Norwegian maritime industry have doubled over the past ten years to NOK 175 billion annually. In many coastal communities, maritime companies represent more than half of the increased revenues and jobs.

Monica Mæland, Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, announcing the government’s new maritime strategy Blue Growth onboard sailboat Christian Radich in May 2015.

© Trond Viken, Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

Valeria Criscione


Green Initiatives

In order to sustainably continue that growth, the government has proposed in its strategy a number of green initiatives promoting environmentally friendly technology and alternative fuels for vessels. Among them is a proposed requirement for low and zero emission technology on ferry bids when technologically possible.

“We see that the use of zero emission solutions such as electric power is no longer a Utopia, but a reality and that there is a great potential for gas driven and hybrid solutions in shipping,” said Tine Sundtoft, Minister of Climate and Environment. “We will therefore support research, evaluation and commercialization of solutions towards more environmentally friendly shipping.”

Tor Svensen, group executive vice president for Norway’s DNV GL, one of the world’s largest certification and advisory companies for the maritime, oil and gas and renewable power industries, said this sends a “strong signal” from the Norwegian government. “In the past, the government has been buying ferry services without actually having a green requirement,” he said in an interview at the Nor-Shipping Conference in Oslo.

The government also pledges in the new maritime strategy to start negotiations with business organizations as a continuation of the NOx Fund - expiring in 2017 - which stimulates investments towards nitrogen oxide emission reductions. The negotiations will start as soon as the government gathers more insight into the level of Norway’s international emission commitments from 2030, according to the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

Petter Haas Brubakk, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise’s director of industrial policy, welcomed the government’s invite to the negotiating table on the NOx Fund. Brubakk has been heading the negotiating committee for a new NOx Fund deal, which consists of 15 cooperating business organizations, including the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association, Norwegian Oil and Gas Association and the Federation of Norwegian Aviation Industries, among others.

“The environmental agreement on NOx provides a predictable framework that reduces emissions and promotes environmentally friendly technologies,” said Brubakk. “The business sector’s NOx Fund has reported pressure from companies that want a clarification because of pending investment decisions.”

Since 2008, companies with activities in Norway have been paying into the NOx Fund rather than the NOx tax in exchange for implementing environmental measures that reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. The result has been 28,000 tons in expected NOx reductions and conversion to several dozen LNG driven ships.

“It was the NOx Fund that actually promoted LNG shipping in Norway,” said Svensen. “Without that, I don’t think it would have happened to the same extent that it did.”

Sturla Henriksen, Norwegian Ship owners’ Association chief executive officer, welcomed the government’s new positive and proactive maritime strategy.

© Norwegian Ship owners’ Association

Ship Energy Efficiency:
The Fourth Wave

Shipping has seen three waves of energy efficiency trends since 2007. The latest buzz is the Big Data revolution.

Norway’s DNV GL created waves when it first presented maritime predictions in its Shipping 2020 report in 2012. As one of the world’s largest technical service providers, it predicted new-builds would emit 30% less CO2 emissions by 2020. The Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) would be a driver for more than half of the reduction.

Three years later, the company now foresees connectivity as one of the next emerging technology trends. Global high-speed Internet coverage, increased computing power and “Big Data” solutions are increasingly making the connected ship a reality. The spread of these technologies will enable the shipping industry to intensify its focus on enhancing operational efficiency.

“We are getting the Internet of all things (whereby) all equipment is starting to work with each other and the cost of sending data is going down,” said Tor Svensen, DNV GL group executive president, during a presentation at the Nor-Shipping Conference in Oslo this June, citing the quadrupling of bandwidth over the past five years.

Big Data Revolution

The Big Data revolution dominated many sessions at Nor-Shipping. Sturla Henriksen, Norwegian Ship owners’ Association chief executive, called the maritime industry the “World Wide Web of logistics carrying 90% of global trade” in his opening conference speech to hundreds of industry participants.

In a follow-up panel debate at the Transformative Technology session, Walter Qvam, Kongsberg chief executive, pressed for open software platforms for the future intelligent fleet. Oskar Levander, Rolls- Royce Holdings vice president of innovation, engineering and technology, spoke of a notso- distant future filled with remote controlled ferries. And DNV GL’s Svensen highlighted three areas of opportunities for Big Data within safety, smart maintenance and increased operational efficiency in ships.

“By bringing together and analyzing both data from on-board monitoring systems and from external sources, a comprehensive insight is gained of voyage, engine and hull performance,” said Svensen.

One example is the Oslo-based company and exhibitor Xenata, which in 2012 developed the world’s largest freight intelligence platform. Through big data collection and analytics, its on-line platform provides insight into tens of thousands port-to-port pairs and lets users browse the routes and get both the most recent as well as historical redevelopments on their trades.

MSC Oscar, the world’s largest capacity container ship, will have Jotun’s premium hull coating SeaQuantum X200 applied to lower fuel costs and associated carbon emissions.

© Jotun

Valeria Criscione


Compute Hull Performance

A recent DNV GL initiative taking advantage of Big Data is the newly signed collaborative agreement with Norwegian paint manufacturer Jotun that brings together its two performance management services – Jotun’s Hull Performance Solution and DNV GL’s ECO Insight solution – to collect and analyze data on hull degradation.

According to experts, hull and propeller degradation accounts for up to 17% of the world fleet’s fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Stein Kjølberg, Jotun global sales director, said its advanced hull coatings and application technologies with compliant performance measurements had helped customers reduce fuel costs and emissions by up to 16%.

“Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions using its premium marine coating SeaQuantum X200 has saved the industry $1.7 billion in energy efficiency, or 15.5 million tones of emissions, over a five-year period based on 350 vessels sampled compared with a market average antifouling system,” said Kjølberg.

The new agreement, signed at Nor-Shipping, provides Jotun with hull and propeller performance computations based on ECO Insight’s computational fluid dynamic models that take into account the complete operational range of the vessel to help improve hull performance even further.

“This approach generates a much greater amount of baseline data than a conventional model tank test could deliver and provides customers with the information they need to prove that they reduce both fuel consumption and emissions to charterers, for example,” said Torsten Büssow, DNV GL’s head of fleet performance management.

DNV GL and Jotun signed a cooperation agreement at Nor-Shipping to work on improving hull performance. From left to right: Dr. Torsten Büssow, DNV GL’s Head of Fleet Performance Management; Albrecht Grell, Director of the Maritime Advisory division at DNV GL; Geir Boe, Vice President Marine Coatings at Jotun; and Stein Kjølberg, Global Sales Director, Hull Performance Solutions at Jotun.

Design a Better Bow

However, Big Data is just among the latest trends. The maritime industry has previously been focusing on other ways to improve ship energy efficiency. Albrecht Grell, DNV GL director of maritime advisory, said there have been three efficiency waves since 2007 running in three-year cycles: slow steaming, individual trim tools, such as coating and retrofits, and bow retrofits.

One of the latest innovations within the latter is Ulstein’s X-STERN concept, the winner of this year’s Nor-Shipping Next Generation Ship Award. The prize honors the most promising design for ships that will be at sea in the coming decade, with the ship project demonstrating the greatest advances and innovation in design with respect to energy efficiency, innovation, suitability and flexibility, use of technology, safety and security and environmental sustainability.

The unusual sloping and higher stern on X-STERN is based on the same innovative design used in X-BOW, which won a design award in 2005 and was first used on anchor handling tug supply vessel Bourbon Orca in 2006. The X-STERN has been developed for vessels dependent on the best possible motion characteristics, such as those supporting offshore wind turbine maintenance. It enables a vessel to stay positioned with the stern facing towards the weather even in harsh conditions.

Ulstein has already been commissioned for two SX175 offshore wind service vessels to be built at Ulstein Verft in Norway for German owners Bernhard Schulte/WINDEA Offshore. Set for delivery in 2016 and 2017, the vessels will provide support and maintenance for wind farm operations under a long-term charter contract for Siemens. At Nor-Shipping Ulstein also launched a new twin X-STERN concept vessel with a heightened stern at both ends that can service larger scale wind energy farms far from shore.

“When approaching turbines, you need a vessel that doesn’t make big moves,” says Tore Ulstein, Ulstein deputy chief executive officer, regarding X-STERN. “We have made a hull form that is rolling and pitching less. The design gives approximately a 30% reduction on the longitudinal forces from waves on the stern and can easily reduce fuel cost by up to about 30%.”


Norway’s Future Green Fleet

A dramatic fall in battery costs and stricter emission regulations are spurring the Norwegian maritime to develop the most environmentally friendly fleet of coastal vessels.

The Norwegian government recently announced the start of the Green Coastal Shipping Program last January (2015) as a public-private initiative with the key players in the Norwegian coastal shipping industry. The goal is to create a future Norwegian fleet run entirely or partly on batteries, LNG (liquefied natural gas) and other eco-fuels, even bio-fuels; everything from offshore vessels, ferries, container ships, tankers, and aquaculture and fishing vessels, to tug boats.

The program is currently in the first of four phases with phase one jointly funded by 25 industry partners plus Innovation Norway. The first of the five pilots in phase one is NorLines’ future cargo ferry with LNG/battery hybrid propulsion, zero-emission port sailing and port operation, including electric cranes with energy recovery. The second pilot involves Teekay’s next generation green shuttle tanker using alternative fuels such as LNG and volatile organic compounds for offshore DP operations and batteries in a hybrid solution.

The third is a hybrid aquaculture vessel specified by the Cargo Freighters’ Association and ABB. The fourth, proposed by the Norwegian Gas Association and Øytank Bunkersservice, is a hybridized bulk vessel that can be converted to a low-cost LNG bulker vessel with gas propulsion. The fifth pilot is initiated by the Port of Risavika, which plans to electrify its port operations and offer to charge ships with plug-in hybrid solutions.

Kinder Egg

The program could provide a “kinder egg” of opportunities for the Norwegian industry, help replace its ageing coastal fleet and drive innovation, said Bjørn Haugland, DNV GL chief sustainability officer. The maritime industry accounts for 900 million tons of CO2, equivalent to 3% globally. The company forecasts that the global shipping industry could reduce CO2 emissions by 60% within 2050.

“That will not be by LNG alone, but biofuel, hybrid and electric propulsion,” said Haugland during Maritime and Offshore Forum Oslofjorden Innovation Day in Oslo last April. “There will be a need for low carbon shipping.”

Norway has a particular advantage with this green initiative because of its large maritime industry – the country’s second largest export after petroleum – and dominance in environmentally friendly LNG technology. Norwegian ship owners operate 51 out of the current 63 LNG-fueled ships and will account for 14 of the 76 currently on order. By 2020, DNV GL expects there could be as many as 600 LNG ships operating worldwide.

“There is an increase in international interest from the US, China and Singapore,” says Narve Mjøs, DNV GL director battery services and projects and Green Coastal Shipping Program leader, in an interview. “LNG and batteries will become a large part of the future fleet.”

LNG has become more relevant for the maritime industry because of new strict environmental regulations. LNG reduces NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions by up to 85% compared to Heavy Fuel Oil, CO2 emissions by up to 30%, and sulfur down to zero. The shipping industry emits 22 million tons of NOx annually and 12 million tons of SOx (sulfur oxides), according to DNV GL.

“Here economics and the environment go hand-in-hand,” said Mjøs, pointing to the reduced fuel and maintenance costs. “One of the largest container ships emits the CO2 equivalent of 75,000 cars and two million cars´ worth of NOx emissions annually.”

Built by Fjellstrand, MV Ampere is the world’s first battery-driven car ferry.

© Fjellstrand/Photo by Tor Arne Aasen

Valeria Criscione


Better Batteries

One of the other incentives for switching to hybrid and fully electric maritime vessels has been the dramatic drop in lithium-ion (li-ion) battery cell costs. Prices have fallen 75% over the last four years, mostly thanks to the mass production experience by the car industry, said Mjøs.

Norway has been eager when it comes to adopting battery technology on board. Nearly half of all vessels with batteries – 13 out of 25 worldwide - are Norwegian. The most stellar example is the recently baptized NorLed passenger ferry Ampere, the world’s first fully electric car ferry.

Built by the Norwegian company Fjellstrand the ferry transports up to 120 cars and 360 passengers 34 times a day between Lavik and Oppdal on the western coast of Norway. The all-electric car ferry concept ZeroCat 120 behind Ampere won Skiprevyen’s Ship of the Year Prize during the international shipping conference SMM 2014 in Hamburg.

“A purely battery driven ferry can reduce fuel costs by 30-80%,” said Mjøs.

Maritime Battery Forum

Batteries are particularly suited for offshore supply vessels because of their fast response time. A ship can use battery power to compensate for the increased energy load on the engine to tackle rough winds and other types of harsh weather. Norwegian ship owner Eidsvik set a precedent in 2013 by installing a battery on the offshore supply ship Viking Lady, making it the first commercial offshore vessel with a fully hybrid solution. There are even plans to do the same with its sister vessel, Viking Queen.

“What they really like about the vessel (Viking Lady) is the responsiveness they get,” said Haugland. “It’s not just that the batteries reduce CO2 emissions. It also brings new characteristics. A Tesla can go from 0 to 100 (mph) in just 3.2 seconds.”

But there are challenges, both with the current low oil prices and a lack of incentives in the way contracts are structured, said Synne Opsand, managing director of the newly started Maritime Battery Forum based in Oslo, in an interview. Currently, oil companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf pay for the fuel costs of hired offshore supply vessels, while the ship owners are responsible for any fuel saving installations, such as a battery. This provides little incentive for ship owners.

Opsand was hired from DNV GL last year to head the initiative, which now has 50 members from the public and private sector ( The goal is to help ship owners, suppliers, and the government network about these challenges, as well as the opportunities and benefits of switching to batteries.

Eidesvik has entered into an agreement for installation of an Energy Storage System (Battery solution) onboard the vessel Viking Queen, making it the first offshore vessel to get such system installed as a retrofit solution.

© Eidsvik

Mother-Daughter Ship
to Boost Short Sea Cargo

More goods will need to be transported by ship to meet stricter environmental guidelines. A Norwegian maritime cluster has found the answer in a ship-in-ship short sea cargo concept.

