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Norway is a big country with a variety of natural resources. Because of this, Norway is largely divided into regional clusters dependent on main business sectors. When looking for a business partner it is therefore a good starting point to search within the business region that is best suited for you. We have featured the four main business regions in Norway and have presented an overview of related companies, partners, news and articles.

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Business Region Oslo
The capital region of Norway is one of the most prospering regions of Europe, combining a high quality of life with a high level of productivity. The region consists of Oslo, the capital of Norway, and the surrounding county of Akershus. More than one million people live in the region which also serves a gateway to the rest of Norway and the Nordic countries.

Much of the innovation in Norway is taking place in the Oslo region. Although Norway is a country that is also characterized by an abundance of natural resources, the Oslo region is primarily the foothold of a number of advanced services and knowledge-intensive industries of world class, among them the maritime sector, energy and the environment, ICT, life sciences and culture and entertainment.

Many of these industries also have strong links to the scientific communities of the Oslo region, like the University of Oslo and Oslo Innovation Center, the latter aims to be one of the leading centres in Europe for innovation and industrial development by commercializing ideas and results from research environments and currently houses more than 140 companies. These kinds of industries attract skilled professionals from all over Norway, the Nordic countries, Europe and increasingly an even more diverse international clientele that have discovered the unique qualities, business opportunities and high standard of living in our region. In effect, the Oslo region provides an excellent platform for doing business.

Business Region Stavanger
The Greater Stavanger region has always looked to the sea, a gateway to the world. Some say that Norway’s history actually began here, with the first settlers arriving in small boats when the last ice age ended 10,000 years ago. Now, as one of the largest and most important business and residential regions in Norway, the region has nearly 300,000 inhabitants working in a wide spectrum of careers.

With plentiful natural resources, successful companies and dynamic infrastructure; the talented, experienced and friendly people enjoy a high quality of life and career opportunities here in Greater Stavanger.

No story about the Stavanger Region could be complete without telling of its role in Norway’s oil adventure that began in 1969 with the discovery of oil in the southern North Sea field, Ekofisk. Since then, the town has developed into Norway’s undisputed petroleum capital, with 45,000 people being employed within this sector. This number represents approximately 20% of the workforce in Rogaland county – and equally impressive, accounting for nearly 50% of all employed in petroleum activities here in the country.

Still, the region is certainly much more than successful business activities; it is a center of creativity, culinary arts, and culture. In 2008, the region was awarded the ultimate recognition for its burgeoning cultural industries: designation by the European Union as a European Capital of Culture.

Business Region Tromsø

Situated far beyond the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is proud of its reputation as the gateway to the High North. The city is also known as the “Paris of the North”, which testifies to its hospitality and international orientation. In fact, the economy of the region was truly international centuries before the word “globalization” was invented.

Tromsø is now home to the world’s northernmost university, established in 1968, the Norwegian Polar Institute and other important centres of research and education. A new centre for international cooperation on climate and environmental research is being established. The secretariat of the Arctic Council – which brings together all the Arctic states – is based in Tromsø. An increasing number of important international conferences are held here. Since the beginning of the 1990s, Tromsø has played an active role in advancing cross-border cooperation in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region and has developed particularly close links to partners in Northwest Russia.

New opportunities are opening up in and around the Barents Sea, for example in the areas of petroleum and energy, marine bioprospecting and life sciences, integrated, environmentally safe management of oceans, tourism and the utilization of new shipping lanes. Increasingly, advanced knowledge in these fields is being concentrated in Tromsø. The region’s vibrant business community is well positioned to grasp these opportunities in cooperation with international partners.

Business Region Bergen
The Bergen Region is known as a vibrant, scenic, creative and industrious part of Norway. The region witch contains more than two-thirds of the population of the Hordaland County on the west coast of Norway, has potential only limited by the imagination.

At the heart of the region is Bergen, known as one of the Europe's great scenic cities, and as the gateway to western Norway. This city is the seat of the Hordaland County administration and home to an impressive number of international companies. The investment opportunities are many, business development has been a historic strength, recreational activities abound – in other words, there are tremendous opportunities to building both a career and a life here.

The main message is; Bergen Region – The Future of Solutions, and the communication process is well underway to show the potential within sectors that include oil & gas, maritime, energy, aquaculture and others.

Within R&D, the Bergen Region is unique in Norway,  in the petroleum field, as it is home to a Centre of Expertise (Subsea Technology), a Centre of Excellence (Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research), and a research-based competence building program that is part of the Research Council of Norway. The educational opportunities go hand in hand, and the Bergen Region is home to a thriving student environment.