The EU has expressed ambitions to reduce long distance road haulage by 30% within 2030 by shifting transport from trucks to either rail or sea. One way to achieve this will be short sea shipping. These can be all sorts of vessels – everything from dry cargo ships, gas tankers, bulk carriers and passenger ships – as long as they travel within one continent.

Norway, which has the sixth largest merchant fleet by market value, also believes that short sea shipping will be an instrumental part of a sustainable and environmental friendly maritime industry. As part of its new national maritime strategy “Blue Growth for a Green Future” launched this June (2015), the Norwegian government has proposed initiatives for short sea shipping, such as a scrapping bonus for old coastal vessels.

“We hope to see this implemented soon, and that the ship owners will spend this scrapping bonus in investing in new environmentally friendly vessels like Short Sea Pioneer” said Hege Økland, NCE Maritime CleanTech managing director.


The Norwegian Center of Expertise (NCE) presented its ship-in-ship design concept Short Sea Pioneer to the Ministry of Trade and Industry this February. Based on a Design Driven Innovation Project partly financed by the Norwegian Design Council, the cluster’s group of designers, ship operators and research institutions developed a way of transporting goods to smaller harbors without having to offload at large ports for further transport via truck.

The solution involves a larger mother ship that carries all types of cargo – from timber to small items – that can be transferred to the daughter ship while it is docked into the mother vessel. The smaller boat can then go to smaller ports along the Norwegian coast near industry areas, such as Odda, Maløy, Svelgen and Hardanger, which are not accessible to larger vessels. Ship operator Norwegian Container Lines, one of the main project partners in the Short Sea Pioneer project, estimates it can realize NOK 400 million in value creation from lower fees and NOK 60 million in added revenue.

“The situation for NCL today in Svelgen, where we pick up cargo for (Norwegian metals producer) Elkem, is that the port where we pick up the goods are too small and the goods have to be transported by truck to larger ports where they are loaded onboard,” said Arne Jakobsen, NCL managing director in a statement. “This applies to more and more places along the coast.”

Short Sea Pioneer is a mother-daughter ship concept for short sea shipping.

© Maritime CleanTech

Valeria Criscione


Environmental Export

Moving more goods by sea would help reduce road congestion and pollution from road traffic. The volume of goods transported is expected to rise by 30-40% over the next 25 years. That represents about 80 million more trailer trucks putting wear and tear on the road. This could reduce the societal burden of maintaining the roads and traffic accidents, while also reducing emissions.

The Short Sea Pioneer will contribute to the green shift by powering its mother ship partly by LNG, a more environmentally friendly fuel than Heavy Fuel Oil as it eliminates sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions, significantly reduces NOx and also some greenhouse gas emissions. This will help meet the new demands for the 0.10% SOx limit for Sulfur Emission Control Areas which entered into force this year (2015). A global limit of 0.50% is expected in 2020.

Both ships in the Short Sea Pioneer concept could also employ battery technology and fuel cells as well, making the daughter vessel potentially a zero-emission ship. This would make the concept particularly suited to the EU market, where there are many environmental efforts towards reducing emissions and sending more goods by sea.

“The EU has higher political targets when it comes to transporting goods from land to sea,” said Økland. “This concept will answer many of the political national challenges. There would be many business areas for Norwegian companies, from building to operating the boats.”

Technology Transfer

The main challenge for Short Sea Pioneer will not be technology. The concept is based on transferring technology from other industries, which have used similar ship-to-ship solutions, albeit not in the same way. German towing company Bugsier, for example, has developed a Flexible Feeder Barge that uses a transport barge connected into an installation dock ship for offshore wind farm installations. Short Sea Pioneer could be among the first to employ a daughter ship that docks into the mother vessel directly. Maritime CleanTech is also considering a solution for side-by-side transfer of cargo to make the ship as fully flexible as possible.

“This is known technology, most of it,” said Økland. “We are just transferring it into a new area and putting it into a new logistic system.”

The real challenge ahead will be to get the project commercially viable. Maritime CleanTech is currently in the process of evaluating future partners for developing the project further. The previous partners in the Norwegian Design Council study phase included NCL, Wärtsilä, Servogear, Fjellstrand, Westcon, Eidesvik, SKL, and Eker Sandvik. The Norwegian Center of Expertise plans to identify new partners by the end of this year. But the project will still need additional support through possible new government schemes, such as a recycle bonus for scrapping Norway’s ageing coastal fleet, incentives for green logistic solutions, better financing terms for ship owners, or a continuation of the NOx Fund, which is set to expire in 2018.

“If we are very optimistic, in two to three years we can see this on the ocean,” said Økland.

Short Sea Pioneer will help move cargo transport from roads to sea.

© Maritime CleanTech

Wind and Wave
Powered Fleet

What if you could build a hull like a sail to power a hybrid maritime fleet? Better yet, design the vessel to convert wave power into renewable energy.

Norwegian companies are exploring both possibilities. The first concept, Project Vindskip (Wind Ship), has attracted widespread media attention for its unique design and was recently nominated for Nor Shipping’s 2015 Next Generation Ship Award.

The novel looking ship merges both sailing and aviation technology into a wind and LNG-powered vessel with a hull shaped like a symmetrical airfoil. From a distance, it partly resembles a heavy anvil. But when sailing into the wind, the sail-like hull generates an aerodynamic lift giving a smooth pull in the ship’s direction. Terje Lade, an avid mariner and speedboat designer, started the company in 2010 after having worked on the concept since 1993.

“You have to reduce the drag force both above and under water,” said Lade. “The ship is acting like a sailing boat.”

Environmental Drivers

Back in the 90s, ship owners were not so interested in his eco-efficient vessel. The price for Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) was next to nothing and no one was talking about the environment, he says. The first Emission Control Area (ECA) did not come into force until 2010 in the Baltics and the English Channel, which restricted the maximum sulfur content to 1.5% in HFO. Now there are more ECAs in other seas and stricter limits, with a maximum global sulfur allowance of 0.5% expected in 2020-2025.

“The environment is clearly the driving force behind this,” said Lade. The Vindskip® concept consists of three parts, which work like a dynamic unit. Wind Power System’s ship design generates a pull in the speed direction. Cruise Control acts as an LNG-powered propulsion system keeping the ship at a constant speed while Weather Routing Module calculates the ship’s best route with a computer program. This combination saves 60% in fuel and emits 80% fewer emissions compared to a reference ship.

The company estimates that a typical trip from Japan to Chile carried out by Vindskip®’s design would save 680 metric tons of HFO over its 23-day journey, representing 60% of fuel usage compared to a reference ship. That would in turn give a reduction of 2 million kg of CO2 emissions, 61,200 kg of NOx, and 34,000 kg SOx: the equivalent of the use of 1100 cars for a year.

The design particularly suits dry cargo ships, such as RoRo, RoPax, PCTC, passenger and container ships. Lade is engaged in formal talks with leading European car manufacturers with hopes of getting the first Vindskip® vessel – a PCTC (Pure Car/Truck Carrier) - sailing by January 2019.

“Car manufacturers want the lowest possible emissions when transporting their environmentally friendly cars,” said Lade. “For them it’s the total CO2 output that’s important, both in production, transporting and when the car is running.”

Vindskip uses its hull as a sail for renewable power.

© Lade AS

Valeria Criscione


Wave Power Plant

Another designer that has been thinking outside the box within renewable maritime technology is Geir Arne Solheim, the founder of Havkraft (Translates to Ocean power in Norwegian) and recently elected Norwegian representative to the International Energy Agency - Ocean Energy Systems board.

He started the project in 1998 with the idea of designing a technology that could convert wave energy into power based on oscillating water columns (OWC). At the time many were working with OWC onshore, says Solheim. But Havkraft has over the last years moved its concept to floating devices. Seventeen years later, the Havkraft Wave Energy Convertor (H-WEC) has come to life in the form of the fishing vessel MS Havkraft, which generates electricity.

Havkraft used an old trawler from 1978 for the installation of its 200 kW proto-type last year (2014). The wave-powered vessel has been running in the open waters at Stad, western Norway, since last April and produced electricity for close to 4,000 testing hours through storms and even high waters. Project partner MARINTEK (Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute) calculates that the prototype plant could produce up to 320,000 kWh per year.

Havkraft’s OWC technology is different in that it uses smaller modules lined up in a formation that can produce at any wave height and capture the different frequencies in the ocean. There is relatively little loss in the conversion and no moveable parts in the sea to get worn down. The company has received four different patents for its innovative technology.

“We have the possibility for picking up both kinetic and potential energy,” said Solheim. “You have the push force and the vacuum. The turbine blades are like wings on a plane driven by under pressure and over pressure and the turbines rotate the same way all the time.”

Wave Plus Wind

The company’s next focus will be on getting its wave energy converters paired with wind turbines. It has had formal discussions with different wind turbine manufactures about combining 4-7 MW wave power converters on a semisubmersible foundation with 4-7 MW wind turbines. There is international interest in Havkraft’s hybrid synergy technology, which is already wanted for sites in Asia.

“If you combine (the wave converters and wind turbines), you get better capital expenditure and operational expenditure in the project,” said Solheim. “You double the effect, but you don’t double the cost.”

SINTEF MARINTEK has developed mathematical models and run simulations of the plant for Havkraft. The 200 kW ship was constructed in 2014 at Stadyard, with assistance from Smartmotor (Rolls Royce), MARINTEK, Nyborg, Kvernevik Engineering, Ulvesund Elektro, and Stadt Towing Tank.

Havkraft has the possibility to deliver low cost and simple 1 MW stand-alone wave power plants on barges for smaller market needs. The company is also working on using its floating energy production to produce hydrogen - either onboard or onshore - to supply, for example, hydrogen-fueled cars and boats. Japan could be one eventual export market for this type of solution.

“Hydrogen is clearly a way to get more money out of ocean energy and contribute to off-grid solutions for de-carbonization of the transportation sector,” said Solheim.

An old fishing trawler was converted into a wave power plant using Havkraft’s innovative oscillating water technology.

© Photo/3D:

wholesaler of installation products,
tools and machinery

A trusted supplier to Shipping for over 40 years, offering a full range of products within valves, pipes, sanitary equipment and tools for Shipyards, Ship Owners and Shipping Industry all over the world.

Ahlsell is the leading specialist technical trading company in the Nordic countries within the fields of installation products, tools and machinery.

Ahlsell offers professional users a wide range of goods and peripheral services within the product segments of HVAC, Electrical and Tools & Machinery. Being one of the leading players within several product areas, Ahlsell offers a full range of products delivered to the right location, at the right time and at competitive prices. The wide product range offers Ahlsell’s customers the opportunity of only using one single point of contact and supplier in their business.

Having supplied the maritime and petroleum industry with materials since the start, Ahlsell’s long experience makes them an expert in their field. The company offers experienced and solution oriented sales assistance. Their wide competence and experience within the field is deployed in their recommendation of products for the maritime and offshore industry. In order to solve challenges and find new opportunities, Ahlsell constantly works to keep up to date with the latest developments in the market.

Ahlsell makes a safe and reliant partner, and customers get:

  • Access to the most extensive product range in the market
  • A complete web shop, optimized for mobile
  • World class secure delivery
  • A collaborator focused on the future

PO Box 184
4065 Stavanger
Tel: +47 51818500


specialists in maritime
tank venting technique

Since the establishment of John Gjerde AS in 1971, the company has designed, manufactured and marketed high quality tank venting equipment for the shipbuilding industry.

New Lightweight Aluminium Tank Vent Check Valve

John Gjerde AS, a specialist in maritime tank venting technique in Sunnmøre Norway, has added a new and innovative product to its wide range of products for the ventilation of service tanks such as, for example, ballast, stabilization, fuel, lubrication oil, mud, cement and fresh water tanks, which can be found on all floating constructions.

Due to demand in the market for smaller and lighter valves as the space on decks is becoming more and more important for shipowners/oil and gas companies and environmental issues leading to a lower total weight of vessels, which lead to the possibility of the use of smaller engines, John Gjerde AS has developed a new small and lightweight aluminium tank vent check valve.

The present generation of offshore vessels, oil rigs and FPSOs are designed to maximize working decks because most owners are paid by the square metre for working deck available for their clients. Cargo rails are getting smaller, tank shapes are changing and there is an increase in incidents due to capacity difficulties with tank vent check valves in general which leads to severe damages on the constructions.

John Gjerde AS, knowing about all of the difficulties involved, has tested all its products in its own testing and research department in Gjerdsvika, Norway. As always, the company JG does not compromise or jeopardize safety, the good working processes and quality of its products.

Special Testing Facilities

Thanks to the special testing facilities, which have been specially built by John Gjerde in cooperation with NTNU in Trondheim, the company was able to enlarge the air capacity in the tank vent check valves to a new level. Looking at the average capacity of other tank vent check valves in the market the company has managed to create the new and even smaller HIDE aluminium valve with a capacity which is ten times as big. Tests onboard of different types of vessels and oil rigs have shown that problems such as suction blocking, banging and braking floaters, damaged tanks and sleepless nights for the crew are now history with the HIDE valves.

Located in the Heart of the Sunnmøre Maritime Cluster

As many other sub suppliers for the maritime and oil and gas industry, John Gjerde is located in the heart of the maritime cluster in Sunnmøre and the quite important exchange of information between shipowner, ship designer and ship builder is unique in the world. This cooperation has lead to many high tech and special designs which are famous all around the world. It is than not surprising that many of the Norwegian shipowners and shipyards have chosen to have the new aluminium HIDE tank vent check valve as the standard for their high quality vessels.

New Electrical Heating System for Arctic Conditions

With the upcoming interest in a new sailing route north of Russia the request for ice class vessels is increased. Oil and gas companies as well as ship owners see the economic value of the availability of oil near the North Pole and the new cargo routes. With the introduction of the new HIDE aluminium valve John Gjerde has also launched a new electrical heating system for Arctic conditions. The system works dependably and up to temperatures of minus 40-50 degrees Celsius. The heating system can also be built on later on as well which is unique in the field of tank vent check valves.

NO-6083 Gjerdsvika, Norway
Tel: +47 70 02 65 00


shipbroker & ship agent

Since 1891, shipbroker Alex. Birger Grieg has delivered personal and dedicated service to shipowners and shippers worldwide. Today, shipbrokers at Alex. Birger Grieg AS focus on high demand port agencies, chartering of oversized and heavy cargo worldwide and discrete and dedicated agencies to shipowners and charterers.


Arranging ocean transport solutions for oversized, sensitive and heavy cargo is a daily task for Alex. Birger Grieg.

Together with trusted partners worldwide, and with extensive experience within the company, safe, engineered transport solutions have been delivered to major industrial and offshore customers.

In contrast to competitive tank or bulk chartering, nearly every transport is custom engineered to accomplish safe handling and transport of unique cargo.

Ship Agents

As an independent ship agent in Norwegian ports, Alex. Birger Grieg has delivered personal, dedicated and discrete services to many high demanding customers and projects.

Foreign naval ships, cruise ships, super yachts and special merchant vessels are amongst the most frequent ships handled by Alex. Birger Grieg.

Maritime support for the offshore fleet including pipe laying, construction, anchor handling vessels and accommodation rigs is offered 24/7 by sister company Bergen Agent AS.

Rieber Mohnsveg 2
5230 Paradis, Norway
Tel: +47 55922880


piping wholesaler for
the maritime industry

Brødrene Dahl is a Norwegian wholesaler with more than 50 outlets located all over Norway. BD supplies all types of piping materials such as, pipes, fi ttings, valves, actuators & valve control systems etc. In addition to being a large supplier to Norwegian shipyards, BD also exports materials to many foreign markets. The strength of BD is its large range of products in stock and excellent logistics. BD has a skilled staff of specialists, which can assist customers with finding the right material for their applications.

Maritime Industry

The BD Marine division in BD works closely with many Norwegian ship builders and ship owners. It is the largest company in this field in Norway and supplies most of the shipyards in Norway with pipes, fi ttings, valves, actuators and valve control systems. The products can be delivered in different types of material qualities, for example carbon steel, stainless steel or copper nickel.

If a ship is repaired or constructed in countries where sourcing correctly classified materials can be challenging, BD Marine can assist with standards and material qualities for immediate deliveries. (BD Marine only delivers materials from manufacturers approved by the major classification companies).

Anywhere across the Globe

The head office of BD Marine is located in Ålesund, as a part of the maritime cluster on the west coast of Norway. The company’s central warehouse is located in Oslo, and in Ålesund BD has a stock of goods especially dedicated for the maritime industry. In addition, the company has four warehouses located in Romania, two in Tulcea, one in Constanta and one in Braila to take care of local yards and other industrial customers. In 2009 BD also opened a warehouse in Vung Tau in Vietnam for the Vietnamese market. BD also supplies its products to shipowners when repair jobs must be done, anywhere across the globe.


BD’s Industrial & Shipbuilding catalogue can be found on its website – – and this catalogue has been described by users as “the bible in sourcing the correct materials for shipbuilding and repair”. Although today many believe that electronic access is the only solution, BD is also aware that many customers prefer the printed copy of the catalogue.

Brødrene Dahl

Brødrene Dahl AS (BD) was established in 1917 in Norway and is today Norway’s largest piping wholesaler. BD works within the areas of HVAC, sanitation systems, industry, tools and refrigeration. The company has more than 50 outlets nationwide and approximately 1,000 employees. BD is a part of the Saint Gobain Group, established in France in 1665, which is one of Europe’s top 100 leading industrial groups.

PO Box 8057 Spjelkavik
NO-6018 Ålesund, Norway
Tel: +47 70 17 52 50
Fax: +47 70 14 77 53


thruster systems

Brunvoll AS has more than 100 years of experience in marine propulsion and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thruster systems. The company has delivered and installed over 6,000 thrusters worldwide to fi shing vessels, cruise ships, tugs, offshore support ships and vessels for dynamic positioning.

Complete Thruster System Packages
  • One source – one responsibility
  • Thruster System Packages including control systems, bridge panels, drive motors, starters, hydraulic power units, special arrangements and services
  • Brunvoll provides support for the lifetime of the Thruster Systems
  • Complete Thruster System Packages simplify installation and maintenance
Brunvoll Thruster Control Panels

Brunvoll Thruster Control Panels have an intuitive human machine interface control system. They are designed for easy integration with flexible design of the panels for easy integration.

Brunvoll Electronics Cabinet

The Brunvoll Electronics Cabinet is a user-friendly thruster control system and it has easy access for troubleshooting and adjustments.

Brunvoll Gravity Tank

The Brunvoll Gravity Tank ensures a steady supply of hydraulic fl uid to the HPU and thruster gearbox.

Brunvoll’s Compact Hydraulic Power Unit

Brunvoll’s Compact Hydraulic Power Unit is a variable displacement pump which responds to the command signal and delivers the exact amount of oil needed for the propeller pitch movements.

Brunvoll HPU Starter

The Brunvoll HPU Starter has a starter for the HPU motor and interconnections for the HPU.

Brunvoll Electric Motor Starter

The Brunvoll Electric Motor Starter includes the company’s own design provides an elegant and cost effective technical solution. It offers easy access to every component, simplifying the cabling process.

Ekremsvingen 2
NO-6422 Molde, Norway
Tel: +47 71 21 96 00
Fax: +47 71 21 96 60


fire detection systems

In today’s offshore industry, you have to be willing to go further than ever before – to take on new challenges that demand creative solutions. And that takes confidence. This is why Consilium is with you every step of the way when choosing a fire and gas detection system, from specification and design to installation and start up, all the way through your investment’s operational life. Trust Consilium to help you reduce costs, increase safety and maximize uptime with the company’s superior offshore safety solutions.


When designing, flexibility is your greatest asset. This is where Consilium’s modular system shines: it is smarter, faster and more efficient. Let the company show how it can reduce costs, increase safety and even improve your designs from the very beginning.


Consilium can help reduce installation time, so you can get up and running fast. It is all about going further with less, and about having the flexibility to adapt as needs change.


Shutting down the fire and gas detection system, even for a manual test, can cost a fortune. This is why Consilium goes above and beyond - with redundancy, continuous self-testing, remote monitoring and a dedicated global service network - to ensure your uptime.

Karihaugveien 89
NO-01086 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 22 30 90 30
Fax: +47 22 30 92 05



Fiskerstrand Verft AS has specialized knowledge on the state-of-the-art building of innovative small and medium sized car and passenger ferries. The company was first established at Fiskerstrand Slip & Motorverksted in 1909. Fiskerstrand Verft AS offers a wide range of services including maintenance, repair work and conversions, shipbuilding, all tailored to client specification. The company’s strategic core is in shipbuilding skills.


Regular service work or emergency assistance is carried out on all ship types up to 7,500 tons displacement.

Repair, Service & Maintenance

Fiskerstrand Verft AS offers the following:

  • Underwater condition monitoring
    • Deep Trekker Micro ROV
  • Hull maintenance
    • Remote flush robot
  • Damage alignment
  • Rudder and propellers services
    • 40 ton hydraulic axle tractor
  • Engine service
    • fibre optic equipment for interior and exterior inspection and damage detection
  • Service agreements


For planning, projecting and execution of conversions, midlife upgrading or life time extensions, Fiskerstrand has broad experience on all ship type upgrades and the company staff can assist in all aspects on completion of your project.


Since 1965, Fiskerstrand Verft AS has delivered 83 different vessels on time and on budget. The projects are planned and managed, working closely with ship owners, naval architects and suppliers to ensure the best possible solutions for the company’s customers.

Docking & Crane Capacity

Floating dock, cranes and equipment are regularly renewed to meet new demands. More than 1 500 vessels are docked at the yard and Fiskerstrand is proud to say that all of these jobs have been completed as planned. Fiskerstand’s capacity includes:

  • Vessels up to 150 metres
  • Internal width 23 metres
  • Docking depth 7 metres
  • Lifting capacity dock 7,500 tons
  • Crane 7.5 tons
  • Cranes shipyard area of 60 tons, 20 tons, 20 tons, 6.5 tons.

Reference Projects

Fiskerstand’s reference projects include the following:

  • MF Fannefjord
    World first sailing LNG-Battery Hybrid Conversion included: Comprehensive engine room and power management system upgrading battery package installation. Safety System design and implementation in compliance with comprehensive Maritime Authorities and Classification society rules and regulations.
  • Hurtigruten Nordlys
    Comprehensive repairs of Hurtigruten after Engine Room Fire & Flooding. The project was considerably larger in scope than first expected. On average approximately 200 people worked on board, and 100 000 man hours spent. All completed in four months.

    The work included:

    • Removal of damaged materials
    • Repair and renewing
    • General maintenance tasks
    • 20-year clas
  • LNGF Seagas
    Complete rebuilding the world`s first dedicated LNG bunkering vessel. LNG Seagas was transformed from a double ended car and passenger ferry to a LNG bunkering vessel to work in the port of Stockholm.
  • Nordkapp Class Coast Guard Vessels
    • New hangar port. Renewal of helicopter deck
    • New stabilizer systems
    • New fresh water separator
    • Cabin upgrading
    • Rebuilding the waste handling system
  • Gillnet & Long Liner Fishing Vessel Loran
    Repair works after sinking such as:
    • Rebuilding of interior from bare steel
    • New electrical systems and equipment
    • Replacement of insulation
    • Renewal of the factory and freezing equipment
    • New main and auxiliary engines and loading crane system
    • Renovation of automatic baiting system
  • Thorshøvdi
    Conversion from container trade to krill fishing for operation in Antartic Ocean. The present name of the vessel today is Antarctic Sea.

Risevegen 23
NO-6035 Fiskerstrand, Norway
Tel: +47 70 19 93 00
Fax: +47 52 70 04 01


framo cargo pumping systems

Framo AS is based in Bergen, Norway. From its beginning in 1938, the company has grown into a worldwide organization with subsidiaries on three continents. Today Framo AS with 1300 employees is a leading manufacturer of submerged pumping systems for the tanker shipping and offshore industry. Framo AS works actively with its customers and provides competence and experience. With dedication, structured work and continuous improvements, the company develops tomorrow's pumping systems. Framo AS is a part of Alfa Laval group and Bergen is the business center for marine pumping systems within the Alfa Laval group. The Framo products are sold and serviced by Framo only.

Load any Type of Cargo

To be able to load any cargo available at any time, a tanker should be able to handle a variety of cargoes, such as oil products, bio-fuels, chemicals, acids, edible oils or special cargoes like molasses and slurries.

Each individual cargo has its special physical properties like being viscous or volatile, require heating or cooling. A Framo pumping system has no limitation as to what kind of liquid it can handle.

Less Time Spent on Cargo Operations

A cargo handling system which is able to perform a quick and safe discharge and drain of any cargo against any terminal back pressure is strongly preferred.

The efficiency of a vessel will depend on how quickly a tanker is able to discharge the cargo including time for stripping, carry out tank cleaning and be ready to load the next cargo. Reduced turn around time in harbour means higher annual turnover.

The Framo cargo pump design has proven to be superior to others in providing quick and safe performance regardless of cargo, specific gravity, viscosity or discharge head.

Alternate Efficiently Between Several Types of Cargo

A cargo pumping system must be able to discharge, drain and clean the cargo tanks in an efficient manner with limited slop, in order to make the vessel ready to receive a new cargo.

A Framo pump is specially designed in order for the operator to discharge and drain/ strip the cargo tanks in a safe and reliable manner without the risk of any heat build up or without the need for personnel to enter a most hazardous environment.

In combination with the company’s special design cargo heaters, the efficient tank cleaning notation enables users to change between dirty and clean cargoes without any intermediate loadings.

P.O. Box 23
Florvågvegen 39
NO-5329 FLORVÅG, Norway
Tel: + 47 55 99 90 00
Fax: + 47 55 99 93 80


survival suits

Hansen Protection develops, designs and manufactures both standard and tailor-made hi-tech textile products for various sectors. They have more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing protective clothing and life jackets for seafarers. Their teams have been designing, developing and making rescue and survival suits for the North Sea Oil Industry since 1976. In addition, their activities include canopies for leisure boats, as well as products for industrial and agricultural applications and the health sector. Hansen Protection is also a major supplier to the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Safety and functionality
- Our raison d’être

Hansen Protection is the market leader and manufacturer of immersion suits. All suits are tested and approved according to the most stringent national and international standards. The company places great emphasis on innovation and development and push the boundaries at the leading edge of design, ergonomics, materials and suitability for purpose. Hansen Protection develops and refines different types of suits in close collaboration with specific user groups to ensure optimal design and performance. Functionality is particularly important. The company´s unique approach to customization and extensive service network makes it the preferred partner.

Triple approved

Hansen Protection´s high-tech SeaWind suit is certified by SOLAS, ISO and EASA. As such it is approved for most of the most demanding work situations imaginable. No other survival suit can match its suitability for such a wide range of applications.

Emergency Breathing Systems

Hansen Protection has two Emergency Breathing Systems. One manual and one automatic. Both systems can be supplied with Hansen Protection´s range of SeaAir survival suits. The company´s manual Emergency Breathing System is classifi ed as a “rebreather”. It is connected to an integrated infl atable lung and one breathes through a mouthpiece and “reuses” one’s own air. Hansen Protection set a new standard for automatic Emergency Breathing Systems when it launched SeaAir EBS. Suitable for use in extreme cold, being able to start breathing whilst still under water, a unique nose clip and other features make this one of the best automatic solutions on the market.

Personal EPIRB
(Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon)

Our HPL EPIRB is specifically designed for helicopter transport passengers wearing our emergency immersion suits. The device is integrated in the suits to facilitate quick and easy localization. The emergency distress location signal is activated automatically when the wearer ends up in the sea.

Head Office: Tykkemyr 27, 1597 Moss, Norway
Tel: +47 69 00 13 00
Fax: +47 69 00 13 01


central business district

Hinna Park is an international central business district known for its positive cluster of companies, maritime setting, and exclusive offices. Hinna Park is owned 50/50 between Entra AS and Camar Eiendom AS. Since the beginning in 1998, Hinna Park has built competence and experience to provide the best level of service and flexibility to the business tenants through ownership, administration and as a supplier.

Central Business District

As a leading international oil and gas region, Hinna Park has quickly established itself as Stavanger’s leading Central Business District (CBD). It has become home to knowledgebased business opportunities and innovative, technology companies.

Business Cluster

Hinna Park’s strategic business mix makes it the ideal location for companies operating in the oil and gas industry, consultancy, legal and banking and financial sectors. In this way a cluster has developed where interaction and rivalry creates sustainable competitive advantages.


Hinna Park is centrally located in the heart of the region, with excellent public transport links. As well as ample parking, the area is serviced by local train which stops close to the area’s commercial buildings with departures in both directions every quarter. There are, in addition, several bus routes to Stavanger and Sandnes from the area.

Beautiful Surroundings

Hinna Park offers a unique combination of commercial businesses and residential living ensuring that the area bustles with activity from morning to night – and it all happens in aesthetic surroundings. Companies, like people, are shaped and inspired by their surroundings. At Hinna Park businesses will be in the company of other exciting and dynamic companies. It is a vital environment of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm – a place where new ideas and possibilities will thrive.

Business Premises

Hinna Park paves the way for creating innovative and flexible office spaces, in close collaboration with its clients. Hinna Park’s portfolio includes more than 50,000 m² of prime office space. Hinna Park can customize to fit its clients’ needs and requirements, regardless of size, either in one of its existing buildings or one of its new developments.

PO Box 130
NO-4065 Stavanger, Norway
Tel: +47 51 95 73 00


navigational & operational solutions

The marine industry is beginning to embrace new technology developed to enhance situational awareness. Technology that enables shipping companies to monitor marine assets — whenever, wherever, in near real-time — to improve navigation safety and efficiency. When connected via sensors, software and satellites, these assets become “connected ships” in an information ecosystem that allows the entire industry to share business-critical data.

This technology will result in better decisions. Ship owners and crews will know how vessels are performing, when to schedule maintenance, and how to predict — and avoid — equipment failure. Swift, automated route and voyage planning technology will integrate vessel traffic into global supply chains. Seamless shipshore connectivity and software-enabled decision support tools will make the industry more responsive and flexible. This technology will also help the industry meet future challenges, whether in the form of environmental regulations, fuel-efficiency imperatives or market volatility. With onboard equipment supplying streams of data to centralized control and decisionsupport systems, it will be a challenge to process the resulting “big data” and handle the increasing scope and complexity of the systems involved. Ultimately, the digital revolution will allow the industry to rethink its business and operational models.

Stay One Step Ahead

Jeppesen helps its customers explore the digital options and address the complexity of marine operations by providing integrated, intelligent information systems. Jeppesen is an industry leader in navigational and operational solutions that support the transition to ECDIS and e-Navigation.

Simple ENC Solution

Jeppesen FlatFee licensing makes transitioning to electronic charts easy. Learn more at

Join the e-Navigation community
Explore the issues and trends at and its LinkedIn discussion group.

Marine insights
See the latest insights from marine industry experts in i3 magazine.

Digital solutions
Explore Jeppesen’s digital solutions at

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ems supplier to the
offshore/marine segment

Kitron is a leading international provider of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) with half a century experience of broad expertise in offshore and marine. We operate globally from modern facilities in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, China and the USA. Kitron has 1200 highly skilled employees ensuring valueadded and innovative services along the entire value chain of electronic manufacturing.

Offshore/Marine product manufacturing, testing & maintenance

The Offshore/Marine sector is one of Kitron's areas of particular EMS competence. Quality demands are extremely high for electronic assemblies in this area, with special coating processes and traceability often required. Production runs are often small and complex. The proper development and industrialization phases are critical for success. Kitron offers all the support you need. We have the expertise, technology and flexibility to handle all aspects of such projects.

Kitron divides the Offshore/Marine sector into three main areas:

  • Subsea production systems
  • Oil and gas exploration equipment
  • Navigation, positioning, automation and control systems for the marine sector.
Kitron works closely with customers - from concept, design and engineering work, with materials selection and sourcing, to testing, production, logistics and support. Each customer has a single point of contact and direct access to a cross-functional team of specialists who put Kitron's vast know-how and resources at their disposal. The focus is on ensuring that quality is right while optimizing costs and bringing the products to the market in the shortest time possible.

Subsea Electronics & Seismic Equipment

Kitron makes high-quality electronic equipment for the subsea electronic module (SEM) that is part of the subsea control module (SCM) used in subsea operations worldwide. The company also produces state-of-the-art seismic equipment that is fully tested - electronically, visually and functionally.

Kitron global sourcing specialists have a deep understanding of lifecycle cost analysis and regulatory requirements. In choosing suppliers and components, the company knows how to take advantage of the opportunities that the global market offers. Kitron thus helps customers gain competitive advantage through lower material costs, better quality and a seamless supply chain.

Kitron has extensive experience manufacturing, assembling and testing electronics products, with full PCBA and Box-build/HLA capabilities. Kitron’s modern facilities in diverse locations worldwide have automated assembly lines for PCBs, electronics, microelectronics and micromechanics, also handling system integration, repairs and upgrades, product marking, traceability and packing.

Reference customers & projects

ABB, Schlumberger, Hernis and FMC Technologies are among the international customers that have benefitted from Kitron's Offshore/Marine EMS expertise and can provide references.

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1375 Billingstad, NORWAY
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Quality standards
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • EN/AS 9100:2009
  • IRIS rev.2
  • ISO 13485:2003
  • 21-CFR-820-QSR
  • AQAP 2120

manufacturer of marine electronics

With more than 3,000 employees in 25 countries, Kongsberg Maritime is among the world’s leading manufacturers of marine electronics, providing innovative and reliable solutions for shipping, the offshore, oil and gas, subsea, navy, coastal marine and fisheries industries as well as equipment for maritime training, port and harbour surveillance.

For the offshore and marine industry, Kongsberg Maritime’s product range includes systems for dynamic positioning and navigation, marine automation, cargo management and level sensors, maritime training simulators and position reference systems. The company is a market leader in dynamic positioning systems, automation and surveillance systems, process automation, satellite navigation and hydroacoustics, and important markets include countries with large offshore and shipyard industries.

Among the company’s latest products is the ergonomically designed K-Master integrated aft bridge work station, which combines navigation, control and manoeuvring functions in one solution. Within easy reach of the operator, the K-Master workstation includes interactive interfaces for: Dynamic Positioning (DP), independent DP joystick, manual thrust control, alarm and monitoring / vessel automation, central bridge alarm system, chart radar, conning display and communication devices. By introducing K-Master for the aft bridge, Kongsberg Maritime now offers a complete solution for the whole bridge, in addition to fully integrated automation and control solutions, as part of its Full Picture delivery concept.

Leading Technologies

Kongsberg Maritime provides leading technologies within:

  • Dynamic positioning, joystick and thruster control systems
  • Radar, ECDIS, autopilot and navigation systems
  • Voyage data recorder and AIS
  • Integrated automation systems
  • Propulsion control systems
  • Cargo handling systems
  • Sensors and transmitters
  • Engine performance systems
  • Process control and safety systems
  • Attitude determination systems
  • Simulator systems
  • Tank management
  • Hull performance systems
  • Electronic logbooks and reports

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NO-3601 Kongsberg, Norway
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designer & manufacturer of cables

Established in 1913, NEK Kabel has more than 100 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying diverse cables for a wide range of applications. This enables NEK Kabel to operate in the most demanding international markets for both standard and tailor made cable. The company supplies fibre, coax, LAN and bus cables.

Communication Cables for the Marine & Oil & Gas Industries

Over the years, NEK Kabel has continually developed a series of communication cables for the marine and oil and gas industries. Nowadays, the company offers the most comprehensive range of DNV and, soon, ABS approved cables. These include LAN, bus, coaxial, RS, fibre and custom made cables. The company takes pride in being flexible with short delivery time and low quantity for production.

The approved cables are made according to the highest degrees for being fire retardant, and they are also available with armour and mud resistant outer jackets according to NEK 606.

Cables for Extreme Environments

NEK Kabel is also a supplier of cable for extreme environments and meets the requirements for:

  • Arctic grade cables with
    – 65 degrees Celsius
  • Cables for high temperatures and being fire resistant
  • Cables for underwater and subsea application

Global Network

NEK Kabel is today present in Norway, Finland and Asia Pacific, and with a growing global network of representatives, agents and distributors, granting support and availability of cables right where its customers are.

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NO-1471 Lørenskog, Norway
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distributor of computers & equipment

Last Mile Communication AS has since 1999 been a distributor of industrial data communication and IP – video camera solutions. That includes products like copper modem, fiber modem, radio & GSM modem and most types of industrial protocols, including Ethernet. In cooperation with its customers and suppliers Last Mile Communication AS delivers equipment and systems for installations all over the world. This also includes customized solutions on commission as well as consultancy support.


The markets Last Mile Communication AS approach are the power industry, surveillance & safety, maritime, offshore, oil & gas and the aviation industry.


Industrial Data Communication, Radio Telemetry solutions, IP Video solutions, Distributed Antenna Systems.

Scandinavia’s leading distributor

After 17 years Last Mile Communication AS has established itself as Scandinavia’s leading distributor of robust and customized data communication and video solutions for all industrial environments, both ashore and at sea, like on oil platforms.

Askerveien 61
1383 Asker
P.O. Box 46, 1373 Asker
Tel: +47 6690 7980


control levers & joysticks

Lilaas AS is a world-leading manufacturer of maritime control levers, joysticks and wheels. Fishing boats and ferries, supply vessels, large tankers, cruise ships and cranes are manoeuvred by control levers from Lilaas. The company has been in business for more than 50 years. Lilaas’ governing idea has always been quality. Traditions are important, but the company is in a constant stage of transition, as its customers are.

Control Units

Control units are the major contributor to Lilaas’ turnover. They include products that range from the simple to the very complex, from one-axis control levers, hand wheels and rudder controls to azimuth control units and multi-axis joysticks. All units may be delivered motorized on all axes and with several optional features. Most models are certified by DNV GL .

The Azimuth Electronic Shaft System (AESS), developed by Lilaas and known for its reliability, is used in a wide range of applications. Master and slave control levers are connected for simultaneous operation.

  • L04, a modern and extremely compact multifunction joystick.
    • Redundant magnetic sensors
    • 1-2 or 3 axis
    • IP 54
    • USB interface (option)
    • Cost effective
Specialized Solutions

Unique design, top-grade materials and thorough testing produce products of high quality that require a minimum of service and maintenance. In addition to a broad standard assortment of control levers, Lilaas offers specialized solutions designed to customer specifications. The company has experienced excellent working cooperation between customers, professional industrial designers and its own engineers. Accordingly, Lilaas is introducing a new in–house developed generation of high software content, electrically controlled levers and Joysticks wich marks a step-change for the company and its customers.

Awards for Design Excellence

Lilaas has received a handful of awards for design excellence, both national and international. The company has been awarded Norwegian Design Council’s award for Design Excellence several times, and received the Red Dot award once from the international Red Dot Institute for Advanced Design Studies.

Skilled & Capable

The company has recruited a staff of skilled operators and engineers and created state-of-the-art equipped departments for mechanical production and manual assembly. It cooperates with demanding customers in offshore and maritime related business in Europe, Asia and in USA. Lilaas also supplies precision mechanics to medicine, defence, space/ satellite related industries.

Modern machinery and a skilled staff make the company capable to cope with stringent grades of tolerance, a characteristic force of its production. The machine department produces small and medium-sized details in a range of materials, such as stainless/ acid-proof steel, titan, inconel 718, covar, hasteloy, brass, aluminium and various plastic materials. The Lilaas factory uses CNC controlled machine tools with integrated CAD/CAM, and design and production uses technology such as Pro/Engineer and EdgeCam.

PO Box 705
NO-3196 Horten, Norway
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ibs & dp systems, communication

Marine Technologies, LLC (MT) is a US based company dedicated to providing superior vessel control solutions to the international offshore and commercial shipping industries. MT’s products include dynamic positioning systems, integrated bridge systems, thruster control systems and advanced VSAT communications. The company is headquartered in Mandeville, Louisiana, with offices in Norway, Singapore and Brazil.

MT was established in 2002 with the goal of developing a better dynamic positioning (DP) system. Within sixteen months, the first vessel equipped by MT was awarded a DP-2 classifi cation by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

Today, MT has become a one-stop resource for the shipping and offshore industries, offering a variety of cuttingedge vessel control systems and related services.

MT produces and delivers type-approved DP systems representing all International Maritime Organization (IMO) classes, as well as less complex DP and joystick solutions. If it’s sophistication that’s needed, MT’s Bridge Mate Integrated Bridge System (IBS) holds the DNV-type approval of NAUT-OSV/AW – the most comprehensive bridge class notation in the industry today.

Completing MT’s range of services is C-Comm, offerning customers reliable, seemless global VSAT coverage at affordable prices.

Hovlandsveien 44
NO-4370 Egersund, Norway
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research & development of marine technology

The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) performs research and development for companies in the field of marine technology. MARINTEK is a company in SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia.

    Main Areas

    MARINTEK’s main areas of focus are:

  • Offshore hydrodynamics
  • Marine operations and simulation
  • Structural engineering
  • Ship technology
  • Maintenance technology
  • Efficient operations and logistics
  • Energy systems and environment
  • Ocean energy
  • Maritime communication and information technology
Ship Concepts

MARINTEK has the testing facilities, expertise and analytical tools for the purpose of developing operationally efficient and safe ship concepts. These include:

  • Concept development and the testing of hull and propulsion systems
  • Propulsion and control
  • Manoeuvring and ship handling
  • Sea-keeping performance and operational criteria development
  • Sea loads
  • Structure analysis
  • Machinery plant design analysis

    Energy Systems & Environment

    Minimal environmental impact and optimal Emission to air is the greatest challenge for the shipping industry. MARINTEK provides technology development for improving energy consumption and reduction of emissions. MARINTEK also offers measurement services on site for documentation for energy and emission profi le:

  • Environmentally friendly energy concepts for ships, including LNG as fuel
  • Retrofitting of green technologies for ships
  • Measurement services for documentation of energy consumption and emission to air
    Efficient Operations & Logistics

    MARINTEK is at the forefront of the An increasingly important requirement in shipping is high-quality organizational performance in logistics and ship operation. To help achieve this, MARINTEK provides:

  • Logistics planning and analysis
  • Logistics and fleet optimization
  • Integrated management systems for demanding ship operations
  • Technical condition and performance analysis support
  • Maritime information management and digital communication technology
    Laboratory Facilities
  • Ocean basin
  • Ship model tank
  • Cavitation laboratory
  • Marine structures laboratory
  • Energy/machinery laboratory
  • Sloshing laboratory
  • Marine cybernetics laboratory
  • Circulating water tunnel

NTNU (the Norwegian University of Science and Technology) is a cooperative partner of MARINTEK within R&D strategic programmes. MARINTEK is one of the main supporters of NTNU's AMOS - Centre of Excellence for autonomous marine operations and systems. Its focus is on hydrodynamics, structural mechanics, guidance, navigation and control.

A University Technology Centre has been set up by Rolls-Royce, NTNU and MARINTEK within propulsion and control. MARINTEK, together with NTNU, is one of the strongest civil centres of maritime R&D in the Western world.

Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute
PO Box 4125 Valentinlyst
NO-7450 Trondheim, Norway
Tel: +47 464 15 000


oil spill technology

The Markleen Group is a leading manufacturer of oil spill response systems. The company provides complete packages comprising all equipment and services required for installations onboard oil recovery vessels, at a refinery or a petrochemical plant, in ports and in oil spill response bases in accordance with all class societies.

Main Objective

Markleen focuses on state-of-the-art engineering and production techniques in order to provide the most competitive and best performing systems on the market. Operator safety, fast response, minimal manpower requirements and high quality are principal concerns. The company’s objective is to be the best choice for its client’s bottom line over the long-term.


Markleen´s head offi ce is located in the seaside village of Vollen, approximately 20 kilometres south of Oslo. The group has more than 50 employees and makes its equipment at plants in Norway, Sweden and Spain.

Product Lines

  • Oil booms
  • Skimmers
  • Pumping systems
  • Oil bags and tanks
  • Hydraulic power packs
  • Dispersant spray equipment
  • Sorbents
  • Workboats

Slemmestadveien 416
NO-1390 Vollen, Norway
Tel: +47 66 85 51 40
Fax: +47 66 85 51 41


consultancy to marine and offshore industry

Neptun Maritime is a consultancy company which provides services to marine and offshore industry. The company’s main focus is on offshore vessels, but it also services other type of vessels. Neptun Maritime’s personnel have a great deal of experience from working with ship owners, shipyards, ship designers and equipment manufacturers. They have experience as sailing officers, engineers and supervisors on new building and conversion projects, from management, research and development. Neptun Maritime operates as an independent partner, always doing its best to comply with its clients’ requirements and to fulfil their expectations.

Project Management & Site Supervision

For ship owners, Neptun Maritime can offer complete project management for new building and conversion projects. This includes the management of complete process from writing building specification, collecting offers from shipyards, contract negotiations, management of the building process including:

  • Drawing and documentation review
  • Review of equipment specification
  • Site supervision including quality control, progress control, reporting and commissioning etc.

Neptun Maritime also offers the hiring of personnel. This includes supervisors and engineers for hire, which may be part of ship owners’ own organizations/site teams.

Assistance to Shipyards

Neptun Maritime offers advising assistance to shipyards which have less experience in building of, for example, advanced offshore vessels.

This may comprise the review of shipyard facilities, planning, organization etc. It may also include specific advising assistance during project execution like advisors for project management and for the different disciplines like engineering, planning, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical etc.

Neptun Maritime also offers the hiring of engineers to be a part of shipyards project organization. The company also offers different types of documentation including:

  • Harbour acceptance and sea trial test programs including procedures
  • SEEMP manuals/documentation

Equipment Packages Supplier

Neptun Maritime offers shipyard equipment packages for vessels according to the building specification. The company provides equipment from different suppliers collected into one package.

Based on the company’s long experience and relations to equipment suppliers Neptun Maritime offers its clients reliable equipment to their own and their customers’ satisfaction.

Neptun Maritime secures the interface between different equipment and ensures the delivery of equipment in accordance with its clients’ obligations.

The company carries out the interface coordination, provides documentation and follows up the entire delivery.

Neptun Maritime may alternatively offer the shipyard to collect a quotation from suppliers, carry out contract negotiations, check and expedite the delivery of the equipment. In this way the shipyard acts as the purchaser towards the suppliers themselves.

Bømlavegen 90
NO-5437 Finnås, Norway
Tel: +47 53 22 60 00


supplier of engines and propulsion equipment

Founded in 1913 Nogva Motorfabrikk AS is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of engines and propulsion equipment. The company supplies complete propulsion systems and auxiliary power units for both marine and industrial utilization. Nogva Motorfabrikk AS also supplies motors and equipment to leisure craft, major offshore vessels and the majority of boats in between.

Marine gearboxes

Nogva marine gearboxes are manufactured for the 80 to 900 hp range. The company’s gearboxes are equipped with a hydraulic servo system for CP propellers, enabling the propeller pitch to vary between full ahead to full astern. With a SAE C 12/24 DP standard fl ange connection, Nogva’s HC-258 and HC- 168 gearboxes can be supplied with single or twin PTOs for operation of equipment such as hydraulic pumps.

Propeller systems

Nogva offers three types of propellers: CP propellers, propellers with axle thrust and propellers that can be adjusted externally. All of Nogva’s newer models are 3-blade B-series propellers.

Wide range of engines

Nogva Motorfabrikk AS is the Norwegian representative for several lines of marine engines, including:

  • John Deere
  • Scania
  • Cummins

N-6280 SØVIK
Tel: +47 70 20 84 00
Fax: +47 70 20 84 10



Norwegian Shipbuilders is the joint sales and marketing organization for more than 20 Norwegian shipyards, representing a broad range of facilities capable of building all types of vessels.

A forum for all kinds of yard jobs

Norwegian Shipbuilders is the joint sales and marketing organization for more than 20 competing shipyards located along the coast of Norway. The organization’s role is to liaise with Norwegian and foreign shipowners, and to find them the best offer for any kind of shipbuilding assignment. The member yards have specialized in their fields for generations and have extensive expertise in all aspects of shipbuilding, from newbuildings to conversions and repairs. They can refer to a comprehensive list of completed assignments and satisfied owners. Norwegian Shipbuilders provides a meeting place for all the member yards. The organization’s main job is to make all the services of its members available and to act as a coordinator during all phases of an assignment.

Finding the right yard for the job

Detailed knowledge of all its member companies gives Norwegian Shipbuilders the necessary insight to recommend which of the yards are best suited to undertake a specific assignment to the maximum benefit of the client. The organization can thereby save the clients unnecessary work by connecting them directly with those member yards which have the best expertise and capacity for the job in question.

Competition ensures the right price

Each yard works independently and on its own terms during the tendering procedure, in full competition with the other members. Norwegian Shipbuilders feels a great sense of responsibility for ensuring that each client is offered a good product at the right price, delivered at the agreed time. This reflects the view that satisfied customers are the best reference.

All types of vessels

The member yards cover new building, conversion and repair of all types of vessel. Norwegian Shipbuilders can therefore offer any kind of merchant vessel, fishing vessel, offshore unit or other specialized vessel adapted to meet individual requirements.

No job is too demanding

All the member yards have carried out assignments requiring a high level of competence. A number of special vessels built for challenging applications have been delivered to shipowners worldwide. Feedback has indicated that these vessels have fully met the demands. As a result Norwegian Shipbuilders has a number of regular customers who have built a large proportion of their fleets at its members’ yards. By serving quality-conscious customers, the organization has acquired top-level shipbuilding expertise. No job is too demanding. The more complicated an assignment is, the better.

Specialist in modern shipbuilding

Norwegian Shipbuilders is staffed by a group of people with long experience from shipping and shipbuilding. Founded in 1945 as the West Norway Shipbuilders Association, its name was changed in 1990 to Norwegian Shipbuilders Sales and Marketing Organization. The purpose was to reflect the industry’s own request – to convert the organization into a pure sales and marketing body. Over the years, a good and lasting collaboration has been built up with shipping companies world-wide. This cooperation has given the member yards detailed knowledge of the requirements which modern vessels must meet. The organization makes its knowledge available to everyone who is thinking of building, converting or repairing ships.

The board consists of the shipyard’s CEOs

Norwegian Shipbuilders belongs to the member yards themselves, and its objective is to look after the member’s interests. Its board consists of shipbuilding chief executives, who draw up guidelines for the organization’s activities.

PO Box 231
NO-5804 Bergen, Norway
Tel: +47 55 30 17 50
Fax: +47 55 30 17 51


environmental treatment of ballast water

Through years of experience the Optimarin Ballast System has become one of the most sold systems for environmental treatment of ballast water. Today, Optimarin focuses on continuous improvement while keeping in mind that such systems should be simple and flexible.

No Chemicals

As a pioneer in the ballast water industry, Optimarin has developed an optimal solution for ballast water treatment. The OBS is based solely on pre-filtration and UV irradiation for efficient removal and inactivation of marine organisms. The Ex-approved OBS is one of the few treatment options that does not require or generate any chemicals or biocides in its treatment and cleaning process.

Simple & Flexible

The Optimarin Ballast System has a small footprint and weight, and is therefore easy to install on board existing vessels as well as on new builds. Customers can choose either a pre-assembled skid mount or a modular system that can be tailored into any vessel. By using 3D scanning in existing vessels the OBS will be installed with an optimal solution, saving both space and time. The OBS accommodates a wide range of ballast water flow capacities and can handle flows up to 3,000 cubic metres and hour, and even higher upon request.

Standardized Components

The modular OBS uses standardized components for all flow configurations. All UV spare parts can be used for any system configuration which provides simple procurement and logistic operation for both owners and operators of large and diverse fleets. The OBS comes with one of three types of filter: Boll &Kirch, FilterSafe and Filtrex. Customers have easy access to spare parts such as UV lamps, filter elements, etc. supplied by Optimarin’s partners around the world.

Easy Maintenance

The simple and reliable design with few movable parts makes the OBS one of the systems that requires the least maintenance and ensures operational reliability. The patented UV chamber which is made of copper-nickel and has a high water flow (167m³/h) and high UV intensity makes the UV lamps and the internals of the UV chamber self-cleaning and ensures a long service life. A self-cleaning UV system combined with the automatic back-flushing filters results in a minimal requirement for system cleaning and maintenance for the ship crew.

Optimizing Power Consumption

OBS is certified to adjust the power consumption according to the UV intensity. The system will automatically optimize the power usage depending on UV intensity which is based on the water quality during ballasting. The extensive treatment capability of OBS has shown that the OBS is capable of meeting both IMO and USCG regulations as well as the more stringent California standard.

Sjøveien 34
NO-4315 Sandnes, Norway
Tel: +47 51 11 45 33


global marine products & solutions

PG Flow Solutions AS is based on a global partnership together with leading international brands within their specific fields of operations. Norwegian (PG Flow Solutions AS) and English (Calder Ltd), the company is an independent engineering and systems-integrating entity, specializing in manufacturing core products. The company’s mission is to meet demands in the global marine and offshore markets with innovative solutions and products, as well as serve as a complete system provider for liquid handling processes.

Founded in 1982 as a pump supplier for the Norwegian maritime industry, the company’s evolution followed hand-in-hand with the technological development of the North Sea offshore market.

As these technologies and businesses gradually became more global, PG Flow Solutions made its way out into international waters and markets.

Nye Vakaas vei 14
NO–1395 Hvalstad, Norway
Tel: +47 66 77 56 00
Fax: +47 66 77 56 01


marine technology, products & systems

Rolls-Royce is one of the largest international suppliers of marine technology, products and systems. The Marine division of Rolls-Royce has 6,000 employees in 34 countries and serves both the naval and commercial sectors. The Marine division is largely based in Scandinavia.

A Force in Marine Solutions

Rolls-Royce Marine specializes in ship design and the design and delivery of propulsion, positioning, maneuvering, motion control and ship systems. The company is one of the world´s foremost suppliers of marine propulsion systems, deck machinery and steering and stabilizing systems for the offshore, merchant and naval segments of the global marine market.

Ship Design & Ship Systems

The company places great emphasis on fulfilling customer requirements – often designing and developing vessels before customers request them – and creating innovations that anticipate future demands. Its UT series ship designs are built worldwide. Rolls-Royce system solutions include fully integrated ship equipment systems in which the company provides designs and relevant documentation, delivery coordination, and guarantees of high quality and low lifecycle costs. It also offers a wide range of consultancy services, ranging from initial design to ship equipment supply and planned maintenance.

Rolls-Royce Product range
  • Propulsion systems
  • Diesel and gas engines
  • Gas turbines
  • Propellers and reduction gears
  • Azimuth thrusters
  • Tunnel thrusters
  • Podded propulsors
  • Waterjets
  • Rotary vane steering gear
  • Rudders
  • Deck machinery
  • Cranes
  • Launch and recovery systems
  • Automated handling systems for seismic and subsea
  • Bulk handling systems
  • Stabilization systems
  • Automation systems
  • Dynamic position systems
  • Ship design

Technological strength and decades of experience gives Rolls-Royce the ability to design, build, deliver and support fully integrated system solutions.

PO Box 1522
NO-6025 Aalesund, Norway
Tel: +47 815 20 070


marine simulation & training centre

Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre AS (SMSC) is an innovative company with international recognition within real-time simulation of complex marine operations and simulator based training of ship officers and crane operators. The company’s focus areas are shuttle tank operations, crane- and lifting operations, dynamic positioning, arctic marine operations and onboard training systems. SMSC develops and maintains its own simulators that are also utilized for custom simulation projects within the company’s focus areas.


Offshore vessels are increasing in number, size and complexity, further increasing the demand for officers with the necessary skills and experience. Training in onshore simulators is widely used to train new officers and to maintain skills and competence of existing crew.

SMSC now makes it possible to perform unmatched realistic training onboard any vessel, by placing the actual vessel in a simulated environment. The patented innovation is named the Onboard Training System (“OTS”) and has been developed in close cooperation with Simon Møkster Shipping AS, and with support from Innovation Norway.


When training with the OTS, the vessel is in safe, open waters, and it is operated as it normally would be, using either manual controls or the vessel’s dynamic positioning system. The vessel’s motions and position in the real world are then replicated in the virtual world based on input from the vessel’s GPS and Gyro. The virtual world is shown on a dedicated screen on the bridge, directly in front of the officer undergoing training. The virtual world can contain any simulated objects and installations, such as other vessels, oilrigs, buoys, piers, etc.

By using the OTS, an officer can practice an approach to an installation, docking the ship at any port, navigating in narrow and constricted waters, and virtually any other operations.


Simon Møkster’s vessel Strilmøy has been the test platform for prototype versions of the OTS during the development of the product. The pre-release version was installed onboard in November 2013 for final testing prior to release, and the final version is now available.


The advantages of the OTS include, but are not limited to:

  • Hazardous operations may be tested and practiced in a risk free environment
  • Train and familiarize crew with manoeuvring characteristics and control instruments on own ship
  • Familiarize crew with procedures on own ship
  • OTS is ideal for training and familiarizing new crew
  • Crew may train on relevant scenarios for DP
  • User specific exercise data logged in onshore database – provides objective evidence of training
  • Professional and modern interface makes the product attractive and easy to use
  • The OTS includes exercises for systematic training of DP operators

Ladehammerveien 4
NO-7041 Trondheim, Norway
Tel: +47 73 56 14 00


marine electronics

SKIPPER Electronics AS develops and manufactures marine electronics for merchant fleet, fishing and navy purposes. The company’s designs are based on experience, research and traditions.

About the Company

SKIPPER Electronics is situated in Oslo, Norway, in modern facilities with development, production, training, warehouse and office at the same location. This makes SKIPPER a flexible and reliable supplier of navigational electronics. SKIPPER Electronics AS is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and all the navigational electronics is IMO Wheelmarked. SKIPPER products are known worldwide for reliability, quality, sophistication and good value for money.

Navigational Echo Sounders

  • SKIPPER GDS101 – Single channel echo sounder with three frequencies 38, 50 and 200 kHz. The depth range is 0-1,600 metres depending on the transducer, featuring a 10.4” colour display
  • SKIPPER GDS102 – Dual channel echo sounder. Programmable frequencies 10-265 kHz. Both channels may be selected and shown on the screen simultaneously. The depth range is 0-5,000 metres depending on factors as frequency of the transducer. Features a 10.4” colour display

Navigational Speed Logs

  • SKIPPER DL850 – Two Axis Doppler Speed Log. Speed through water (STW) and speed over ground (SOG) in longitudinal and transversal direction Available in a docking version (three axis) with aft transversal speed. Max speed +/- 40 knots. Features a 10.4” colour display
  • SKIPPER EML224 and EML224 Compact – Electromagnetic speed log (STW) available in three different versions:
    • Graphic display 10.4” STW in two axis
    • Compact display (28 x30 LED dot matrix) STW in two axis
    • Compact display (28 x30 LED dot matrix) STW in one axis (longitudinal)
    • Max speed is +/-40 knots
  • SKIPPER DL1 and DL1 Multi – Single axis Doppler speed log. (STW) in longitudinal direction. The DL1 is available in two different versions:
    • DL1Compact display (28 x30 LED dot matrix)
    • DL1-Multi Compact display (28 x30 LED dot matrix). LAN interface
    • Max speed is +/-50 knots

SKIPPER Transducers

SKIPPER Transducers are provided with a large range of bottom mountings, including:

  • Sea valves for single and double bottom
  • Steel tanks
  • Aluminium tanks
  • A large range of retrofit solutions
  • For ice class vessels the company can provide:
    • Sea valves
    • Steel tanks with ice protection plate for echo sounder transducers

Navigational Speed Logs to be Released in 2014

  • SKIPPER DL21 – Two axis Doppler speed log (STW + SOG) and an electronically separated single axis Doppler speed log (STW). It will cover the new section of speed logs provided by vessels more than 50,000 GRT. Both speed logs will be mounted in one single 100 millimetre sensor. LAN interfaces for possible IBS integration
  • SKIPPER DL2 – Two axis doppler speed log (STW + SOG) will provide the vessels longitudinal and transverse movement (dual axis speed log). LAN interfaces for possible IBS integration. Available in a docking version (three axis), with aft transversal speed

Navigational echo sounders to be released in 2014

  • SKIPPER ES1 – Single channel echo sounder with touch display and/or LAN interface for possible IBS integration. The SKIPPER ES1 incorporates chirp processing

PO Box 151 Manglerud
NO-0612 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 23 30 22 70


it infrastructure vendor & systems integrator

Sohome is a vendor and system integrator for IT infrastructure for the maritime and offshore industry. With the high demand of product quality needed in these areas, Sohome has developed products to meet these needs. With Sohome’s 10 years of experience with customers in these areas, the company always learns and has a constant focus on being better and creating new products.

Specialized within IT infrastructure for Maritime Solutions

Sohome has specialized within IT infrastructure for maritime solutions. In cooperation with DNV GL Sohome has taken the steps to make sure the products follow international standards such as ISO/ IEC 11801 for cabling and NORSOK’s standards. Solutions have been delivered to vessels and rigs which operates in the harsh environments from storm to extreme temperatures, vibrations and saltwater. Reference list includes projects such as Edvard Grieg, Gina Krog, Aasta Hansteen, Mariner and Goliat as well as PSVs from Vard, Kleven and Havyard shipyards

Maritime LAN

Sohome is one of the major integrators in the maritime segment in Norway

  • Part of the group who developed the first ISO/IEC 11801 standard
  • Experience from all the steps within IT cabling from Cat. 3-4-5-6-7, fibre optic multimode and single mode
  • Developed the brand BERGEN CABLING which consists of a DNV GL approved Cat6A/Cat7 cables and solutions
  • Developed the first market solution Cat7 and single mode fibres in a hybrid cable which is DNV GL approved
  • Versatile cables for a number of applications, e.g. structured cabling, CCTV, POE, entertainment
Services & Solutions

Sohome can offer the following:

  • Design Maritime LAN – Using DNV GL approved solutions Sohome can design maritime LAN in every kind of vessel. It includes drawings and cable pulling list for the installer
  • Project Management – Design of complete solutions including active equipment together with partners. Sohome can be the customers’ representative in purchasing products or deliver a complete package
  • Training Centre – Training for installers in Maritime LAN. Training can be arranged in Bergen or on site.
  • Documentation and Installation – Sohome offers installation, testing and documentation of the network with its partners worldwide, onshore and offshore
  • Offshore cables – The complete range of offshore cables from Draka, e.g. QFCI, AICI, BFOU
  • Hook-up Solution – Outdoor quick connect fibre optic solution between rigs to easily share/extend the network
  • Fibre optic products –Cables, connectors, pigtails, patchcords, patchpanels, outlets
  • Cabinets/UPS/Cameras – Cabinets from Rittal, marine UPS from Eaton, SS1316L cameras from Hikvision

Sandviksbodene 77c
NO-5035 Bergen, Norway
Tel: +47 55 31 27 00
Fax: +47 55 31 27 01


Marine technology, products & systems

Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for many industries, including the maritime segment.

The company has been engaged in automation industry for more than 40 years and Valmet’s automation systems have been installed on board a large number of vessels. Automation solutions for cruise ships have been one of the very successful business areas. Valmet Automation AS in Norway is the centre of excellence for Valmet’s marine automation business line. The company coordinates Valmet’s local expertise worldwide to expand the business and provide the best service for their customers.

Ship automation since the early 1980s

Ship automation systems based on Valmet technology have a long history. Development work on ship automation systems started in the early 1980s with Damatic Classic and has continued through to today’s Valmet DNA. The majority of installations have been for advanced ship types, such as cruise vessels.

Valmet DNA for high availability

In particular, reliability and high availability by redundancy features and high product quality have contributed to the success of Valmet’s automation systems.

Complete Integration and versatile tools

With Valmet DNA, fully integrated control, alarm and monitoring solutions for machinery, electric power production, cargo, air-conditioning plants etc. are available. Valmet DNA offers the users versatile tools to analyze the historical performance and status of the controlled and monitored machinery.

Energy management

Valmet’s Energy Management System integrates with the Valmet DNA. It is a comprehensive tool that enables the crew to optimize the performance of machinery and systems, in the end saving fuel and providing sustainability.

Vibration based condition monitoring

Valmet DNA Machine Monitoring measures and analyses the mechanical condition and performance of rotating machinery units, based on vibration and other machine parameters. The online system enables 24/7 monitoring, thus providing the fastest possible way to act on problems and to secure safe sailing, protect assets and increase working environment safety.

Exhaust gas cleaning

Exhaust gas cleaning is another of the company’s products for the maritime industry. Valmet’s hybrid scrubber is a combination of open and closed loop scrubber, and it can operate in both modes. Sea water is used to wash the exhaust gas in open loop mode, and in closed loop mode the wash water is circulated and alkali added. In the special dual water hybrid mode the con¬sumption of chemical, fresh water and electricity is optimized and the emissions from the ship can always be kept within regulatory limits in a cost efficient way. Valmet is the first company to introduce the dual water hybrid solution to the market.

Teglverksveien 7
NO-3413 Lier, Norway
P.O. Box 468
NO-3002 Drammen, Norway
Tel: +47 32 22 95 50
Fax: +47 32 84 17 93


Marine technology, products & systems

Vestdavit designs, supplies and supports tailor-made solutions for launching and recovering boats in difficult conditions at sea. Our range of boat handling systems and davits are the first choice of navies, coastguards, seismic survey operators, pilot authorities and offshore operators who need to be able to operate small boats safely from larger vessels.

Increased time on task

Vestdavit’s tailor-made solutions for launching and recovering boats in difficult conditions at sea widen the operational window for users.

Improved safety

Vestdavit davits are built around a fail-safe self-tension system, a shock absorber to take peak loads and an end stop which all ensure crew safety while handling boats in demanding conditions.

Reduced operating costs

Vestdavit systems need very little maintenance between five-yearly services and only a single operator when in use.

Reduced crew training

Vestdavit systems are easy to use and intuitive, reducing the need for crew training. Vestdavit provides training for all its systems.

Reduced maintenance costs

Vestdavit focuses on reliability and ease of maintenance when designing systems. Users benefit from simpler, less frequent maintenance and fewer spare parts needed.

Proven reliability

Vestdavit has supplied over 1,800 davits and side and stern launch systems since 1975. They have proven themselves over more than 35 years use in the North Sea and other harsh environments around the world.

Damsgårdsveien 143
N-5160 Laksevåg, Norway
Tel: +47 55 54 92 00


ac motor drives, process controls
& integrated electric propulsion systems

STADT AS has developed, manufactured and installed AC motor drives, process controls and integrated electric propulsion systems for ships for 30 years. The company has always focussed on the development of sustainable solutions that will have a positive impact on environmental issues on a global scale.


Sustainable technology has been proven to provide huge advantages compared to traditional PWM-technology. STADT STASCHO has no electric losses and eliminates electric disturbances. This technology is perfect for fully electric ships.

For Civil & Military Vessels

Through the development of the STASCHO, STADT has put great effort in designing a converter system that can serve without major maintenance for more than 25 years. This has been possible by eliminating most of the DC components that have a limited lifetime that are typically found in PWM drives.

Fuel & Emission Reduction up to 60%

Major savings can be achieved by using the STADT STASCHO in ship propulsion system. This is possible due to the optimal operation of generator sets, and the no loss electric AC motor control for the propellers. Pollution from CO2, NOx, SOx is reduced equally.

Molovegen 2
NO-6083 Gjerdsvika, Norway
Tel: +47 70 02 58 00

Service Provider

commercial law firm

Kvale is a leading Norwegian business law firm with 65 lawyers. The firm’s main focus is on the offshore sector, which includes petroleum- and maritime operations.

Legal Services to Shipping & Offshore Companies

Kvale’s offshore group assists parties operating within the shipping sector, including shipowners, charterers and oil companies. Kvale is recognized for its strong competence within contract law and the firm has broad experience in advising on the various contracts applicable to maritime activities (inter alia charter parties, supply contracts, vessel service contracts, salvage contracts).

Kvale is providing legal services within all parts of the shipping and offshore industry, including maritime law, ship building, ship financing, marine insurance, tax law, environmental law and safety regulations.

Kvale’s unique competence within the oil and gas sector has been an important basis for Kvale’s activity within the maritime sector. The firm possesses a unique understanding of the interfaces between petroleum legislation and the maritime law regulating activities undertaken by support vessels etc.

Kvale has a frame agreement for legal services with the Norwegian Coastal Administration, a governmental body responsible for vessel traffic services, pilot services, national preparedness against acute pollution, maritime legislation and transport planning.

Kvale’s lawyers have considerable experience working with international treaties and regulations applicable for the shipping industry, and the firm has a team with lawyers specialized in EU law.

Kvale’s M&A/Corporate team has extensive experience with shipping transactions, and is acknowledged for its high quality services.

Kvale is highly recommended by leading rating bureaus such as Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners, and is considered as one of the best offshore firms in Norway. Our strong understanding of the offshore and maritime industry is a key to continue to provide top services within this field.

“Kvale Advokatfi rma DA is the best law firm in oil and gas sector, procurement and construction.”

Chambers Europe

PO Box 1752, Vika
NO-0122 Oslo, Norway
Tel: + 47 22 47 97 00
Fax: + 47 21 05 85 85
Contact person:
Yngve Bustnesli:
Tel: + 47 99 33 57 57

Service Provider

maritime software solutions & services

Star Information Systems (SIS) is a world leader within maritime software and services in the shipping- and offshore industry. The software is developed to allow efficient and safe operation of all kind of vessels and rigs. The company has today 54 employees, the headquarter is in Trondheim – the technology capital in Norway, in addition to offices in Brazil and Singapore. SIS has close relations to the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia, SINTEF in addition to MARINTEK (Norsk Marinteknisk Forskningsinstitutt AS).

Asset Management

Users can track their assets, including rental equipment and their costs.


Automated procurement and material tracking can be used for reduced cost and improved availability.


Users can plan daily maintenance tasks and projects. They can monitor their barriers, performance and continuous maintenance improvement cycle.


Preventive safety and risk reducing work can be combined with deviations and undesired event reporting.

About the Company

Star IPS is presently used onboard more than 1,800 ships/rigs across approximately 150 ship- and rig- owners/managers. The company has customers in all segments; jack-ups, semisubmersibles, drilling rigs, drill ships, FPSOs, land rigs, accommodation rigs, supply vessels, passenger/cruise ferries, product/chemical tankers, bulkers, tankers and third party managers.

Star Information System’s largest customers in the Offshore segment include well-known operators such as Cosl Drilling, Ocean Rig, Sapura Kencana, Prosafe, Farstad Offshore, Solstad Offshore, Teekay Offshore, Cotemar, Axis and many others.


Star Information Systems is a world-class provider of maritime software solutions and services. The company provides maritime software solutions and services to maximize profitability and operational safety for our customers.

SIS’ focus is to provide one integrated package onboard, which is easy-to-use, easy to maintain and covers all areas of operation for technical management.

The system is commonly run offline with replication/exchange of data every 24 hours from the ship to a central database in a server in the office, and vice versa. The system can however be run online if so required.

The office (server) concept allows companies to have one system, which can be integrated to any third party application such as financial accounting, or a crew management/payroll system.

Kjøpmannsgt. 35
NO-7011 Trondheim, Norway
Tel: +47 73 87 62 00





Automation Systems

  • Kitron ASA
  • Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS
  • Valmet Automation AS

Ballast Control Systems

  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
  • John Gjerde AS
  • Optimarin AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Bilge Control Systems

  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine

Cargo Control Systems

  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
  • Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS
  • Valmet Automation AS

Communications Systems for Remote Monitoring

  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)

Condition Monitoring Systems

  • Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • Valmet Automation AS

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

  • Consilium Norway AS

Level Gauging & Tank Control Systems

  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
  • John Gjerde AS
  • Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Manoeuvring & Propulsion Remote Control Systems

  • Brunvoll AS
  • Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • Lilaas AS
  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Power Management Systems

  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)
  • Nogva Motorfabrikk AS
  • Valmet Automation AS

Propulsion Control Systems

  • Brunvoll AS
  • Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • Lilaas AS
  • Nogva Motorfabrikk AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Remote Sounding Systems

  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine

Sensors & Transmitters

  • Ahlsell Norge AS
  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
  • Kitron ASA
  • Kongsberg Maritime AS

Valve Remote Control Systems

  • Ahlsell Norge AS
  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine

Vessel Monitoring Systems

  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)

Cargo Control Equipment

  • Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS
  • Valmet Automation AS

Cargo Handling Equipment & Lifts

  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Cargo Pumps

  • Framo AS
  • PG Flow Solutions AS

Cargo Valves

  • Ahlsell Norge AS
  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
  • John Gjerde AS

Liquid Cargo Handling Systems

  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
  • Kongsberg Maritime AS

CP Propeller Systems

  • Nogva Motorfabrikk AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

CP Propeller Systems Propeller Components

  • Nogva Motorfabrikk AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Diesel Engines

  • Nogva Motorfabrikk AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Engine Room Pumps

  • PG Flow Solutions AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Mechanical Power Transmission Systems & Gears

  • Nogva Motorfabrikk AS

Power Packs

  • Nogva Motorfabrikk AS
  • PG Flow Solutions AS

Propulsion Systems

  • Brunvoll AS
  • Nogva Motorfabrikk AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Propulsion Systems Propeller Components

  • Brunvoll AS
  • Nogva Motorfabrikk AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS


  • Ahlsell Norge AS
  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
  • John Gjerde AS

Air Dryers

  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine

Compressed Air Dryers & Filters

  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine

Anchor Handling, Mooring Systems & Deck Machinery

  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS


  • Last Mile Communication AS
  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)

Ballast Water Treatment Systems

  • Optimarin AS
  • PG Flow Solutions AS

Cables & Ropes

  • NEK Kabel AS

Cargo Pumps

  • Framo AS
  • PG Flow Solutions AS

  • Catwalks, Gangways, Ladders, Landings, Ramps & Staircases

    • Ahlsell Norge AS

    Closed-Circuit Television Systems

    • Last Mile Communication AS

    Davits & Launching Equipment

    • Vestdavit AS

    Fire Detection & Extinguishing Equipment

    • Consilium Norway AS

    Fire Fighting Units

    • Ahlsell Norge AS

    Galley Equipment

    • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine

    Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

    • Ahlsell Norge AS
    • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
    • PG Flow Solutions AS

    Hydraulic Components & Control Units

    • Ahlsell Norge AS
    • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
    • Brunvoll AS
    • Markleen AS
    • Vestdavit AS

    Hydrophore Units & Pressure Vessels

    • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
    • PG Flow Solutions AS

    Safety & Life-Saving Equipment

    • Ahlsell Norge AS

    Sanitation Equipment & Prefabricated Wet Units

    • Ahlsell Norge AS

    Steering Gear

    • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

    Survival Clothing & Suits

    • Ahlsell Norge AS
    • Hansen Protection

    Tunnel & Retractable Thrusters

    • Brunvoll AS
    • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

    Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

    • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
    • John Gjerde AS

    Venting Equipment

    • John Gjerde AS

    Waste Treatment Equipment

    • Markleen AS
    • Optimarin AS

    Water Heaters

    • Ahlsell Norge AS
    • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine

    Workshop Equipment

    • Ahlsell Norge AS





Maritime LAN IT Infrastructure

  • Last Mile Communication AS
  • Sohome AS

Satellite Communications Systems

  • Last Mile Communication AS
  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)

Shipboard Communications Systems

  • Last Mile Communication AS
  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)

Chart Database

  • Consilium Norway AS
  • Jeppesen Norway AS
  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)

Fleet & Ship Management Database

  • Jeppesen Norway AS
  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)
  • Star Information Systems AS (SIS)

Dynamic Positioning Systems

  • Kitron ASA
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

  • Kitron ASA

Integrated Bridge Systems

  • Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)

Search & Navigation Equipment

  • Consilium Norway AS
  • Jeppesen Norway AS
  • Kitron ASA
  • SKIPPER Electronics AS

Speed Logs

  • Consilium Norway AS
  • SKIPPER Electronics AS

Voyage Recorders

  • Consilium Norway AS
  • Jeppesen Norway AS

Administrative, Maintenance, Operation & Procurement Systems

  • Jeppesen Norway AS
  • Star Information Systems AS (SIS)

Design Software


Training Software

  • Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)
  • Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre AS (SMSC)




  • Jeppesen Norway AS

Communications & IT Services


Corrosion Monitoring

  • Fiskerstrand Verft AS

Design, Engineering & Package Deliveries

  • Fiskerstrand Verft AS
  • Markleen AS
  • Neptun Maritime AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Marine Environment Protection Consultancy


Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

  • Fiskerstrand Verft AS
  • Neptun Maritime AS
  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Research & Development


Staffi ng Company

  • Alex. Birger Grieg AS
  • Neptun Maritime AS
  • Export Credit Norway - GIEK
  • Kvale Advokatfirma DA

Construction, Repair & Conversion

  • Fiskerstrand Verft AS
  • Markleen AS
  • Norwegian Shipbuilders

General Maintenance Activities

  • Fiskerstrand Verft AS
  • Norwegian Shipbuilders

Maintenance Contracts

  • Fiskerstrand Verft AS
  • Norwegian Shipbuilders

Stores, Spares & Service

  • Brødrene Dahl AS - BD Marine
  • Alex. Birger Grieg AS

Training Programmes

  • Sohome AS

Training Simulators

  • Marine Technologies, LLC Norway (MT)
  • Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre AS (SMSC)
  • The Federation of Norwegian Industries
  • NHO - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
  • Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME)
  • Norwegian Shipbuilders
  • The Norwegian Shipowners' Association
  • Ocean Industry Forum for Oslofjord (OIFO)
  • Oslo Chamber of Commerce
  • Alex. Birger Grieg AS
  • Hinna Park
  • Neptun Maritime AS

Norway Abroad

The following list provides an overview of the Norwegian embassies, Consulate Generals and Innovation Norway offices located internationally. For more information on Norwegian embassy and Consulate General activities, please visit


Kabul - Embassy
Wazir Akbar Khan, Street 13, Lane 1
Tel: + 93 0 701 105 000
Fax satellite: +870 6000 61156


L’Ambassade Royale de Norvège à Alger, 07,
Chemin Doudoud Mokhtar, Ben-Aknoun, 16035 Alger
Tel: +213 215 91 41014
Fax: +213 215 91 415


Luanda – Embassy
Rua Garcia Neto nº 9, C.P. 3835, Luanda
Tel: +244 222 447522 / +244 222 447922
Fax: +244 222 446248


Buenos Aires – Embassy
Carlos Pellegrini 1427, piso 2, C1011AAC Buenos Aires
Tel: +54 11 37 24 12 00
Fax: +54 11 43 28 90 48


Royal Norwegian Embassy in Baku, ISR Plaza, 11th floor 69,
Nizami Street Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel: +994 12 4974325 / +994 12 4974326 / +994 12 4974327
Fax: +994 12 4973798


Vienna – Embassy
Reisner Str. 55, A-1030 Vienna
Tel: +43 01 71 660
Fax: +43 01 71 66 099


Canberra – Embassy
17 Hunter Street; Yarralumla, Canberra ACT 2600
Tel: +61 26 27 05 700
Fax: +61 26 27 05 701


Dhaka – Embassy
Bay’s Edgewater 6th Floor, Plot 12, North Avenue
Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212
Tel: +8802 55668570


Brussels – Embassy
Rue Archimede 17, B-1000 Brussels
Tél: +32 02 23 87 300
Fax: +32 02 23 87 390


Sarajevo – Embassy
Ferhadija 20; 2nd floor, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel: +387 33 254 000
Fax: +387 33 666505


Brasilia – Embassy
SES 807 Avenida das Nacões; Lote 28, CEP 70, BR-418-900 Brasilia - DF
Tel: +55 61 3443 8722 / +55 61 3443 8720
Fax: +55 61 3443 2942

Rio de Janeiro – Consulate General
Rua Lauro Muller, 116-Suite 2206
Torre do Rio Sul/Botafogo-RJ, BR-22290-160
Tel: +55 21 2541 7732
Fax:+ 55 21 2275 0161

Rio de Janeiro – Innovation Norway
Rua Lauro Muller, 116-Suite 2206
Torre do Rio Sul/Botafogo-RJ, BR-22290-160
Tel: +55 21 2541 7732
Fax:+ 55 21 2275 0161


Royal Norwegian Embassy in Sofia,
26-30 Bacho Kiro Str., bl. 2, 1000 Sofia
Tel: +35 92 80 36 100


Ottawa – Embassy
150 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1300, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1P1
Tel: +1 613 238 6571
Fax: +1 613 238 2765

Toronto – Innovation Norway
2 Bloor Street West Suite 2120, Toronto Ontario M4W 3E2
Tel: +1 416 920 0434
Fax: +1 416 920 5982


Santiago de Chile – Embassy
Edificio Visionario, Los Militares 5001, Piso 7,
Las Condes, Casilla 2431, Santiago
Tel: +56 2 234 2888 / +56 2 234 2889
Fax: +56 2 234 2201


Beijing Embassy
1, Dong Yi Jie; San Li Tun, CN-Beijing 100600
Tel: +86 10 8531 9600
Fax: +86 10 6532 2392

Shanghai – Consulate General / Innovation Norway
Room 1701, Bund Center, 222 East Yan’an Road
Huangpu District, Shanghai 200002
Tel: + 86 21 - 6039 7500
Fax: + 86 21 - 6039 7501

Guangzhou – Consulate General
Suite 1802, Citic Plaza, 233 Tian He North Road
Guangzhou 510613
Tel: +86 20 3811 3188
Fax: +86 20 3811 3199

Hong Kong – Honorary Consulate
Room 1510-1512, 15th Floor, West Tower, Shun Tak Centre 168-200 Connaught Road Central
Tel: +852 2546 9881
Fax: +852 2546 9887


Bogota – Embassy
OXO CENTER, Cra. 11A No.94-45, Of.904, Bogota
Tel: +57 16 51 55 00


Zagreb – Embassy
Grand Centar, Hektorovi eva 2/ 3rd floor, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: +385 1 6273 800


Havana – Embassy
Calle 21 #307, e/ H e I Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana
Tel: +53 7 842 7100

czech republic

Prague – Embassy
Hellichova 1, CZ-11800 Prague 1 Malá Strana
Tel: +420 257 111 500
Fax: +420 257 111 501

Prague – Innovation Norway
Royal Norwegian Embassy, Commercial Section Na Prikope 21
PO Box 102, CZ-11001 Prague 1
Tel: +4202 2481 0923
Fax: +4202 2481 0002


Copenhagen – Embassy / Innovation Norway
Dampfærgevej 10, 4. Sal, 2100 København Ø
Tel: +45 72 11 19 00


Cairo – Embassy
8, El Gezirah Street; Zamalek, ET-Cairo
Tel: +2 02 27283900
Fax: +2 02 27283901


Tallinn – Embassy/ Innovation Norway
Harju 6, EE-15054 Tallinn
Tel: +372 62 71000
Fax: +372 62 71001
IN, Tel:+372 6313 466
Fax: +372 6313 468


Nifas Silk Lafto Sub-City, Woreda 4, House No. 744
Tel: +251 11 3710799
Fax: +251-11-3711255/3713605


Helsinki – Embassy
Rehbindervägen 17, 00150 Helsinki
Telefon: +358 09 686 0180
Faks: +358 (0)9 6860 1811

Helsinki – Innovation Norway
Mannerheimintie 5C, FIN-00100 Helsinki
Tel: +358 20 755 1210
Fax: +358 964 0053


Paris – Innovation Norway
22 rue de Marignan, F-75008 Paris
Tel: +33 1 56 59 20 40
Fax: +33 1 56 59 20 41
IN, Tel: +33 1 5659 2040
Website: www.innovasjonnorge/frankrike

Paris – Embassy
28 Rue Bayard, F-75008 Paris
Tel: +33 1 53 67 04 00
Fax: +33 1 53 67 04 40


Berlin – Embassy
Rauchstr. 1, D-10787 Berlin
Tel: 030 - 50 50 58 600
Fax: 030 - 50 50 58 601

Hamburg – Innovation Norway
Caffamacherreihe 5, 20355 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 22 94 15 0
Fax: +49 40 22 94 15 88


Athens – Embassy
23, Vas Sofias avenue, GR-106 74 Athens
Tel: +30 210 7246173
Fax: +30 210 7244989


Guatemala – Embassy
14 Calle 3-51, Zona 10, Edificio Murano Center, Nivel 15, Ca-Guatemala 01010
Tel: +502 2506 4000
Fax: +502 2366 5823


Budapest – Embassy
Ostrom u. 13 , H- 1015 Budapest
Tel: +36-1 325 33 00
Fax: +36-1 325 33 99


Reykjavik – Embassy
Fjólugt. 17, IS-101 Reykjavik
Tel: +354 520 0700
Fax: +354 552 9553


New Dehli – Embassy
50-C, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021
Tel: + 91 11 4136 3200
Fax: + 91 11 4136 3201

New Dehli – Innovation Norway
92 Golf Links, New Delhi 110003
Tel: +91 11 4909 9200
Fax: +91 11 4909 9223

Mumbai – Innovation Norway
TCG Financial Centre, 3rd Flr, C-53, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex
400098 Bandra (East) Mumbai


Jakarta – Embassy
Menara Rajawali Building, 20th floor, Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950, Republic of Indonesia
Tel: + 62 21 2965 0000
Fax: + 62 21 2965 0001


Teheran – Embassy
No. 54, Dr. Lavasani street (Ex. Farmanieh St.), Corner of (Ex. Sonbol) Salmanpoor zahir street, Postal code 1953694483, Tehran, Iran
Tel: +98 21 2229 1333
Fax: +98 21 2229 2776


Dublin – Embassy
34 Molesworth Street, IRL-Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 662 1800
Fax: +353 1 662 1890


Tel Aviv – Embassy
40 Einstein Street, Canion Ramat Aviv, 13. Etg., 69101 Tel Aviv
Tel: +47 988 82 044
Fax: +39 06 45238199


Rome – Embassy
Via delle Terme Deciane 7, I-00 153 Rome
Tel: +39 06 45238100
Fax: +39 06 45238199

Milan – Innovation Norway
Reale Ambasciata di Norvegia Ufficio Commerciale e del Tourismo Via G. Puccini, 5, I-20121 Milan
Tel: +39 02 854 514 11
Fax: +39 02 854 514 30


Tokyo – Embassy/Innovation Norway
Minami Azabu 5-12-2; Minato-Ku, J-Tokyo 106-0047
Tel. +81-3-6408-8100
Fax. +81-3-6408-8199


Amman – Embassy
25 Damascus Street, Abdoun, Amman
Tel: +962 6 5902450


Nairobi – Embassy
58 Red Hill Road (junction Limuru Rd.), Gigiri, Nairobi
Tel: +20 425 1000 / +734 680 010 / +734 680 010


Prishtina – Embassy
Rr.Sejdiu Kryeziu nr. 6, Prishtina
Tel: +381 38 23211100


Riga – Embassy
Kaļķu ielā 15, Rīga
Tel: +371 7814100
Fax: +371 7814108

Latvia – Innovation Norway
Elizabets 51, Riga
Tel: +371 268 757 82


Beirut – Embassy
Embassy Complex, Serail Hill, Zokak el Blatt
Phone: +47 988 82 044


Vilnius – Embassy
K. Kalinausko g. 24, 3rd floor, LT-03107 Vilnius
Tel: +370 5 2610000
Fax: +370 5 2610100

lithuania - Innovation Norway
Didzioji 25-20 Vilnius, LT-01128
P.O Box 564, LT-01014 Vilnius, Lithuania
M: +370 68730775
F: +370 5 2122746


Antananarivo – Consulate General
Villa Stavanger, Ambohiroy, Antehiroca, Antananarivo 101 Antananarivo, Madagascar
Tel: +61 20 22 22040


Lilongwe – Embassy
Arwa House, City Centre, P/Bag B 323, Lilongwe 3
Tel: +265 1 774211 / +265 1 771212
Fax: +265 1 772845


Kuala Lumpur – Embassy / Innovation Norway
53 Floor, Vista Tower, The Intermark 348 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400
Tel: +6 03 2171 0000
Fax: +6 03 2171 0001
IN, Tel: +603 2162 1200
Fax: +603 2162 2200


Mexico D.F. – Embassy
Avenida Virreyes 1460; Col Lomas Virreyes, 11000 Mexico D.F.
Tel: +52 55 5540220-21
Fax: +52 55 52023019


Rabat – Embassy
6 rue Beni Ritoune, Souissi, Rabat
Tel: +212 05 37 66 42 00


Maputo – Embassy
C.P. 828
Av. Julius Nyerere
1162 Maputo
Tel: +258 21 480100 / +258 21 480101 / +258 21 480102 / +258 21 480103 / +258 21 480104
Fax: +258 21 480101


Katmandu – Embassy
Surya Court, Pulchowk, Lalitpur
Tel: +977 1 5545307-8
Fax: +977 1 5545226

the netherlands

The Hague - Embassy / Innovation Norway
Eisenhowerlaan 77J, NL-2517 KK The Hague
Tel: +31 0 70 311 7611
Fax: +31 (0) 70 311 7629
IN, Tel: +31 70 346 7348
Fax: +31 70 360 7428


Abuja – Embassy
Plot 1529, T.Y. Danjuma Street, Asokoro, Abuja
Tel: +234 9 3149127
Tel. satellite: +882 165 420 7489 / +882 165 420 7515
Fax: +234 9 3149309


Islamabad – Embassy
H 25, Str. 19, F 6/2, Islamabad
Tel: +92 51 227 9720-23
Fax: +92 51 227 9729

palestinian territory

Al Ram – Representative Office to the Palestinian authorities (West Bank/Gaza)
World Bank Building (c/o Rosary Sisters Convent) Dahiat Al-Bareed, Al Ram, West Bank
Tel: +972 2 234 5050
Fax: +972 2 234 5079


Manila – Embassy
12th Floor, DelRosarioLaw Centre
21st Drive corner 20th Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Metro Manila
Tel: +63 02 317 2700
Fax : +63 02 317 2799


Warsaw – Embassy
ul. Fr. Chopina 2A, PL-00-559 Warsaw
Tel: + 48 22 696 4030
Fax: +48 22 628 0938

Warsaw – Innovation Norway
c/o Royal Norwegian Embassy
Warta Tower, ul. Chmielna 85/87
PL-00-805 Warsaw
Tel: +48 22 581 0 581
Fax: +48 22 581 0 981


Lisbon – Embassy
Avenida D. Vasco da Gama 1, P-1400-127 Lisbon
Tel: +351 21 300 9100
Fax: +351 21 300 9101


Buchurest – Embassy / Innovation Norway
Strada Atena 18, 011832 Bucharest 1
Tel: +40 0 21 306 98 00
Fax: +40 0 21 306 98 90


St. Petersburg – Consulate General
Ligovskij prospekt 13-15, 191014 St. Petersburg
Tlf: +7 812 6124100
Fax: +7 (812) 6124101

Murmansk – Consulate General/ Innovation Norway
Ulitsa Sofji Perovskoj 5, RUS-183038 Murmansk
Tel: +7 815 2 400 600
Fax: +7 815 2 457 451/+7 815 2 456 871

St. Petersburg – Consulate General
Nevsky Prospekt 25, RUS-191186 St. Petersburg
Tel: + 7 812 336 64 20
Fax: + 7 812 336 64 21

St.Petersburg – Innovation Norway
Kaluzhskij per.3, RUS-193015 St. Petersburg
Tel: +7812 326 9037
Fax: +7812 326 9038

saudi arabia

Riyadh – Embassy
Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh
Tel: +966 1 488 1904
Fax: +966 1 488 0854


Beograd - Embassy
Sava Business Center, 6th floor
Milentija Popovica 5 a, 11070 Novi Beograd
Tel: +381 0 11 3208 000


Singapore – Embassy/Innovation Norway
16 Raffles Quay; No 44-01 Hong Leong Bldg. Singapore 048581
Tel: +65 6220 7122
Fax: +65 6220 2191
IN, Tel: +65 6 222 1316
Fax: +65 – 6 224 7079


Bratislava – Embassy
Palisády 29, 811 06 Bratislava
Tel: +421 2 59 10 01 00
Fax: +421 2 59 10 01 15

south africa

Cape Town - Innovation Norway
Norton Rose House, 16th Floor, 8 Riebeek Street 8000Cape Town
Tlf: +087 150 0120 / +087 150 0128
Fax: +2712 362 4287

Pretoria – Embassy
Ozmik House, 165 Lynnwood Road, Brooklyn
Tel: +27 12 364 3700
Fax: +27 12 364 3799

south korea

Seoul – Embassy
258-8 Itaewon-Dong, Yongsan-Ku, Seoul 140-200
Tel: + 82 2 795 6850
Fax: +82 2 798 6072

Seoul – Embassy / Innovation Norway
13th fl. Jeong-dong Building , 21-15 Jeongdong-gil Jung-gu, Seoul 100-784
Tel: +82 02 727 7100
Fax: 82 02 727 7199


Madrid - Embassy
Calle Serrano, 26, 28001 Madrid
Tel: + 34 91 436 38 40
Fax: + 34 91 436 38 79

Madrid – Innovation Norway
Real Embajada de Noruega
Paseo de la Castellana, 31-planta baja, 28046 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 344 09 87
Fax: +34 91 344 09 47

sri lanka

Colombo – Embassy
49 Bullers Lane, Colombo 7
Tel: +94 115608700
Fax: +94 115608799


Khartoum – Embassy
House no. 63, Street 49, Khartoum II
Tel: +249 183 578336 / +249 183 578343 / +249 183 578345 / +249 183 576788 /
Fax: +249 183 577180


Stockholm – Embassy
Skarpögatan 4, S-115 27 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 665 6340
Fax: +46 8 782 9899

Stockholm – Innovation Norway
Sveavägen 64, SE-111 34 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 791 83 00
Fax: +46 8 24 98 00


Bern – Embassy
Bubenbergplatz 10, CH-3011 Bern
Tel: +41 31 310 5555
Fax: +41 31 310 5550


Dar es Salaam – Embassy
160; Mirambo Street, Dar es Salaam
Telephone: +255 22 2163100
Fax: +255 22 2163199


Bangkok – Embassy
UBC II Building, 18th floor, 591 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 33, Bangkok 10110
Tel: +66 2 302 6415
Fax: +66 2 262 0218


Ankara – Embassy
Kirkpinar Sokak No. 18; 06540 Cankaya, Ankara
Tel: +90 312 408 48 00
Fax: +90 312 408 48 99

Istanbul – Innovation Norway
Büyükdere Cad. No:127, Astoria Kempinski Residences B Blok 34394 GayrettepeIstanbul
Tlf: +90 212 284 4362
Fax: +90 212 284 4364


Kampala – Embassy
Plot 18B Akii-Bua Road, Nakasero
Tel: +256 417 112 000


Kiev – Embassy
Vul. Striletska 15, 01901 Kyiv
Tel: +380 44 281 22 00
Fax: +380 44 281 22 99

united arab emirates

Abu Dhabi – Embassy
Etihad Towers, West Courniche
Tower No. 3 Level 11, Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 240 38400
Fax: +971 240 38401

Abu Dhabi – Innovation Norway
c/o Nordoest, FZ LLC PO Box 54224 Abu Dhabi
Tlf: +971 566 018 336

united kingdom

Edinburg – Consulate General
Rutland House, 12 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BB
Tel: +0131 228 2444
Fax: 0131 228 1449

London – Embassy
25 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8QD
Tel: +44 20 7591 5500
Fax: +44 20 7245 6993

London – Innovation Norway
West End House, 11 Hills place, London, W1F 7SE
Tlf: +44 0 20 7389 8800
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7973 0189


Houston – Consulate General / Innovation Norway
3410 West Dallas Street Houston, TX 77019
Tel: +1 713 620-4200
Fax: +1 713 620-4290
IN, Tel: +1 713 620 4260

New York – Consulate General
825 Third Avenue, 38th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10022-7584
Tel: +1 646 430 7500
Fax: +1 646 430 7599

New York – Innovation Norway
655 Third Avenue, Room 1810
10017-911 New York
Tlf: +1 212 885 9700
Fax: +1 212 885 9710

San Fransisco – Consulate General
575 Market Street, Suite 3950
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: +1 415 882-2000
Fax: +1 415 882-2001

San Fransisco & Silicon Valley – Innovation Norway
470 Ramona Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301-1707
Tel: +1 650 325 5500

Washington DC – Embassy/Innovation Norway
2720 34th Street N.W., Washington DC 20008-2714
Tel: +1 202 333 6000
Fax: +1 202 337 0870
IN, Tel: +1 212 421 9210
Fax: +1 202 337 0870


Hanoi – Embassy / Innovation Norway
Hanoi Tower, 8th Floor, 49 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi
Tel: +84 4 3974 8900
Fax: +84 4 3974 3301
IN Tel: +84 4 3974 2933
Fax: +84 4 3974 3303


Lusaka – Embassy
Corner: Birdcage Walk/Haile Selassie Avenue Longacres, Lusaka
Tel: +260 211 389 000
Fax: +260 211 389 001


Harare – Embassy
5 Lanark, Belgravia, Harare
Tel: +263 4 25 24 26
Fax: +263 4 25 24 30